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The Easter season is a very special time of the year for Frontline Fellowship. We date Frontline Fellowship from Easter 1982 when Peter Hammond crossed the border on a Bible smuggling mission to marxist Mozambique. This year (1997) we celebrate 15 years of God's provision, guidance, protection and blessing.

As we look back over the last 15 years, we praise God for His matchless grace in enabling our faith mission to travel literally millions of kilometres and conduct over 15 000 meetings in 21 countries, distributing tens of thousands of Bibles, hundreds of thousands of Christian books and Gospel booklets, millions of tracts and tons of medicines, food and clothes to suffering Christians in conflict areas.

During these years we have witnessed God removing communist persecutors of the Church and bringing religious freedom to Romania, East Germany, Russia, Albania, Mozambique and Ethiopia. We have seen nations rise and fall but the Church of God has steadfastly grown throughout these troubled regions.

These were some of the messages sent to Frontline Fellowship on the occasion of our 15th anniversary:

“You and your teams have risen above the mundane in traditional missionary experience. You have dared to go where others were not able or willing. You have built your ministry on the solid foundation of the Word of God, which stands though the earth be removed. You have challenged earthly authorities when it was apparent that they were crafting laws and legislation contrary to Biblical principles. You have stood on the Rock for the Light of the World and frustrated the powers of darkness. We pray for you all, daily.”

Rev Bill Bathman 
Director, In Touch Mission International

“Brethren, your Ministry is unique and you are what you are by the Grace of the Lord. ‘Thus far has the Lord helped us’ – 1 Samuel 7:12. God is our refuge and strength, a very present HELP in trouble, He has helped you all these past years and He will help you till His plans are fulfilled. His grace is sufficient for you.”

Pastor John Jere 
Zambia United Christian Action

“Frontline Fellowship occupies a special place in the hearts of American Christians. Despite the incredible hardships which you must regularly that that which is right and necessary.”

Howard Phillips 
Chairman, Conservative Caucus

“Your ministry, means so much to us. Your faithful and valiant service for King Jesus is an encouragement to us! May the Lord continue to bless and expand your labour. Be steadfast! Be unmovable! Our labour is not in vain in the Lord! Praise God.”

Dr Paul Lindstrom 
Christian Liberty Academy

“We have prayed and watched and prayed some more for the Fellowship down the years as teams have gone far and wide with the vision of the unreached. We have prayed, anguished and worked hard to get team members out of prison. We have rejoiced at safe returns, recoveries from various illnesses and the Lord's provision in so many ways. We have rejoiced that the Fellowship has played such a vital role in upholding Biblical values in this country and elsewhere and in strengthening the family.”

Dr Ed Cain 
President, United Christian Action

“Praise be to our Lord for 15 years of very unique and special ministry! As I pondered over this I could not help but think of the love of Christ that constrains us; otherwise why would any person do what you dear brethren have been doing for the last 15 years! May many more still say about Frontline Fellowship: ‘For they refreshed my spirit and yours also. Such men deserve recognition.’ (1 Cor 16:18)”

Rev Fano Sibisi 
President, Christians for Truth

“Frontline Fellowship has been at the forefront of the battle for righteousness in South Africa. Peter Hammond has shown consistency and faithfulness to the Biblical message even when the going was tough. CFT appreciates Frontline Fellowship's uncompromising stance when it comes to Biblical values. May they continue to grow and be a blessing to many more people.”

Rev Kjell Olsen, CFT

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