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Volume 3 1990

We are living in a complicated and confused age. There is a crisis of confidence. Who can we trust? Where can we find
truth? Many editors and journalists have discredited the mass media by distorted and selective reporting.

In the 1930’s the Western media glamourised Soviet dictator, JOSEPH STALIN. Hundreds of journalists, editors, clergymen and congressmen made pilgrimages to Moscow to admire “Scientific Socialism.” They returned from these gullible travels to heap praises and adulation upon “Uncle Joe” Stalin and the alleged achievements of socialism.

Of course, now we know that these authorities were “useful idiots” (as Lenin referred to unwitting mouthpieces for Marxist disinformation campaigns). In the light of “The Gulag Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitzyn, and revelations even by Breznev and Gorbachev, we now know that Stalin was an even worse mass murderer than his one-time ally, Adolf Hitler. The Ukraine and Katyn massacres, the slave and concentration camp gulags, the enforced famines, the persecution of the churches and the deaths of over 35-million Russians were ordered by Stalin. Yet he was twice “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine.

In the 1940’s the media likewise whitewashed Chinese communist MAO TSE TUNG. Press reports confidently declared that Mao was definitely not a communist, but an “Agrarian reformer” worthy of admiration and support. Now, of course, even the encyclopaedias, Guiness Book of Records and the Christian World Encyclopaedia inform us that Mao was the worst mass murderer in history, guilty of vicious atrocities in Tibet, persecution of the church and the murder of over 60-million Chinese people.

In the 1950’s the media glamourised revolutionary FIDEL CASTRO. Both the U.S. State Department and the Western media rejected claims that Castro was a communist. Instead he was portrayed as an idealistic “Robin Hood”. Now, in the light of Armando Valladares’ prison memoirs, “Against All Hope”, Anthony Bryant’s “Hijacked” and reports from the International Society for Human Rights, we can see just how wrong the editors of that time were. Castro enters the 1990’s as the world’s longest reigning dictator.

In the 1960’s, the media lifted up PAT RICE LUMUMBA and many other revolutionary leaders in Africa and South America. Time and again we were assured that these revolutionaries were not communists, even though they were using Soviet weapons and terrorist tactics. Now we can read books like “Out of the Jaws of the Lion: Christian Martyrdom in the Congo”, and look back on the frenzy of mass murder inspired by Lumumba and his “Simbas”. Krushchev appropriately renamed the Soviet terrorist training facility near Moscow the “Patrice Lumumba Friendship University” in his honour.

In the 1970’s the media and the U.S. State Department assured us that the SANDINISTA (FSLN) revolutionaries in Nicaragua were not communists. After the Sandinista take-over in 1979, Soviet weaponry, Cuban troops and Libyan terrorists poured in to help the FSLN “consolidate the revolution”, nationalise industries, ban opposition, persecute the church and massacre the Miskito Indians. As “Ally Betrayed — Nicaragua” and “Breaking Faith” clearly illustrate, events proved the media to once again have been wrong.

Also in the 1970’s, the media tended to honour IDI AMIN, the muslim dictator of Uganda between 1971 and 1979. Despite Amin’s expulsion of Asians, outlawing of churches, conversion of churches to mosques, assistance to PLO hijackers and murder of over 600 000 Ugandan Christians, the world’s media failed to expose the atrocities of this cannibal. As the books, “Uganda Holocaust”, “A Distant Grief” and the film, “Some Through the Fire”, document — the media was wrong.

The world media also tended to defend ZANU terrorist leader, ROBERT MUGABE, against suggestions that he was a communist. If ZANU’s murder and mutilation of hundreds of tribesmen and missionaries failed to convince them, then the massacre of over 50 000 Matabele tribesmen by Mugabe’s North Korean-trained 5th Brigade certainly provided conclusive proof. As William Spring’s book, “The Long Fields”, and Barbara Cole’s “Sabotage and Torture”, clearly show — the media was wrong.

The many journalists who had argued in the 1970’s for the release and return of the AYHATOLLA KHOMENI, looked pretty foolish in the light of the resultant orgy of mass-murder in the 1980’s and the carnage caused by Khomeni’s vigorous export of terrorism from Iran. “He’s an old man. He’s a sick man. What harm could he do?”, they had asked. Now, after ten years of cruelty and chaos, the Iranians are still counting the horrifying cost. The “Shah’s Story” documents the media campaign of biased and selective reporting, the sensationalism and the abuse of the press — which lead to the tragedy of Iran since 1979.

Another favourite of the media in the 1970’s was Romanian dictator, NICOLAE CEAUSESCU, who was lauded as being “a reformer” with an “independent foreign policy.” The exposure of his systematization scheme to demolish 8 000 villages, and his vicious oppression of the Romanian people, should have come as somewhat of an embarrassment to his fans worldwide.

In the 1980’s, NELSON MANDELA was elevated to sainthood and diety status by rock groups, TV anchormen, newspaper editors, world governments and “anti-apartheid” organisations. Tutu praised Mandela as his “leader”. Some churches celebrated the Eucharist “In the name of Nelson Mandela”, and some even held their Christmas Mass in Mandela’s honour (apparently forgetting who the Church should be glorifying on such occasions). Jesse Jackson, on the day of Mandela’s release, declared from a pulpit in Bellville South: “Mandela is a Christ-like figure.. who has suffered for righteousness sake
But now that the stone has been rolled away. . . his Second Coming is with greater power than his first.”

In the light of the review of the Rivonia Trial, “Rivonia — Operation Mayibuye”, by Judge H. de Villiers, all this seems quite foolish and in fact, blasphemous. Mandela was a self-confessed revolutionary engaged in the violent campaign to seize power in South Africa. He had been trained by Cuban Intelligence in Algeria and equipped and briefed in Ethiopia and Ghana. Mandela was not in prison “for righteousness sake”, but for terrorism and sabotage. Nor did “apartheid” keep him in jail until 1990, but his stubborn refusal to renounce violence.

But now that this media superstar has been released? While his wife, Winnie was implicated in murder and torture, and while ANC members testified to torture, murder and degradation within ANC prison camps in Angola and Tanzania, Mandela fully endorsed the ANC and their “armed struggle” campaign of terrorism. While all of Eastern Europe struggled to free itself from socialism, Mandela saluted the S.A. Communist Party, and declared that he was for nationalisation and socialism!

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mandela hugged and kissed PLO terrorist leader, Yasser Arafat, publicly in Lusaka. Mandela then declared in Luanda, on May 10th: “We hope that one day we will be as free as Angola.” And to the Cubans he said, “There is one thing where (Cuba) stands out head and shoulders above the rest — that is in it’s love for human rights and liberty...”

Then in Tripoli, Libya, Mandela went on to praise Gaddafi for his commitment to “liberation” and “human rights.”

“By their fruit you will recognise them.” Matthew 7:20

“The mouths of liars will be silenced.” Psalm 63:11

In the light of these examples is it any wonder that many of us distrust the media?

Recently, in an interview published by “The New American magazine,” media executive Joseph Farah, claimed that producers of television and movies are intentionally shaping the minds of viewers. Joseph Farah had served as editor of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. He accused TV executives of being hypocrites. “On the one hand these executives cry — Don’t tell us about the negative impact of sex and violence on TV.. ,Then when they have some big cause they want promoted they carefully work to put these things into their shows. Obviously they know it works.”

Farah cited cases where the Gay Media Task Force was directly consulted and paid by movie producers to bring pro-horn? sexual themes into their films. “Some writers and producers have actually admitted that they are actively engaged in cultural and moral subversion, injecting profanity and sexual material into their scripts to gradually desensitize their audiences. . . it has a tremendous cultural-moral impact. There are lots of others.. . who are crusaders for pushing TV to new limits. There is definitely a concerted campaign by many of these people to move the viewing public toward a more liberal outlook.”

“No-one whose hope is in the Lord will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse.” Psalm 25:3

And that really is the bottom line.


Newspapers will come and go but the Word of God will remain forever. Constitutions will be updated, rewritten, changed, discarded and abandoned, but the Law of God will stand in force for all generations. Nations will rise and fall but the Kingdom of God will endure for all time. Leaders and opinion-formers will pass away but our Great God and Saviour will reign for all eternity.

Peter Hammond


“I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom:

Preach the Word! Be ready in season and out of season.

Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:1-5

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