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Africa Overland Mission

Our missionaries have completed the first month of their 7 month, 11 country Africa Overland Mission. Their Mission to Mozambique involved visiting, ministering to and supplying with Bibles, Gospels and Discipleship literature and audio visual materials, Mission stations, churches, an orphanage, schools, and Bible Colleges. They conducted Great Commission Seminars, Evangelistic rallies and church services. They have encountered the typical field frustrations and delays which we expect, such as a major bridge was broken and necessitated a very long and time consuming detour and a refuelling station had no diesel and required them to double back for fuel. During this last week they have been ministering in a Muslim stronghold.

Bibles and Books for Africa

On Wednesday, we received and offloaded a 17 tonne, 20-foot container shipment of Bibles and books. With many of our men in the field, it took us 4 hours to empty the container and several days since then to sort through, categorise and organise the treasure troves of Bibles, commentaries, study books, Sunday school materials, Gospels, tracts, audio visual materials and other valuable Scriptural material. Most of these Bibles will be distributed in English speaking countries where Dr. David Livingstone first pioneered the Gospel: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania. Most of the 17 tonnes we received from the previous shipment just one month ago, have already been delivered and distributed widely.

Mission to Zambia

Just before receiving this shipment of Bibles and books, we sent off a Mission team to Zambia. They will be conducting Leadership Training courses, Discipleship Training seminars, Evangelistic Workshops and Evangelistic outreaches, as part of our Livingstone 200 focus on countries where Missionary pioneer and explorer, David Livingstone, first pioneered the Gospel, over 150 years ago. If you have not yet visited our new website and Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page, or viewed our David Livingstone - Missionary Pioneer PowerPoint placed on Slideshare, these can be accessed through our and websites.

Open-Air Street Preaching

Each evening this week, I have been ministering in an open-air street Evangelism programme on the Cape Flats. A dynamic church that I ministered at just over a month ago, has launched an open-air Evangelism programme in areas that they have described as gangland. They invited me to present the sermons on the first three evenings. They rigged up a spotlight and huge powerful speakers for the public address system. Musicians with a keyboard and guitars led in singing hymns and choruses to help gather the neighbourhood. Everyone from grandmothers with their knitting in chairs on the sidewalk to children in their pyjamas, teenagers dressed like gangsters and people of all ages, gathered for the vibrant testimonies, Scriptural songs and preaching. The first night I preached on: Where Will You Spend Eternity? The second, Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out and the third, What Really Matters?

Each night there were people who gathered with us afterwards for prayer. On the second night, a police vehicle stopped in front of the area where I was preaching and a policeman stepped out. I thought that he was going to close us down for not having a permit. However, he was just coming to join in the street congregation! On the last night, four teenagers came forward and asked for prayer, committing themselves to the Lord.

We distributed boxes of Gospel literature and tracts and entrusted books, audio visual materials, DVDs and Evangelistic and Discipleship posters. One man from four blocks away explained how he had heard every word of the sermon clearly through the PA system. He also gave his life to the Lord. Please pray for this dynamic congregation as they continue to conduct open-air outreaches each evening in different neighbourhoods.

Creation Evangelism

Last week our Mission had the joy of hosting Creation Scientist, Dr. Philip Stott, for a series of meetings on The Age of the Earth, Where in the Universe Are We, Noah's Flood and Evidences Against Evolution.

Sports Achievements

My nephew, Timothy Hammond, won the 250km Aspen Trans Karoo Mountain Bike Race. As this was the first time he had undertaken this race there was quite a buzz in the media over this previously unknown youngster. He completed the race in 9 hours and 27 minutes. My daughter, Daniela, represented South Africa in Synchronised Ice Skating at Worlds in Boston.

Livingstone 200

Our Travel Agent has secured major discounts through block bookings with the Royal Livingstone Hotel on the Zambezi River overlooking Victoria Falls for our Livingstone Safari 13 – 18 November. To commemorate the anniversary of David Livingstone sighting, mapping and naming of Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855, Livingstone Fellowship is co-ordinating a series of special services, presentations, cruise on the Zambezi River, tour of the Falls, visit to the Livingstone Museum and special Commemoration services and outreaches amongst the local people.

Experience Africa

Space is very limited for this major missionary milestone and historic event. If you are interested in joining in this Victoria Falls Livingstone Safari (13 -18 November), please contact our travel agent, (Rhynhardt Naurattel, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tel: 021-713-0296). More details are available on our website. See Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page for this opportunity to experience Africa at one of the seven natural wonders of the world, in a country that is officially committed to Christ, along with the Frontline Fellowship Missionary team. I will personally be leading the tour group and giving daily presentations on the incredible adventures and achievements of Missionary explorer David Livingstone.

Tribute to Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

Last night at the Reformation Society meeting, I presented a PowerPoint presentation in tribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher. You can view our article on our In Memorium page on the website and view the special Margaret Thatcher PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare.

Please pray for our ongoing Missions and outreaches.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

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