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Dear Friends 

Update on Christopher

On Wednesday the 23rd June, Christopher went in for what we trust is his final operation.  He has had a double J stent in since March of this year, and as it is a foreign object, and subject to infections, it needed to be removed.  This procedure, called a cystoscopy, was successful.  This marks the end of a very long road travelled, beginning with the kidney transplant, 2 December 2009.  This procedure was Christopher’s eleventh anaesthetic in less than seven months.  Christopher has certainly seen enough hospitals, nurses and needles to last him a lifetime.  He has been making up for lost time with lots of camps, hikes, sports and outdoor activities with the Scouts.  We continue to pray for increased renal function in Christopher’s graft kidney.  Now that there are no more foreign objects in him, there is the hope that his filtration rate will improve. 


Lenora has fully recovered from donating her kidney for Christopher.  However, Lenora was concerned over a lump and went in to have it checked.  She had a mammogram and ultrasound.  The radiologist suggested a biopsy, and yesterday after the biopsy Lenora and I were informed at the hospital that the tumor is malignant.  Her family has a history of cancer and her grandmother, after whom she is named, Lenora Bathman, died in her 40s from the very same kind of cancer. 

We praise God that this has been discovered early.  It is in the first stage and the doctors are hopeful that it can be removed by surgery alone. 

During the battery of medical tests in the lead-up to donating her kidney for Christopher, no such tumor was detected.  We are therefore confident that this has developed in the last year.  

Our first question was whether our mission to Europe would need to be cancelled.  The doctor informed us that that would definitely not be necessary, as they could not schedule surgery much sooner than the week after we return anyway. 

There are no symptoms yet, and Lenora is feeling healthy.  Please pray for God’s healing hand and overruling in all these matters; that the doctors would have much wisdom and discernment, and that chemotherapy may not be needed.  The strain on Lenora’s one remaining kidney may be more than any potential benefits of such treatment.  We pray that the surgery will be sufficient to free her of this cancer.  

We have always been health conscious, careful about what we eat, and diligent about maintaining exercise.  Lenora is healthy and fit.  We pray that it has not spread anywhere else, requiring chemotherapy. 

Bill Bathman

Last year Lenora’s father, Rev. Bill Bathman, recovered from cancer surgery without any need for chemotherapy.  He now has more energy than in many years. 

Hammond Family

Please also pray for our eldest daughter, Andrea, as she runs the home in our absence.  This involves quite a complex extramural schedule as Calvin is in training for provincial gymnastics and Daniela is on the senior skating team, which is in training for Worlds in Finland next year.  Christopher is advancing rapidly in Scouts and sports, catching up for lost time.  Andrea has been invaluable in helping me at the Mission, and her brothers and sister with their home schooling and extramural commitments.  

World Cup Outreaches

As South Africa is hosting the World Cup Soccer events we are all involved in outreaches to the many foreigners in our city. 

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength. 

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission 

Dr. Peter Hammond

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