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"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings Good News, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims Salvation…" Isaiah 52:7

Great Commission Camp
Frontline Fellowship begins every year running. Literally. Our Great Commission Camp began on New Year's Day, 1 January, with 76 participants from as far afield as Germany, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the United States of America. The Great Commission Camp and Course is an intensive, practical introduction to cross-cultural Missions. We take people out of their comfort zone and place them under pressure, introducing participants to some of the stresses and strains of Missions. We stretch minds and muscles and challenge participants to dig deeper, reach further, climb higher and persevere longer than they would have thought possible.

Putting Feet to Our Faith
Every morning, except Sundays, began with vigorous P.T., Devotions and lectures on a wide range of subjects. Afternoons were packed with practicals, workshops, team building, problem solving, obstacle crossing challenges, or outreaches. The first phase of the Great Commission Course was held in a forestry reserve, in the mountains, near a lake. We were privileged to have three excellent guest speakers, including Don McAlvany, Al Baker, a Presbyterian Missionary from Alabama and George Oesche from KwaSizabantu Mission,

Great Commission Course
The three week Great Commission Course included: 16 PT sessions, 8 hikes, 5 adventure activities, 12 Devotions, 13 Bible Drills, 5 discussion groups, 58 lectures, 21 films (including the Way of the Master Basic Evangelism Training Programme, Evolution vs God, Audacity, Agenda 2, Polycarp, Khumbula, Andrew Murray – Africa for Christ, Call for Discernment, Beyond the Next Mountain and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?) 10 outreaches and 12 church services. It also included a range of day trips, including a guided tour of the Castle of Good Hope, Eagle Encounter, Cheetah Outreach, Dragon Boat Racing at the Harbour and a work party at a nearby Mission station. The team also had the opportunity to help load 24 tonnes of Bibles, books and Sunday school materials being shipped off to the field. The workshops included: Vehicle Maintenance, Film Evangelism, First Aid, Public Speaking, Preaching, Debating, Self-defence, Archery and Idol destruction at the shooting range. The Castle is the oldest building in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also where General Charles Gordon was once Commandant and where Cetshwayo, king of the Zulus, was once imprisoned. Our participants had the opportunity to interact with wildlife at the Eagles Encounter and Cheetah Outreach. Practicals included raft building, water sports, obstacle course, problem solving, team building activities and escape and evasion Bible smuggling night hikes. A Prayer Vigil and outreach was held outside Marie Stopes abortuary. Open air preaching and mass literature distribution was held in shopping centres and townships. Each of the participants had an opportunity to present a testimony, or message on Salt and Light, on Radio Tygerberg. Several of our participants had the privilege of leading people to Christ on the streets and in homes, during outreaches. Participants of the GCC presented testimonies and sermons at 12 church services. The GCC concluded with palletising and loading 24 tonnes of Bibles, New Testaments, Sunday school materials and Bible study materials for another ministry from our Literature4Africa stores.

Testimonies of Transformation
Some of the written responses, which we received from participants of the Great Commission Camp, include: "God-honouring and Gospel-focused"; "I have been encouraged, informed and motivated"; "We need to pray for boldness, step out in faith and evangelise as we grow and pursue holiness to be salt and light to the world"; "Very well organised, enthusiastic leadership, dedicated to the truth"; "Expectations were highly exceeded"; "Very disciplined in a good way, uncompromising and focussed"; "Now I know that I can keep going when I want to stop. Speak up when I'd rather be quiet and do all things through Christ's strength"; "The lectures were wonderful, informative and challenging"; "The outreaches have improved my confidence to share the Gospel with others"; "I've learnt to fear God"; "I've learnt the importance of being bold and disciplined.  My opinion on a lot of subjects has been changed"; "I've been blessed by the high standard put on PT as well as the Spiritual Stamina sermon"; "Excellent course!"; "The lectures and workshops have fuelled my passion for evangelism and spiritual growth"; "Insightful"; "Very beneficial, far exceeded my expectations"; "I'm determined to be bold and share the true Gospel of Christ without compromise"; "The programme was well planned and the painstaking effort put in was crystally evident. I walk out a better man"; "Very well organised. Great activities and lectures!"; "The lectures were well organised, structured and informative. The activities were interesting, fun, challenging and wet!"; "I was greatly inspired to make sure to be disciplined in body, mind and spirit. I was challenged to memorise Scripture and be serious concerning the Great Commission".

Mobilised to Evangelise
Some of the written responses we received from the participants of the three week Great Commission Course included: "Every single element benefitted me. Working with other more experienced people personally witness has been so helpful. The leadership, discipline and servants heart of the leaders and staff have been a tremendous example to me! Thank you!!"; "I have learned to give up the materialistic worldly things and how to be a better witness for Christ. Learning how to pray effectively has helped a lot."; "It was very Gospel-focussed, very well directed and organised. The team of Frontline has totally impressed me with the way they live for God and put into practice what they teach."; "A challenge to excellence; body, soul and spirit."; "Motivated Biblical prayer, excited to believe God for world evangelisation, ready to do discipleship and hope to see world-transforming Christianity"; "I have been challenged anew to pray for Revival in my own life, in our county and in the church."; "I have learned how to go further than I ever thought possible!"; "I have learnt to stand firm on my Faith, to witness for Christ to friends, family and acquaintances."; "Everything was good, necessary, relevant and helpful"; "Wonderful and blessed!" Throughout the course we had a variety of outreaches and many of our participants said that this was a major highlight as they learnt to overcome fears and witness boldly for Christ. For several it was their first experience of leading someone to Christ.

Putting Feet to Your Faith
Just in time for our Great Commission Camp, we received back from the printer, our new, completely revised, redesigned and updated, Putting Feet to Your Faith book (144 pages). Every participant was given a copy of this foundational discipleship book.

Going On
Before the end of the course, we received the new book from the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship, Rev. Bill Bathman:  –Going On – With a Nod from God (320 pages, 160 pictures). Going On is a fascinating sequel to Going Through – Even if the Door is Closed. Veteran Missionary, Bill Bathman, takes us on an unforgettable journey across 4 continents during the tumultuous events of the Cold War. Starting with the Rhodesian War in 1977, Going On presents us with behind the scenes interviews with remarkable people in extraordinary times. Revolutions in Central America. Repression in Red China. Resistance to communism in Eastern Europe and Africa. Revival in Zululand. Revival amidst persecution in Sudan. Fervent faith under fire in the war zones of Africa. Triumph amidst tragedies and tremendous testimonies of God's grace, provision, protection and guidance. If you want to understand the turbulent times of the Cold War and the rise of the Islamic terrorism threatening Faith and freedom today, Going On will take you behind the lines and beyond the News headlines, to what has really been happening in these conflict and resistant access areas.

Going On is available from Christian Liberty Books, Tel/Fax: 021-689-7478, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

We now have 22 books available as E-books, including Bill Bathman's, Going Through – Even if the Door is Closed and Going On – With a Nod from God.

The Mission Field of the World Wide Web
Frontline Fellowship is maintaining 17 websites, which have a total of 3,520 articles. In 2015, we had 351,939 page views.

Digital Evangelism on Social Media
Frontline Fellowship actively manages 11 Facebook pages with a combined page count of 5,319,960 and a reach of over 2.5 million unique users during the last year.
Frontline Fellowship has 260 sermons available on 79 were uploaded during 2015. Total sermons downloaded to date: 46,042.

168 of my PowerPoint presentations are available on Slideshare, which you can access through our website. We have had over 137,000 views so far.

We received 12 shipments of Bibles and books, a total of 196 tons of Bibles and books last year. This included: 75,000 Bibles and New Testaments, 235,000 Sunday school booklets and tracts, 112,000 Bible study books and 342,560 World Missionary Press Gospel booklets A total of 760,000 books, Bibles, Bible studies, Sunday school booklets and Gospel booklets received from overseas for free distribution throughout Africa. Along with 120,000 books, manuals, booklets, or tracts, printed in-house by our Mission, this means that we received, produced, or distributed about 880,000 Scriptural, evangelistic, or discipleship items in 2015. This last year we delivered and distributed over 180 tons of Bibles and books. 60 tons of these were delivered to churches and ministries in Zimbabwe. "So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

Livingstone House Building Extensions
To maximise our facilities and cope with continued growth of the Mission, architectural plans have been approved to build onto the Mission House, converting our loft area and building a second floor to accommodate a multi-purpose hall and 3 more bedrooms and a bookstore. We are trusting the Lord for funds to go up into our roof area this year.

Livingstone Missionary School
For several years Frontline Fellowship has been praying over acquiring a farm to establish Livingstone Missionary School. With the increasing demands for our camps and courses, we are seeking to establish Livingstone Farm, which will be a site for Wilderness Bush Camps, Leadership Training Courses, youth camps, school and Church camps, Biblical Worldview Seminars and Summits, Great Commission Courses, Security and Survival Training Programmes and the Livingstone Missionary School. We have identified a suitable remote and mountainous region. We are now trusting the Lord for the funds needed to purchase the farm and adapt it to these needs.  

Mobilise to Evangelise
In order to expand our Mission's impact and capabilities, we are convinced that acquiring and developing Livingstone Missionary School will enable us to develop the most effective, hands-on, practical training facilities for the many missionaries needed to reclaim Africa for Christ. The needs are urgent, the opportunities unprecedented, yet the labourers are far too few. The only way we will be able to respond to the overwhelming demands and requests to serve suffering Christians throughout Africa, is to recruit an army of dedicated mission workers. Livingstone Farm will be the Missionary Training Centre that we pray will prepare and mobilise the kind of disciplined, self-sacrificing, vision of victory Missionaries that Andrew Murray mobilised through the Africa Institute, following the 1860 Revival. Our next Great Commission Course is scheduled for 6 - 25 January 2017. We are open to invitations to conduct seminars and services at your congregation, or school.

Thank you
The Missionaries and Staff of Frontline Fellowship join me in expressing our deep gratitude for your prayers, encouragement and support. We have so very much to praise and thank God for. He has protected us from all danger, blessed and multiplied our humble, inadequate efforts for the extension of His Kingdom and to serve the suffering Church. We are deeply grateful for all of His gracious provisions and magnificent answers to so many prayers. It is a privilege to be His sons and daughters, His servants and soldiers, serving the suffering, training and mobilising soul winners and nation transformers. By God's mercy, we trust our Lord Jesus Christ for an even more productive and effective year of ministry ahead.  

May God continue to be your joy and strength.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond
Frontline Fellowship
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