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For your edification, and for intercession, here is a small selection of remarkable, written responses that we have received by mail, or e-mail, from friends and supporters, and from the field, in this last year. Please continue to lift up these people and countries in prayer. Please continue to intercede that our publications, outreaches and courses may continue to renew minds, transform lives, change hearts and disciple nations.

Reaching the Unreached

“Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing to expand the Kingdom of God. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord reaching the people who are unreached with the love of Jesus Christ, I am a pastor involved in church planting, evangelism, children care ministry, and training of church leaders. I am praying to the Lord to connect us and help spread the Gospel in the remote areas of Uganda, as I have found your ministry really good!!” Pastor P.N. Uganda

Military Conference

“Thank you Dr. Peter for a wonderful experience and encouraging testimony. Since last year December 2014 during the AMCF conference, l have benefited a lot.  We are your disciples and look forward to enforce discipleship multiplication strategy. l was delighted to meet you during the AMCF Conference at Cape Town. This has encouraged me to reach those who are suffering because they are Christians. I am praying for your ministry.”  S.M. Kenya

Serving the Persecuted

“I always enjoy reading your articles. Thank you for all the selfless services you're rending to humanity through Christ. God bless you. I will be glad to partner with you any way my service will be needed. Keep up the good work.” A.E. Nigeria

How Can Bible Schools Become More Effective?

“Thank you for updates, they are of extreme importance and encouragement to me. In my Spirit I feel I should come over and do what Mary did by coming and sitting at the feet of Jesus to listen to Him. Dr Peter if I receive such a sponsorship at any time, I am ready to come and sit at your feet and be grounded in the Word of God.” N.M. Africa

Blessing the Nations

“I am humbled and privileged to have met you Dr. Hammond. All I can say is that may God continuing guiding and watching over your family and ministry. Your writings and Frontline have been a blessing to me personally and my ministry.” Rev. M. F. Africa

Training Chaplains in Sudan

"Glory be to God for He has Bless you with so much Wisdom to feed the Children of God

around the World, in which I am one of them here in South Sudan, where you have trained many Chaplains in the SPLA during our dark years of the long war. You are remembered.”
Rev. M.M.M. South Sudan

Mission to Malawi

“You don’t know me but I’ve been on FF’s mailing list for several years and therefore read your letter with interest sparked by recognition.  I spent two years near Dowa, Malawi in the 60s as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Your letter interested me at several levels.  One is of your clear commitment to Jesus and His Word.  Second to your willingness to sacrificially engage in service through the work of the school.” B.M. S.A.

“This is a true report and well-constructed report. I congratulate you Ryno for the telling the world what Malawi really is. I have liked your report and you are a true teller of what is on the ground.

I am a Malawian and to have people who say the truth like you can make the world change for better.” P.B. Malawi

“This is fantastic thank you so much for a great job in Malawi. Next time stop in Lilongwe and visit with me for few days. God bless.” E.J. Malawi


Mission to Zimbabwe

“We learnt a great deal from the humble nature of David and his family. He is a great teacher of the Word of God. We feel grounded into the deep areas of Evangelism, Discipleship and Biblical Worldview. We feel humbled and greatly honoured to apply that which was taught in our day to day experiences... in our workplaces, our villages and in our schools. The issue of the Ten Commandments brought a striking revelation that we are all sinners who need to confess our sins on a daily basis. It was powerful to see David leading by example in family relationships and life. He is one of the few Missionaries we witnessed travelling along with his family in some of our unfavourable environments... bad roads, mosquitoes, scorpions and often unsafe drinking water. We lived, worked and shared as family. That was great. We loved how David exposed his children to the works of the ministry. We feel challenged to do likewise and catch our children young teaching them the fear of the Lord. Thank you so much for the Gospel material, the manuals, Bibles, CDs and tracts. Young people and our church leaders are benefiting. We feel loved and encouraged to maintain the perfection and righteousness of the Gospel. We see the beauty of Christ being revealed to us. God bless you.” C.M. Zimbabwe

The Battle Over History

“I do not know what history is taught in the Zimbabwe schools these days.  Most truth is hidden to the thousands of youth of the country.  This generation knows little about real history.  Peter Hammond's writings can be trusted as truth.  He does a lot of research, and speaks from personal experience.  A pastor friend of ours, who we stayed with in Rhodesia, now with the Lord, flew with Ian Smith. They were friends, and my friend led Ian Smith to the Lord.  Peter Hammond was very close to Mr Smith in his later years before he passed away.  Ian Smith loved Rhodesia.  I thought this history would interest you.” Zimbabwe

The Failure of Atheism and the Triumph of Faith in Russia is very educative to those who do not know Communism in its true colours. It is very close to me because our family had experienced it all, starting with my grandparents and parents. I grew up in that system and wish that South Africans would take heed to the warnings against Communism before it is too late. It is so ironic that you get elements in the society that is determined to 'try it'. The only explanation one can give to them is that Communism is totally demonic and ensnares those that choose to reject the loving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ so abundantly shown and offered to all mankind. Thank you very much.” V.M. S.A.

“I have been so encouraged by the truth that is contained on your site. For once I have found a Biblical understanding of history about South Africa in terms of all the sectors, economics, politics, and religion. I hope you never ever compromise.” J. M. S.A.

Katyn 75

“Wow, I was a student of history in high school and a political science major graduate at University of Natal. I was never taught this! Karl Marx indeed was right that history would be re-written. The lies, cover-ups and collusion, even by the Allied forces, are mind-boggling! What a travesty of justice! Thank God the truth always comes out no matter how much suppression of truth. Thank you so much for your hard work in searching and uncovering the hidden truths.” L.V. S.A.

The Battle over the Rhodes Statue

“I so wish to congratulate you on this fine piece of writing! We felt you highlighted Rhodes’s significant contribution to both the country and UCT beautifully. Your grasp of history and the practical application thereof, is of immense value to us in educating us so that we can have a better understanding on the matter. Well done on your fine contribution that also appeared in The Tatler today!” D.M. S.A.

“Peter Hammond wrote a letter to the Tatler about Rhodes, which got a whole page to itself & is sure to cause a whopping stir! It is brilliant - even the people next door commented on it.” A.M. S.A.

The Armenian Genocide in Turkey - 100 Years Ago

“Thank you, for all this precise and important historical information.” F.W. U.S.A.

“This is one of the best articles anyone has ever written Re: The Armenian Genocide in Turkey - 100 Years Ago” T. B. U.S.

Understanding the Crusades

“Baie dankie vir al die e-pos wat ek van julle ontvang. Uitstekende werk!” C.M. S.A.

Heroes of the Faith in a Nutshell

“Thank you very much for all the slides which narrate the lives of heroes of faith in a nutshell. I know how much hours of study you must have put up to simplify and narrate these things.” J.T. S.A.

Magna Carta 800

“Peter Hammond writes so well on European and English history. Thank you”. C.O. S.A.

Reformers and Reformation

“I love reading your articles on the Reformers. It is inspiring to see these men walked against the grain to bring the Gospel back to the Church.” R.M.M. Africa

“I write again to say thank you for your writings, which I send far and wide. Although I was born into the Methodist Church and will remain Wesleyan until the day I die, I so enjoy your writing. I grew up in the days when we were taught to love and accept God's Word as infallible and inerrant. Sadly our churches now just accept what suits them.”  C.O.B. S.A.


“You have given us a new summary of the hidden history of Versailles. I am wondering if your great work, showing the truth hidden for all these years, now will be allowed to be published?  We are entering a 'famine of God's Word' and the truth now.   I believe we are in it.  I grew up in Hungary, where this treaty was looked upon as the death of our nation.  This history was covered up by the BTB especially by the communists.  The national pain is still there, and the people have not forgotten the evil we were made to suffer, for generations, and the great suffering of  WW2,  and then the Soviet oppression, tyranny, and its initial decimation, and the killing again of a third of our nation. This of course also caused the 1956 revolution, and the bloodletting of the nation, and one tenth were neutralized one way or another. Now we are 'blessed' by America again with the Invasion of Islam.  I believe this demonic treaty was also the foundation of   WW3, in which we are now in. I rejoice in knowing that we will see satan's kingdom defeated by Christ. I rejoice in the fact,  believing that you, and I, have, with all those who are called by our Father,  the opportunity,  and blessings to be in the Resurrection. Thank you for this amazing work.   I will send it to those who would be interested in this history. Congratulations, this missive took a lot of effort, and time, to FIND, distil all the facts, then summarize it, and to organize it into this very effective presentation.” T. D. U.S.A.

Why Celebrate the Reformation?

“Excellent essay!  Thanks for sending!” P. B. USA

“This amazing, true and convincingly persuasive article has completely convinced me that from today, Reformation Day 2015, I must step out for Jesus before anything else.
At 82 it is high time to do so!”
P.vd H. S.A.

The Heart and Soul of Karl Marx

“Great, great, great summary. I will reprint your article.” T.B. U.S.A.

“Excellent, Peter…another ‘bell ringer.’ A brilliant collection of quotes, any one of which shows the demonic element in Marxism / communism. Keep up the good work.” B.B. Zimbabwe

“Thank you. This is so interesting; I will send it to many.” C.O. S.A.

Sacrificial Service Enriches and Empowers

“Best wishes and blessings over your amazing work and may our good Lord keep you in perfect shape to continue the various aspects of this wonderful ministry! Reading your report I only now realized how HUGE your ministry is and what it must demand from you and your family to manage all this. There are a number of aspects I wish to follow up in terms of available publications, which will enrich my life and that of fellow Christian friends with whom I want to share them.” P.v.d. H. S.A.

Be Assured of Our Prayers

“Thank you once again for all your travels and Missionary work which takes you to dangerous places. May the Lord bless you and keep you with your incredible team of Missionaries. We support and cover you with our prayers. Thank you for all the information you give to the Church to enlighten us to the truth.” Pastor L.V. S.A.

Partners in the Gospel

“What a blessing, to receive your report – tremendous things God is doing in Africa, and through Frontline Fellowship. Praise the Lord! I shared your report right away, with others on our staff. We are so encouraged and privileged, to be partnered with you, in the great work of reaching the lost with the Gospel message. May the Lord abundantly bless you, and the entire team of Frontline Fellowship!" H.M. U.S.A.

Valuable Resources

“I don't know how you do it...your prodigious pen continues to produce valuable resources.  Thank you for your commitment to the cause of Missions here in the 21st century!” J.S.R. U.S.A.

Bibles for the Congo

“I want to thank you for the most precious and beautiful 35 Study Bibles that we have received from you yesterday - to send to the Congo for pastors who are studying and do not have their own Bibles. Please know that this is worth more than all the gold in this world!  Also - Thank You for the New Testaments - Luwawanu Yampa - 110 of them - which will also be sent to this same Bible school for students and teachers to use.  

Thank you also for your most precious books – Biblical Principles for Africa and The Apostles Creed - I have started to read these books last night - and will send them out to leaders in African churches - they are filled with mighty and Holy information - and I could see how the Spirit of God did lead you in writing these books - mighty like the Sword of the King. Full of precious information and powerful like the rays of the sun. I am sure these books will have an enormous impact on mankind. Thank you also for the wonderful message you brought yesterday - opening eyes and hearts and spirits to understand the Times we are living in. This is a time to pray and fast and keep our eyes fixed on the Cross 24 hours per day.”  P.R. S.A.

Inspiring Website

“I’ve just discovered this Frontline website, and it is very powerful. It is good to hear the truth. I pray for God’s blessing on the efforts of you and this Mission in Africa. I think of the terrible treatment of Christians worldwide, and especially in Nigeria as of late. I think of the early Reformers, Thomas Cranmer whom my grandmother told me from a young child was an ancestor. I knew little about him, until I read the article on your site. I just finished reading about the life and death of John Hooper, Bishop and Martyr. Their lives are amazing legacies to a dying world. Thank you for your efforts to bring these things to our attention.” H.O. U.S.A.

Speaking Up for the Persecuted

“Thank you for the articles you send on attacks on Christians in Nigeria and now in Niger. This is outrageous, barbaric and ultimately satanic! We thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus that He is able to over-turn every evil into grace. I can assure you sir that I am using your information to mobilise Christians in my congregation to pray for our brethren in those troubled lands. We do it every Sunday and also in our home fellowship groups. Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to reaching those unreached places with the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you send these articles I cannot but marvel at how privileged we are to live in South Africa, and I just praise the Lord for that. May this year be a year of peaceful accomplishments for you, your family and Ministry in Jesus Name! I'm praying for your safety together with your team, and protection as you soldier on for the Kingdom.” Pastor L.M. S.A.

Unwavering Encouragement

“Every time I receive your articles I am very much encouraged. Thank you so much for unwavering encouragement.” D. Zambia

Putting Feet To Your Faith

“Thank you so much Sir for the inspiring article Putting Feet To Your Faith " I am most grateful to you for the continued encouragement, support and guidance in my Christian walk.” F. Nigeria

Magnificent Mothers with a Mission

"Thanks a million for this piece on mothers." E.E. Nigeria


Perverted US Agenda Destabilizes Nigeria

“It is with great sadness and anger that I read the article on "Perverted Agenda Destabilises Nigeria!" How president Obama will stop at nothing to promote the satanic Illuminati agenda of perverting the whole world and so prepare for the New World Order of Antichrist. That is the mandate of this president from the occultic powers controlling him. And now our Christian brethren have to bear the brunt of being governed by a Muslim military dictator! I have no doubt this dictator will have sympathies with Boko Haram; after all he is their brother. For our Nigerian brethren, I want to say that they should trust in the One who called them, sanctified them and is seated in Heavenly places. We must also continue to pray for them. I will ask my congregation to intercede for them this coming Sunday. Thank you once again for all your hard work in exposing lies and bringing truth to light. You deserve our prayers and support. My congregation and I are praying for you and your family and ministry team. May you be blessed of the Lord now and forever.” Ps L. S.A.

Jesus - The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

“Thank you for a necessary boost. I was taking things for granted and needed a reminder of just how great a Man He is.”   L.B. S.A.

Refugees Face Growing Crisis as ISIS Caliphate Expands

“Thank you so much Sir for all your helpful updates and encouraging notes and information for prayer mobilization. May the Lord continue to bless you all and increase you on all sides.

Thank you so much for all your publications - all have been very valuable to me and others who get to read them. We make photocopies of your Christian literature.” F.T. Nigeria

MITSUO FUCHIDA – From Pearl Harbour to Calvary

“Your messages are inspiring and encouraging. We appreciate what God is doing in your ministry.” S.M. ZAMBIA

Does the US Supreme Court’s Re-Definition of Marriage Really Matter?”

“We featured your article “Does the US Supreme Court’s Re-Definition of Marriage Really Matter?” as the lead-off in our recent Counterfeit Relationships edition of The Bell Ringer. Thanks again for your excellent contribution. God bless your persistent efforts for the Kingdom.” R.K. U.S.A.

10 Things That Are Undermining the Church Today

“Thank you so much for sending very updated warnings, lessons, as well as awareness. I am so blessed through your materials. Continue to send us. If you have some good teaching lessons on cults, stewardship, missions etc. to teach in Bible College we will also be very grateful.” A.A.  Africa

Hunger for God's Word

“Thank you so much. Some of my friends to whom I send your emails, look forward to getting your summaries in book, or manual, form. Many are also very interested in your European History notes. Recently you did some lectures on the Ukraine. It is amazing that you are able to achieve so much. We are so grateful for your work. My ministry in the hospitals continues. I am so amazed at the interest of so many in God's Word. I also see several prisoners who are brought in for various operations, etc. and am able to minister to them and their Warders. Many of these people are also grateful for the literature which they can share with others.” C.O.B. S.A.

Muslim Evangelism

"Thank you for faithfully sending out these emails from Frontline Fellowship.  Your messages and the information you provide is always encouraging and very timely.  I especially appreciate hearing about your experiences with the Muslim people you have witnessed to.  Your experiences give me greater confidence as I seek to reach the world for Christ.  I find your non-American approach to the Gospel of Christ, very beneficial as I weigh in what used to be a Christian culture I was raised in, as opposed to merely absorbing a vague Americanised and supersized "Churchianity".  Your love and faithfulness to Christ is a wonderful example to me.  Thank you for all you do.’ D.C. U.S.A.

Frontline News and Christian Action

“Thank you so much for your regular newsletters. I am most grateful to you for all your continued loving support, care and guidance with the last Christian Action newsletter. Today, I got the latest issue of the Frontline Fellowship News. I value and appreciate all your immeasurable kindness, support and care in Jesus. All the encouragement and inspiration you are providing through all your helpful literature and publications.” F.T. Nigeria

Impact of Teamwork

“A life of a missionary surely is not for a family of faint hearted people!  Thank for inspiring me during the course of many years with your life, your wisdom, your excellent articles and your books. Keep up the good work.  You are making a huge impact on the world. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly. We know that Dr. Hammond does not stand alone.  There are many people supporting him in his work.  We also understand the importance of teamwork. Therefore we also pray that the Lord may bless and keep you and the whole team.” A.S. S.A.

Reformation or Islamisation

“Very succinct and on target. It is nigh impossible to get Americans interested in this reality. A public school down the road from us in Tennessee teaches Islam to 13 year olds and has them write out the Shahada. Keep fighting.  We greatly appreciate your work.  And your lucid writing.” G.B. U.S.A.

Resisting Islamisation

“We have recently read your article in English Churchman 'Reformation or Islamisation' which is extremely good - particularly in identifying current trends and developments worldwide.” D.C. U.K.

Nefarious Agenda

“Thank you Doctor. You are a great help. Thank you for calling attention to the nefarious agenda behind what is driving the cultural change we are facing in the West. I will keep you and the whole of the African Church in prayer.” B.A. U.S.A.

Living by Faith

“Well done and thank you for sharing this testimony. I absolutely agree with you and pray you may be blessed even more!” N. du P. S.A.

"Thank you Peter. This increases our faith in these difficult times!” C.O.B. S.A.

“Praise the Lord!! May His blessings on His work carried out by you double and triple and....more so! Thanks for sharing with us God's faithfulness.Phil.4:19.” P. F. S.A.

The Great Siege of Malta

“Wow! What a great history of the defeat of Islam by Christian forces! To Jesus be all The Honour and The Glory! Thank you so much, for enlightening us about our true Christian History. Thank you so much for all your travelling across Africa and abroad spreading The Message of The Cross. I assure you Sir and your incredible team, of our constant prayers and support. Be blessed now and forever!’ L.N. S.A.

Victory Over Islam

“This is one of your best!  The defence of Malta has always inspired me, and Grand Master LaValette is one of my leading heroes. Wouldn't it be great if some Christian film producer (Mel Gibson or Kirk Cameron?) would produce a movie called "Malta"?  It could actually be a series: "Teutoburg Forest," "Tours," "Malta," "Lepanto," "Vienna."” J. E. U.S.A.

We Must Resist Islamisation

"Clearly the Siege of Malta was given to us to read again in these critical times. I so enjoy European history and am pleased to send this to all in these times of great uncertainty. We have a Mighty God who has a plan for this sick world with all its many problems. Although Christians appear to be so weak with churches trying to tickle the ears of people to keep up their numbers, we know there is nothing too difficult for You. We praise You for giving us this encouragement of the defeat of the Muslims who appeared so strong which makes us realise it is not impossible to defeat ISIS.” C.O.B. S.A.

“Thank you, inspirational, tremendously exciting. May God save apostate Europe.” T.G. S.A.
“Thank you for this historical study and others that you send. I love the look backwards which gives us insight into the look forward!”   H.F. U.S.A.

Were Atomic Bombs Necessary to End World War Two?

“I've seen both sides, and this is the best presentation of this position (that dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary to end WWII) that I have ever seen.” Col. J.E. U.S.A.

“Your last article on the Atomic Bomb is great. It is an absolute confirmation of my latest research and work I am doing on the Secret History of the New World Order. I have been following your writing for quite some time. They are a major source for my upcoming blog, website and book on the Secret History of the New World Order.  A major section is socialism and the New World Order.” T.G. U.S.A.

Confronting Comrades with the Gospel of Christ at the ANC 103 Anniversary Rally

“Thank you so much for standing up for righteousness in the midst of such ridiculous ungodliness!!

May God continue to bless your efforts at Evangelism and Reformation!!” D.G. S.A.

What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Inquisition

Your works are to the point hitting 'the bull`s eye'. That is what we need today to wake up so-called Christians to be true children of the Light.” V.M. S.A.

"Thank U for inspirational Enlightenment, Peter. Great, meticulous research on your part.” F.P. S.A.

Training Missionaries

“I have been reading your articles for some time and am very impressed. You are doing a great job of research and writing and are an inspiration to me. I am especially impressed with your training of missionaries.” J.P. U.S.A.

Persecution in the Bible

“Having been an avid reader of your Biblical sermons in recent years, I am so touched by the article Persecution in the Bible. I am so touched and moved. I think others may be uplifted too in our churches here.” A.K. Zimbabwe

1 & 2 KINGS

“Thanks so much for this Bible Study – I must go buy the JOY! Magazine and share what I’ve learned.” J.F. S.A.

“Thank you for the Biblical Survey of 1 & 2 Kings. It is short and precise.” S.C. Zambia


“Thank you so-much for your worldwide vision and burden. I read your entire message. It is very interesting, current and powerful....” Bishop A.H. Africa

But Aren't All Religions the Same?

“Your mails have been enriching to my personal and ministry life. You write in a well-researched and balanced manner. Emails on books of the Old Testament have helped me so much. This has come at the right time and I agree with you, tolerance should have a limit and should not lead to compromise. I continue to pray with you as you labour for Jesus.” M.K. Zambia

“Thank you, this is excellent and so relevant in these critical days.” C.O. S.A.

Spiritual Diseases

“I am very glad for the lessons and newsletter which you send to me. l write to thank you for the lesson which you send to me – Spiritual Diseases. Am enjoying this topic. It helps me in different areas. May the good Lord add wisdom.”   E. M. Africa    

The Rise of the GayGB and the Pink Inquisition

“I am a seventeen-year-old Christian living in America's Midwest. I visit your site and I like the information I find there. It's sad to see America listed as one of the countries needing mission efforts, but it is true--we're living in a post-culturally Christian nation. The GayGB (our non-official homosexual police) are starting to crack down in earnest on conservative Bible-believers. The Supreme Court's decision puts the noose around our necks. It makes me angry to see this. The Rainbow Regime has just started. But God always triumphs in the end. Thank you for the work that you do.” S.D. U.S.A.    

To Zimbabwe with His Love

“I am a Pastor of a Baptist Church in Zimbabwe. As a Church we are involved in outreaches in Squatter Camps. We are also involved in Ministry among Prisons and Police where we are reaching out to Chaplains. In the rural areas we are developing Pastors and Churches. We have some few churches that are engaging in this. We are reaching out to rural people who are situated in the remote parts of Zimbabwe. We have been going there for short term outreaches for the past 3 years.  Thank you so much for your support and partnership with us. Thank you for the books, study guides, Bibles and other Christian material that you blessed us with. We have distributed these amongst the ministries we are involved in. We are using Bible study materials for Bible study groups amongst other ministries as well.” Rev V & V. C. Zimbabwe

Answering Skeptics

“My heart is filled with great joy for having received the book Answering Skeptics. The book has been of great help to me as a minister of the Gospel. After reading and applying what is written my life and those around me will never be the same. Thank you Dr. for sending this significant message." G. S. Zambia

Reformation Study Bible

“Reading the books and studying The Reformation Study Bible, I can't help but praising God for you all." R. J. S.A.

Biblical Principles for Africa

“Thank you!!!!.....Biblical Principles for Africa is the best book ever devised by man.” J.B. S.A.

“We wanted to let you know and thank you again. We featured ‘Slavery, Terrorism & Islam’ in our recent Bell Ringer. I also wanted thank you for your “Were Atomic Bombs Necessary to End World War Two?” and “Mitsuo Fuchida” articles. As usual your contributions are timely and powerful.” R.K. U.S.A.

“Thank you for these amazing letters, it is good to hear truth on so many subjects.” H.O. U.S.A.

Reformation Society

“Peter, When do you get time to sleep? Thank you for your vision, energy, perseverance and kindness to our family and all the wonderful presentations on Thursday nights. You are right on top of my prayer list with our family.” S.J. S.A.

Literature 4 Africa

“Thank you, this is amazing. May the Lord grant you all the strength to continue your good work.

The literature I received from you is being gratefully received by many including hospital patients, staff, police, prisoners and churches. I have sent this email to many who are interested in Missions.” C.O. S.A.

Remember Rhodesia

“This article of yours was AWESOME.” J. L. S.A.

The Illegal Trial of Jesus

“Thank you so much Sir for your helpful and edifying Frontline literature. I am most grateful to you once again. Please pray for Nigeria.” F. Nigeria

“Beautiful, beautiful and most profound! Thank you!” J. vd. B. S.A.

Christ is Risen Indeed

“Thank you for a marvellous, worshipful and interesting message. Blessings!” A. S.A.

“Thank you for this timely and encouraging Easter Message. Your articles are always a blessing to me and helpful in my own search in the Scriptures.” H. S. S.A.

Ascension Day and its Implications for Today

"This article is inspirational. Praise God for your faithfulness in delivering this message. When we look at the weapons of spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6, 'Truth, Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, Faith, Salvation, the Word of God,' you are using the first one, 'Truth' very effectively. The Ascension was a fact witnessed by many observers. This is unlike the claims made by such as Mohammed who claims to have visited Jerusalem in a dream – but no witnesses. Equipped with these facts, Christians need to confront secular society about its need to acknowledge the truth of the fact of the Ascension of Jesus Christ and that consequently their authority is subject to Him and His higher Law.” R.d.V. U.S.A.

Pentecost Sunday

“Thank you for this wonderful, heart-warming and fiery message. I read it aloud to my wife and both our hearts were impacted. We truly need to be more filled by the Holy Spirit and His fire! I was astonished that all the prophets spoke of the fire of God! We pray to be more on fire for Christ! We pray for you and the Mission to be filled with the Spirit and be a shining light to the nations and individuals you want to reach!” A. & S.H. S.A.

God The Holy Spirit

“Wonderful insights on the Holy Spirit. I will do a Bible Study on your precious info.” Ps. F. S.A.

Bibles for Africa

“Thank you so much, this is good news. So many in SA feel that, in this materialistic and 

humanistic world, this is wasted effort. As I have been praying with the sick and giving literature to all in Provincial Hospitals and prisons, for over 30 years, I find that the people are very grateful for this ministry. We will continue to do this as long as we are able as God has called us all to the Work of the Great Commission, He did not give us any age limits.” C.O. S.A.

“Thank you for the encouragement. It is a pleasure to be in God's service and thank you for the Bibles, tracts and other Bible study material we get from Frontline. It is much appreciated and helps us a lot with the ministry in Evangelism and Discipleship. We are looking forward to get help from Frontline in the future in many ways”. N.Z. S.A.

Sermon Audio

Bible Survey - Daniel

"Great Sermon! I thoroughly enjoy your Bible Series!" L. Canada

Bible Survey - Genesis

"Great Sermon! Thank you for this tremendous summary of Genesis filled with truth, wisdom and knowledge. Everyone should listen to this sermon so they can have a firm foundation for their Faith." S.A. U.S.A.

War on Christians in the Middle East

"Great message! Well said, uncompromising stand for the truth." A. Y. U.S.A.

Does the Redefinition of Marriage Really Matter?

"Outstanding! I couldn't take notes fast enough. Excellent examples from history. The ones calling themselves victims have become the bullies. Anyone who thinks this is a 'live and let live' issue needs to hear this sermon. This is critical mass and Pastor Hammond lays it on the line. Thank you!" L. U.S.A.

Animals in Heaven

"About time someone said it! Words can't express my gratitude for this sermon. This sermon is so extremely important. It grieves me every day when I see what mankind has done to this beautiful world. It consoles me greatly to hear what I have always believed of God - that He will save His creation and that we'll all be in fellowship and worshipping God together in the new Heaven and new earth. This mends a heart that breaks daily over the violence of mankind." K.M. U.S.A.

"Great Sermon! Fascinating message! I have long respected the work of Frontline Fellowship and I'm very happy to see Dr. Hammond's sermons featured at SermonAudio! I plan to listen to all of them!" A. W. U.S.A.

"Great Sermon! I really enjoyed this. Thank you. I hadn't heard before of William Wilberforce's involvement with the creation of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. How wonderful. Thank You" J. E. U.S.A.

"What a sermon!!!! This is a most wonderful sermon, the most encouraging and uplifting I have heard in a long time. How many preachers have failed to present such clear truth about a beautiful part of God's creation - His animals. In a world of so much pain and suffering, here is wonderful hope for All of God's handiwork. This is a must hear. Please, SermonAudio, make this a staff pick." Rev. S.H. U.K.

A Modern Idol - The truth about Martin Luther King Jr

"Great Sermon! Just finished listening to this while the rest of America is lauding MLK. You've reminded me of what I learned as a child in the 50's and 60's concerning the signs of the times. Being raised in a thoughtful Christian household where dinner discussions centered around religion and history, this message was like going back in time. You've succinctly covered MLK's life appropriately with conviction. Indeed, the truth will make us free." C. B. U.S.A.

"Outstanding! This is must hear for all Christians! Thank you Brother Hammond for this tremendous message." L. K. D. U.S.A.

Dealing with Deception in the Media

"Great Sermon! Keep preaching the truth." OK, U.S.A.

Dealing with Guilt Manipulation

"Great Sermon! Thank you; this is a liberating sermon indeed! It is well worth the time to listen to it several times." A. Canada

The Myth of Neutrality

"Great Sermon! Very convicting message. We, individually and nationally, have sinned against You alone Lord." J. E. U.S.A.

Why We Need a Biblical Reformation and a Spiritual Revival

"Powerful Message!" K. U.S.A.

"Great Sermon! Most excellent." J. E. U.S.A.

"Great Sermon! Not to be missed! Yet another message packed with powerful insight and analysis, built masterfully on historical though contemporary references and resulting in a clear call to action." J.K. U.S.A.

Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion

"Great Sermon! Dr. Hammond is the foremost expert on Africa's social history and political development in the 20th century. He is an able historian and has a rare talent to examine the facts of what is really going on in this continent as the forces of anti-christ converge in their futile efforts to obliterate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and subjugate the people of God to the mere servants of a godless Marxist state. Dr. Hammond is a fearless and tireless warrior for the souls of men as he spreads the Gospel in the most antagonist circumstances while demonstrating that the Bible and the Christian Faith are and will ever be relevant no matter how far anti-christ goes in its sin and rebellion against the most high God and His Dear Son! Dr. Hammond is a wonderful example of Christian courage and manliness that every true soldier in the army of Christ can imitate especially during these trying times of evil and darkness. I commend him and his ministries as a source of encouragement, strategy and the inculcation of Christian virtue, patience and steadfastness in the face of all the fierce opposition we should expect to face in the days ahead." M. F. U.S.A.

Facts You Never Knew About WWII

"Great lecture! To see the inside story." A.S. USA

"Great message! Interesting lecture, I never knew these facts, while I studied a lot about WW2. Maybe because Germany is my neighbouring country and happily The Netherlands never came under communism. God bless. Interesting."

The Katyn Forest Massacre

"Excellent! I have heard it said 'The victors write the history books.' Communist USSR was responsible for this atrocity, not the Germans. I wonder how much more of the history we have been taught is lies? In this world of lies, deception, misinformation, false flag terrorism and wars for profit based on lies, my total comfort is in knowing Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Keep up the great work Pastor Hammond, God bless you for speaking the truth with boldness!" L. D. U.S.A.

Bible Survey - Leviticus

"Great Sermon! The holiness of God and the importance of the believer's heart and actions before God during Worship. Appreciate the teaching on the Regulative Principle for Worship. Please continue to share these wonderful sermons at SermonAudio. It is food for our souls!"    A. W. U.S.A.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground

"Great Sermon! Praise the Lord for Dr. Hammond's willingness to preach on subjects seldom heard in mainstream churches! This sermon is meat for the soul and one I sincerely pray others will listen to." A. W. U.S.A.


(Compiled by Gill van Heerden, Administrator of Frontline Fellowship)


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