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A message from the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship, Rev. Bill Bathman:


We live in a dangerous world. Many have asked us, "What do you think about the current crisis in Syria? Should America go to war?"


Both Syria and Iran are tweaking Uncle Sam's nose claiming a pre-mature victory in a war that has not happened yet. They are saying, "The U.S. will not attack us", which sounds more like a provocation than a prophecy, using insult as an invitation. The big question for the Present Resident (PR) is: "Will he?" or "Won't he?"


The big question for us is, "Should he?" Personally, I believe the answer is "No!" Here is one reason why: As happened in Egypt this summer, the Muslim Brotherhood (the PR's friends) used the demonstrations in Cairo as a smokescreen to cover their attack on Coptic Christians.


Hundreds were killed and over 50 Churches were destroyed. The same thing is happening now in Syria. If the U.S. attacks Syria, every Christian in the country will be brutally murdered, because the Muslims see America as a 'Christian' country and regard us as infidels and 'the Great Satan.'


Secondly: It is irrelevant to all but the victims as to which group of fanatics actually used a WMD. All the combatants in the Syrian Civil War are Muslim and all of them hate the USA. Whichever side wins will live to kill us later on. We should not take sides in this war. There is zero advantage to America. "He who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a dog by the ears." Proverbs 26:17


Is it credible that Bashar al-Assad would use chemical weapons on children in Damascus just in time for the UN inspection team to document the atrocity? There's something fishy here. Or is it more credible for the rebels to sacrifice even some of their own children - who would instantly be both victims and martyrs - in order to lay yet another horrible massacre at the feet of Assad? Things aren't always as they seem.


The PR is proposing a "feel-good" war exercise, a 'shot across the bow,' with no clearly identified punitive objectives. The program is to punish the Assad regime for the outrageous slaughter of some 1,500 innocent civilians with a weapon of mass destruction - after already having killed over 100,000 of his own citizens in the long, drawn-out Civil War.


Why would Syria attack its own people with nerve gas after the US warned that it would attack for such an outrage? Fact: US Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi while facilitating the movement of captured Libyan weapons via Turkey to Syrian Al-Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood supported rebels. Some of these weapons of mass destruction, including nerve gas and other chemical/biological weapons which Kaddafi had threatened to use, but never did, originated in Iraq. Saddam Hussein (having used a WMD to kill 5,000 Kurds) quickly dispersed them to Syria, Libya and Sudan before the US started bombing Bagdad.


The ex-community organizer, who has never served in the military, is now the Commander-in-Chief of the World's only Super-power. Does that worry you? After a failed 4-year policy of leading from behind, the amateur PR now gets out in front of the U.S. military, drawing red lines, talking tough, threatening a two-bit tyrant, then backing down when it is time to show up. It is embarrassing for the US, yes, but the shame is on the amateur who has become ensnared by his own arrogant rhetoric.


The whole sordid mess is political. Altering his usual routine of issuing an Executive Order, by-passing the House and Senate, the PR punts to Congress, seeking their approval for a war that is not in our national interest, and counts on winning either way. If the lawmakers vote 'Yes' then any losses, defeats or disadvantages are their fault. If they vote 'No,' then the PR can blame them for any losses, defeats, or disadvantages. So the amateur who got us into this quandary by his dithering, has clean hands. Cute, huh?


The tragedy is that amid the smoke and noise of street fights and cars burning, few will notice the wholesale massacre of Christians and destruction of Churches by wild-eyed Muslim fanatics. It's just collateral damage.


There is more. The possibility is very real that this current crisis, further provoked by a 'surgical' strike, could spread uncontrollably and spark a 3rd World War. Russia, China and Iran all have a vested interest in this area. Consider this: Israel reckons realistically that the USA is an unreliable partner. When he is not outright lying, the PR is talking out of both sides of his mouth. While assuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he "has their back", in reality he is looking for a soft spot in which to stab them.


Israel's primary concern is survival in the middle of the World's most hostile environment. The media's role has been distraction; Egypt in June and Syria in August. Meanwhile the centrifuges continue to spin in Iran and each turn brings them closer to having nuclear weapons - many, not a few. That possibility is unimaginable and unacceptable. Lest we forget, this is shades of Sarajevo, 99 years ago in August 1914.


Israel is on record saying they will not allow Iran to obtain a nuke. Their patience with our dithering PR is wearing thin. For survival sake they will soon take preemptive action in their own self-defence. It is at that time the United States should get involved. Until then, we should keep our powder dry and our Tomahawks handy, 'cause we're gonna need a bunch of 'em'. A nuclear Iran poses a clear and present danger to the USA.


Every Muslim currently living in the United States, some on welfare and all enjoying the benefits of freedom, should speak out loudly and boldly for America and openly declare and demonstrate their loyalty to our country. Those who, for any reason, feel they cannot do so should be told to leave America immediately and go back to Sharia law, halaal food and the 7th Century culture they left behind when they came to our shores. We have precedent and good reason for considering them a Fifth Column.


Israel is treading on the point of no return. When they decide "it is time" - they can wait no longer, they should hit Iran very hard and very fast, before they know what hit them. No quarter should be given to those on record as "determined to annihilate" them. All nuclear facilities in Iran should be utterly destroyed and they will appreciate our help.


That is my view - and I welcome yours.


Yours in His grip,


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Rev. Bill Bathman
Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship
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