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Let the Earth Hear His Voice

By God's grace our intensive three-week Great Commission Course was much blessed. Participants travelled from as far afield as America, Australia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, and from all over South Africa. The Great Commission Camp was held in a forestry reserve, on the mountains, beside a lake. The second phase of the Great Commission Course was run from the Frontline Fellowship Mission base.

Stretching Minds and Muscles

Each morning, (with the exception of Sundays) began with vigorous PT, Devotions, and lectures on a wide range of Missions subjects.

Cape Town for Christ

Each afternoon was packed full of practicals and outreaches, including to prisoners, hospital patients and staff, on the streets, in townships, at taxi ranks, at railway stations, and to Muslims in the Malay Quarter. We conducted child Evangelism and open-air services in Dark City, door-to-door Evangelism in Muslim and Hindu areas, mass literature distribution in train stations, at bus stops and taxi ranks, and ministry to the homeless on the streets of Cape Town.


Daniela managed to witness to, and place a Gospel booklet in the hands of, Helen Zille, the Premier of the Western Cape. This was when she visited an area in Khayelitsha where homes had been destroyed in a fire. Our Mission team was part of a local church initiative to distribute food, clothing, and blankets to the hundreds of people who had lost their homes in the disaster. A witchdoctor was also witnessed to in Khayelitsha.

Mobilise to Evangelise

58 outreach teams were mobilised during the Great Commission Course, including to hospitals, a prison, in towns and suburbs as far afield as Grabouw, Rondebosch, Claremont, Observatory, Bellville, Wynberg, Cravenby, Malmesbury, Mfuleni, Khayelitsha, Oceanview, Crossroads, Gugulethu and Belgravia. Prayer Vigils, placard protests and personal Evangelism was also conducted outside dens of iniquity and an abortuary in downtown Cape Town.

The Gospel is the Power of God to Salvation

On Sunday, GCC participants preached at 9 different congregations in townships in and around Cape Town. The evening programmes frequently ended well past midnight. Many of our participants had the privilege of praying with people on the streets and leading people to the Lord. Thousands of Gospel booklets and Evangelistic tracts were distributed at taxi ranks, bus stops, train stations, traffic lights, street corners and in townships. Over 7,000 Gospel booklets in Xhosa, English, Afrikaans and French were distributed during the GCC outreaches, along with thousands of other tracts, including Chick Publications booklets, Way of the Master tracts and our in-house tracts.

Packed and Productive Programme

The Great Commission Camp and Course included: 14 Devotions and sermons, 62 lectures/presentations, 20 films (including the 8 Way of the Master basic training programme), 7 Workshops (Evangelism, First Aid, Public Speaking and Debating, Self-Defence, Film Evangelism, Vehicle, and Survival), 8 practicals, day trips to the Andrew Murray Centre, the Church where Andrew Murray ministered and the Africa Institute in Wellington, which sent out hundreds of Missionaries throughout Africa following the 1860 Revival; a tour of the Castle (the oldest building in the Southern Hemisphere); interaction with wildlife at the Eagle Encounter and Cheetah Outreach; and a work party at KwaSizabantu Mission, Moreson.

Study to Show Yourself Approved Unto God

Participants also worked through a 50 page Discipleship Training Manual, 7 written Assignments, and 8 Exams, including 2 Map tests, 4 Missions Exams, an Islam Quiz, and a Bible Exam. There were also 7 hikes, most of which were at night, and included scaling Lions Head and Table Mountain.

Camp Responses

Participants of the Great Commission Camp wrote these responses: "Multi-faceted and multi-preparatory"; "I have received vital information, vital skills, met remarkable and lovely people, acquired a new vision and mindset"; "Excellent!"; "The GCC has helped me realise that Missions is a core part of being a Christian"; "A lot of fun. Great lectures"; "Opened my eyes"; "A blast!"; "Challenged to be more courageous, especially in Evangelism"; "A blessing, to bring you back to reality"; "It really did exceed my expectations"; "A powerful tool"; "Great, inspiring and challenging lectures and relevant practicals"; "Absolutely very impressed, convicted, equipped and sent"; "I am rekindled for Christ"; "I would have loved it to have been longer"; "Great being with people that have a heart for the lost"; "Very inspiring and informative"; "very fruitful and encouraging"; "I have learnt much and overcome a fear of Evangelising"; "I have been very convicted and changed".

Course Responses

Participants of the Great Commission Course wrote the following responses: "Excellent practical reinforcement and Bible activities"; "Very informative, challenging and intense"; "Very well run, well organised, very relevant, very informative, well-balanced"; "This was the best Great Commission Course that I have done"; "Impressive and electrifying!"; "Awesome!"; "Challenged for Christ!"; "I have benefited both physically and spiritually"; "Become bolder and much more confident about witnessing"; "Renewed inspiration"; "There is more to Missions than we think"; "I overcame my fears of one-to-one Evangelism"; "Professional and dedicated preparation and presentations"; "Challenged to Evangelise and get out of my comfort zone more regularly"; "To become a better, bolder witness for Jesus Christ"; "Learn to do practical Evangelism"; "Real life"; "Wonderful!"; "a huge blessing"; "It challenged me in more ways than I ever have been"; "Learned perseverance, dedication and teamwork". 

Most Popular Presentations of the GCC

According to the Response Forms received, the most popular presentations were: Livingstone: the Best Friend Africa Ever Had, Call For Discernment, Hospitality – Giving and Receiving, Understanding Islam, William Carey: Father of Modern Missions, Hudson Taylor: Apostle to China, Full Salvation and Repentance, Cross-Cultural Communication, Motives for Missions, Living By Faith, Discipline and Discipleship, Evangelising Muslims, Missionary Pioneers, The Duty of Discernment, The Greatest Century of Missions, Public Speaking and Debating, What Can Go Wrong on a Mission?, Egalitarianism and Respecting Elders, Evidence for Skeptics, Evangelism and Prayer, Preparing for the Field, Survival in the Field, Demonology and Deliverance, and Coping with Capture and Imprisonment.

Most Popular Films

The most popular films were: The Way of the Master film series, Beyond the Next Mountain, The Biggest Question, Sudan – the Hidden Holocaust, and Eetou!

Most Popular Workshops

The most popular Workshops were: Self-Defence, First Aid, Vehicle Maintenance and Film Evangelism.

Putting Feet to Our Faith

The most popular practicals were: The Table Mountain hike, the night hikes, ministering on Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg, the Lions Head hike, the Andrew Murray Centre, the Prayer Vigil and outreach at the Marie Stopes abortuary, prison ministry, Sunday sermons and the Self-Defence and Survival Training.

Thank You

Thank you for praying with us for God's ongoing work in the lives of all who participated in the Great Commission Camp and Course, and for those who were reached during the outreaches, radio ministry and Sunday services. 

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May the Lord continue to be your strength and shield.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

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