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Volume 1 1989

A scruffy-looking man with gold earrings and partially-dyed hair, wearing a “SWAPO —20 Years of Armed Struggle” T-shirt, was looking over our literature. I approached him, asking: “Do you support SWAPO?”

He looked taken aback, “I am SWAPO,” was his reply.

“Are you a Marxist?”

“Yes,” he replied confidently.

“Are you a Marxist-Leninist?”

“Yes,” he looked amused at my persistence."

“May I ask what you hope to achieve by armed struggle in South West Africa?”

“Namibia,” he insisted. “We fight for liberation in Namibia.”

“Liberation from what?”


“But all apartheid laws in S.W.A. were abolished in 1978. There is a multi-racial cabinet and most of the S.W.A. Territorial Force and S.W.A. Police are Black. What apartheid are you referring to?”

“This all means nothing — we want transfer of power. SWAPO is the sole representative of the people.”

“Is it true that SWAPO receives most of its weapons and training from the Soviet Bloc?”

“Yes, but also from Sweden, Belgium and other Western nations.”

“But mostly from the communist world?”

“Yes, but we are not under the Soviets.”

“Bearing in mind how the Soviets dealt with their allies in Hungary 1956, Czechoslavakia 1968, Afghanistan in 1979 and Poland in the 1980’s, do you think the Soviets will let you determine your own future?”

“Gorbachev has admitted before the Politburo that these incidents were mistakes.”

“Can you inform me of one country where free elections were held after a communist victory?”

“France, Iceland.”

“No. In these cases the Communist Party was only part of a coalition government. I mean after siezure of power, where has freedom followed?”

At this he was silent, so I continued. “As a Marxist-Leninist you believe in a classless society?”


“So how do you deal with all the ‘class enemies’ — the ‘racists’, ‘imperialists’, ‘capitalists’ and ‘tribalists’?”

“By re-education in schools and through the media.”

“Fine — now what about the die-hard ‘capitalists’ and hard-core ‘fascists’?”

“Re-education camps.”

“In other words, concentration camps — fine. Now, what will you do with those who refuse to co-operate or fail to respond to this re-education?”

“Like a bad tooth must be pulled out. Like a cancer which must be cut out.”

“In other words, massacres—like Pol Pot and the Communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia?”

“We do not accept Pol Pot as a true communist.”

“Maybe so, but Marxism-Leninism in spired his actions. I want to know why, after 70 years of Marxism in the Soviet Union, you still fail to have achieved a classless society and a true communist state as envisaged by Marx. A captured SWAPO commander, said that there was more racism in Russia than in South West Africa.”

“This is true, I agree, but it will be different in Namibia.”


Again he was silent, so I asked him:

“Your T-shirt proclaims that SWAPO has been fighting for 20 years — what has all this fighting achieved?”.

“The United Nations has recognised SWAPO as the sole representative of Namibia.”

“Great — not even Noddy and Big Ears take the U.N. seriously. What success can you claim in your ‘armed struggle’?”

“We have bombed Oshikati — the SADF Hadquarters in Ovambo.”

“Yes, I was there: 5 Rockets from a B10 and 9 mortars from an 82 mm tube were launched. No-one on the Security Forces side were killed or injured. Minimal damage caused. All the SWAPO insurgents were killed in the follow-up. Hardly a victory for SWAPO. There have been no terrorists in Caprivi since 1978. Kavangoland has been free of terrorists since 1984. Kaokoland has only minimal interference from Swapo, and the local tribesmen kill the terrorists and dump them in the police stations, refusing any reward. Only in Ovambo, and then only in the rainy season, is SWAPO operative and you’ve lost about 480 terrorists so far this year. What are you doing with all your hundreds of millions of dollars support from the UN, WCC and Europe? The SADF troops are dying of boredom and laughter because of SWAPO’s incompetence. ‘20 Years of Armed Failure’ may be more appropriate.”

Looking offended and shocked, he replied: “But we do not regard the military struggle as our priority. We will win by other means — in the churches and schools, through the media and on the international scene.”

His answer interested me, so I asked again:

“How can you call a terror campaign of landmines, abductions, murders and sabotage a military struggle? Soldiers fight soldiers — in uniform. Guerillas fight in uniform against soldiers by unconventional means. But terrorists fight defenceless civilians by cowardly means of landmines and intimidation. You are terrorists.”

He shrugged his shoulders and looked away from me. “You must be a South African,” he declared.

“Yes,” I agreed, “and I’m proud of my country.”

“Have you fought in the S.A. Army?”

“Yes, I’ve done my duty to protect innocent Ovambo tribesmen from your cowardly acts of terror.”

His eyes widened in disbelief: “You’ve fought SWAPO?”

“Oh, yes. For religious freedom and to protect SWA from the kind of ‘liberation’ which is destroying Mozambique and Angola.”

“Do you think your army can stop the inevitable tide of history — the inevitability of a SWAPO victory?”

“Definitely, yes. There is nothing inevitable about history — except that which is clearly prophesied in the Bible, such as the Day of Judgement when you and I will have to give an account before our Creator of how we have lived our lives. God is Sovereign. He can change the course of history. Prayer can change history and so too can individuals — because God has given us freedom to choose. There is also nothing inevitable about a communist revolutionary victory. The revolutionaries lost in Greece, South Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Oman, Chili, Bolivia, Grenada and many other places. More significantly, your communist empire is facing serious problems from major resistance movements fighting for freedom from Soviet control in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Laos, Cambodia, Nicuragua, Mozambique, Angola and Poland. Your empire will lose as have all others before it because you dared to declare war on God by persecuting His Church, killing His servants and destroying Bibles. As the Scripture says:

‘God will surely break the heads of His enemies, of those who persist in their sinful ways.’ Psalm 68:21”

“But,” he protested, “we have many priests on our side. The Council of Churches of Namibia and the World Council of Churches support SWAPO.”

“True,” I replied, “but that does not mean that God supports atheism and revolutionary violence. The Bible warns us against false ministers, ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and the Great Apostate Church, the ‘Whore of Babylon’ spoken of in Revelation 17. What some priests say or do is irrelevant. What God has said in the Bible — that is the issue.”

“We are fighting for freedom,” he stubbornly reiterated his slogan.

“Freedom?”, I challenged him. “Freedom comes from within — through Jesus Christ. None of us can be truly free while we are slaves of sin and self, conforming to this world. We need forgiveness from God and freedom from sin —Jesus Christ won us this freedom through His sacrificial death on the Cross. Repent of your sinful way of life and be converted to Christ. Trust Him to give you freedom from sin.”

At this, he quietly walked away.

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