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Dear Friends


18 Countries

We praise God for His provision, guidance, protection and blessing on our Mission outreaches to over 18 countries in 2013. Frontline Fellowship Missionaries conducted over 1,500 meetings in 2013.


60 Tonnes of Bibles and Books

This past year has been packed and productive, with over 60 tonnes of Bibles and books freely donated by our Literature4Africa Ministry, as far afield as South Sudan.


Africa Overland Mission

The Africa Overland Mission covered more than 29,000km across 12 countries in Africa, conducting over 390 meetings and distributing more than 3 tonnes of Gospel literature and discipleship training materials in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo, Zambia and Namibia.


Livingstone 200

To mark the Bicentennial of the birth of Dr. David Livingstone, we launched the Livingstone 200 website and Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page, produced numerous articles on The Life and Legacy of Dr. David Livingstone, which were published in magazines internationally. We organised numerous special events to mark the birth of David Livingstone, his arrival in Africa and discovery of Victoria Falls. Numerous radio and TV interviews were conducted on Missionary Explorer Dr. David Livingstone. The culmination of the year's events was conducting the Livingstone 200 Missions Conference and outreaches in Zambia.


Leadership Training

In 2013, I conducted over 450 meetings, including the Great Commission Course, the Christians For Truth Conference in Switzerland, services and outreaches in Belgium and Holland, speaking at the Providential History Festival in America and at Reformation FIRE Conferences in California and Franschhoek, conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar in Mpumalanga, a Muslim Evangelism Course at the Africa School of Missions, and a Great Commission Course at Back to the Bible Training College, where 124 students from 26 countries participated.


Radio and TV Ministry

Numerous film crews have visited Livingstone House to record interviews. I also had a large number of radio and TV interviews in Europe, America and Zambia. The Evangelists Association invited me to speak at their National Conference in Graaff-Reinet.


To Zimbabwe with Love

Frontline Fellowship provided Boxes with Love for pensioners in Zimbabwe and Bibles, books and Gospel literature for ministries and churches throughout Zimbabwe.


Digital and Social Media

Our Comms office is maintaining 17 websites and 7 Facebook pages. Over 100 of my PowerPoints have been placed on Slideshare with over 150,000 views recorded. Our IT Department has also placed 123 of my sermons on SermonAudio.com. Many of these have been downloaded hundreds of times and some have recorded thousands of downloads. We have 22 videos uploaded on YouTube. Frontline Fellowship now has 12 of our books available as E-Books.


The Power of the Printed Page

This year we celebrate 8 years of the Reformation Society, Livingstone Fellowship and our involvement in JOY! magazine. During the last year, I wrote 66 articles, 39 sermons, 43 articles for JOY! and JUIG! Magazines, and produced 62 new PowerPoint presentations. I also completed a new, expanded and updated Great Commission Manual and the Livingstone 200 Missions Manual.


Audio-Visual Ministry

Our Audio-Visual department produced new data discs for the Great Commission Course and Biblical Worldview Seminars, and new MP3 Boxsets, including for the Great Commission Course 2014, including 73 lectures, 66 PowerPoint presentations and 91 supplementary notes, along with Chaplains Handbook, Chaplains Prayerbook, Discipleship Training Manual, Great Commission Manual and Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual. Other new Audio MP3s produced, included War Against God, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, the Muslim Evangelism Course, Missionary History and Strategic Overview, Reclaiming America for Christ and Salt and Light Volume 5.


Outreaches, Shipments and Missionary Training Programme

We have started our new year running with the Muizenberg Open Air Outreach on New Years Day, offloading another 17 tonne container shipment of Bibles and books and launching the first part of our three-week Great Commission Course with the Great Commission Camp, with participants coming from as far afield as the United States, New Zealand, the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and from all over South Africa. This intensive Missionary Training Programme involves daily practicals and outreaches. You can see photographs of these and other events on our Frontline Fellowship Facebook page.


Thank You

We are very grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and support, without which none of our ministries would be possible. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to enable this Mission in Africa to advance.


May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission


Dr. Peter Hammond

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