Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you very much for your letter in response to our article Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion. 

If you have seen the 50 books and manuals that I have written, I do not think you could point to any of them that deal with either president Mandela or president Botha. So I am not sure what you are meaning about me writing a lot about president Mandela or about PW Botha. Recently, as we have been inundated, indeed, deluged with the most extreme marketing of the personality cult of Nelson Mandela. Particularly in the lead up to 18 July, which the UN declared International Nelson Mandela Day, many believers had requested a response from our Mission. 

It would be hard to imagine that the prophets of the Old Testament, such as Elijah, or Daniel, could have been silent in the face of such blatant idolatry that we are seeing in our time. Nor could we imagine that the Church Fathers, or the Reformers, could have remained silent had they been confronted by such manifestations of the making of a new religion. 

A shepherd must feed his sheep and he must protect them from wolves. Those who, for their own purposes, are seeking to make an icon and idol out of Nelson Mandela, and other celebrity cults, need to be exposed and opposed. 

God, our Creator and Eternal Judge is the only One who deserves our worship, praise and adoration. No one is good except God alone. No Christian can, in good conscience, participate in idolatry. Yet we are seeing our schools being instructed by the Ministry of Education to indoctrinate the school children in this personality cult and to participate in the singing of hymns of praise to a politician. 

If you have carefully read the article that I wrote, you will see the seriousness of the situation and our sincere concern for God's honour and for the souls of our people who are being led astray. 

Yes, during the presidency of P. W. Botha and F.W. De Klerk, our Mission was on record opposing many things about the N.P. government’s policies that were plainly wrong. 

At the very first church camp that Frontline Fellowship held, we were evicted for being a multiracial group. However, nobody has attempted to make a cult of worshiping P.W. Botha. 

When Nelson Mandela was president, he summoned me to the president’s mansion. We spent an hour discussing openly our concerns for the direction he was taking the country. I challenged him directly over the legalisation of vices, such as: gambling, prostitution, pornography, and most seriously of all, abortion. Mr Mandela warmly shook my hand and congratulated me for my honesty and forthrightness in speaking straight. He declared: "I am glad to meet an honest white man!" He declared that he would always be responsive to my concerns and that his door would always be open to me. I have no animosity for Nelson Mandela. I prayed with him and have regularly prayed for him, sincerely. 

However, as a Christian and as a Minister of the Gospel, it is my duty before Almighty God to oppose abortion, pornography, prostitution, perversion, homosexual marriages, human trafficking, and idolatry. Nelson Mandela has now become a multi-billion dollar industry and I am sure that all who are aware of it are sickened by the sight of all the media vultures and the legal squabbles over his fortune and brand names. 

As you have been receiving our Frontline Fellowship e-mailings for some time, you will notice that most of our articles deal with speaking up for the persecuted Church, proclaiming the Gospel, Missionary concerns, Biblical Worldview issues, and contemporary issues. 

At this particular time, deluged as we are with Mandela Day propaganda and mythology, a Biblical response is essential. To be silent on such a prominent movement would be dereliction of duty to the Lord. 

May God continue to be your joy and strength. 

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission 

Dr. Peter Hammond

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