“The most unreached people of the world are most reachable when they’re in cities.”

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to disciple the diaspora. The nations are coming to us.”

“The world of work is critical to city dwellers. What are city churches doing to equip members for their work life?”

“Can we plant urban churches that are committed to Evangelism and to social justice?”

“Nothing less than a robust, Gospel centered church planting agenda is going to address this growing phenomenon.”

“We are called to be in the world, but not of the world. Every generation must discern and engage the world."

These were some of the statements made during the Wednesday sessions of the Cape Town 2010 Congress on World Evangelisation.


The single greatest challenge of our day is the impact of globalization. Driven by the revolution in information technology, human interconnectedness has been expanded to a truly global level. This has led to an unprecedented acceleration, compression and intensification of daily life.

Globalisation is affecting our sense of time and place, identity, family, community, work, religion, politics and even of eternal prospects. Before, people lived in a village or a town. Now we all live in a global village.

Living in the Light of Eternity

“While we must be passionate about the issues of our day and reach out in love for our neighbour, there is a cosmic and eternal reality that is even more deserving of our attention. We need to see beyond the physical realities of our day to the eternal realities of God’s Holiness.”

Injustice in the World and the Day of Judgement

“When the Gospel takes root in our souls it pushes us to resolve injustice in the world. When the Gospel takes root, it also awakens our soul to the horrid impending suffering from the justice of our Holy God.”

Strategic Ministry to the Middle East

The most strategic way to reach the Muslims of the Middle East is to invest in Leadership Training, encouraging and empowering of the local Christians in the region. Although only 5% of the Middle East are Christians, they speak the language and are deeply rooted in the culture. The best way to reach the Middle East is through the Christians that are already there.

Shallowness and Superficiality in Technology

Although we are living in a global culture, people are becoming more and more isolated. Technology has made communication in general more superficial and many people lack genuine friendships and meaningful relationships.

Hidden People and the Diaspora

Globally 3% of the world’s population live outside their homeland. These refugees, students and business people are some of the most spiritually receptive people to the Gospel. We need to identify more opportunities to engage these foreigners in our area. At the 1974 Lausanne Congress, Ralph Winter highlighted the sizable presence of hidden peoples, largely Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Animist people groups. These hidden or unreached people groups comprise approximately 28% of the world’s population and so can also be called the ‘one fourth world’.

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