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We know it is an extremely thorny issue and I am aware that I have many good American friends who are deeply divided over how to vote, or not to, in the upcoming Presidential Elections. 

Far be it from me, as a foreigner, to want to interfere in internal politics of America. 

Of course, we are involved in Voter Education and produce Biblical Issues Voters Guides here in South Africa, Zambia and Namibia. However, as the United States is the world's premiere superpower and as the American government has, for most of the last century, seen itself as the world's policeman and interfered aggressively in wars and conflicts throughout the globe, more recently becoming an extremely destructive international bully, US Presidential Elections has a very direct and personal bearing upon Bible-believing Christians almost anywhere, but particularly in Africa and in the Middle East. 

Twentieth Century history has been dominated by American foreign policy. Pat Buchanan's books: Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War, How Britain Lost Her Empire and the West Lost the World, and A Republic, Not an Empire, are most helpful in understanding the most destructive nature of US foreign policy. Herbert Hoover's: Freedom Betrayed, offers an even more devastating analysis of Americas involvement in the Second World War and its aftermath. 

For me this is rather personal, as Jimmy Carter's Foreign Policy destroyed my home country of Rhodesia and Clinton's Foreign Policy helped betray South Africa into the hands of Mandela and the ANC. 

We have recently had a Missionary in Egypt and the Christians in Egypt have suffered intensely from Obamas support of the Muslim Brotherhood, to the tune of billions of Dollars, which caused catastrophic destruction and loss of life. 

The destabilization of the Middle East by the Hilary State department has been a calamity of immense proportions. According to Operation World, in 2010 there were 15 million Christians in the Middle East. Today there are much less than 12 million. Before America invaded Iraq in 2003, there were 1.3 million Christians in Iraq. Today there are barely 100,000 left. The largest number of Christians in the Middle East are in Egypt. They have been destabilized. The second largest number of Christians in the Middle East are in Syria and you know that more than 5 million people have lost their homes and many hundreds-of-thousands have lost their lives since the US and Saudi Arabian sponsored war there. 

You probably know most of these things. 

That is why I entitled the article, American Elections and Foreign Policy Affects the Persecuted Church. I am trying not to interfere in America's domestic policy, but to draw to the attention of our brothers and sisters in Christ to concerns that Christians, like myself, serving the persecuted church have. 

When faced with a clear choice between vastly increased persecution of Christians worldwide under a Clinton administration, or a curtailing of America's aggressive and destructive foreign policy by a Trump administration who has pledged an America First, rebuilding the country's infrastructure and not interfering in the foreign affairs of other nations, we would hope and pray that Americans vote to save live by opposing abortion and aggression. 

In such an imperfect, fallen world, while we are engaged in such a vicious war, where so many lives are at stake, the choice seems very clear to us. Although I am well aware that many of our American friends do not see it that way. I do know that Reformed teachers such as Gary der Mar and Ken Gentry have supported this positon, but many others have not.  

However, I was requested by other Africans to write this article and immediately received positive responses from black Africans delighted that I have put things this clearly. 

Yet, we know that it will bring criticism and misunderstanding from many of our American friends. We love the Christian heritage of America and regularly pray for you and for Revival in your land. 

May God continue to be your joy and strength. 

Yours for Reformation and Revival 

Dr. Peter Hammond
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