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Bibles for Africa

Today, at Livingstone House, we have offloaded another 20 foot container shipment of 17 tonnes of Bibles and books by hand. This is the eighth container that we have received so far this year and another one is due in two weeks' time. Yet, as fast as we offload, sort out and designate these Bibles and books, the demand for these Scriptures in the field exceeds supply. In less than two weeks' time we are needing to load up 28 tonnes of Bibles and books for Zimbabwe. Today, as on most days, we have vehicles coming to load up with Bibles and books for Missions, ministries, churches and Bible colleges.


The Power of the Printed Page

We praise God for Eagles Nest Ministries in Illinois, who gather up Bibles, New Testaments, Sunday school materials, Bible study materials and other Gospel materials to donate to Missions like ours, so that we can carefully, prayerfully and strategically distribute them where they are most needed and will be used most effectively.C


Congo Overland Mission

8Last night our Congo Overland Mission team gave an inspiring Report back on the successful five month Mission to Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and Zambia. The team crossed 11 international borders, travelled more than 20,000km, and conducted 366 meetings in 6 countries. This included conducting 7 Reformation FIRE Seminars, 15 Great Commission Seminars, 36 film Evangelism outreaches, 14 Evangelism campaigns, 30 Sunday sermons, and 38 open-air Evangelistic outreaches. 


Congo for Christ

The team served the suffering church in the Congo, in an area that has been terrorised by violent groups. This very remote part of the Congo has been caught up in the crossfire of numerous conflicts and wars that have raged throughout the Great Lake region. After a Revival and Evangelism Camp the team conducted an Evangelism Explosion week in the town with door-to-door Evangelism, film Evangelism, open-air crusades and baptisms of new converts in Lake Tanganyika.


Back to the Bible Training College

Next week I will be conducting a Biblical Worldview Course at Back to the Bible Training College with 120 pastors-in-training from over 15 countries throughout Africa. I will then have the privilege of presenting the Graduation sermon for the third year students who have completed their studies. 


Soldiers for Christ

Immediately after this I will be participating in the Association of Military Christian Fellowships event. Approximately 600 soldiers from over 100 countries are expected to gather in Cape Town for this Global Interaction 2014. These events are only held every 10 years and this will be the first time AMCF is gathering for suprising-facts-about-world-war-one-1-638their international convention in Africa. I participated in the AMCF 20 years ago in Virginia, USA. This will be the shortest distance I have ever had to travel for any military conference! 

World War 100

This year as we have commemorated the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. I have written numerous articles, prepared many PowerPoints and given many presentations on the causes and consequences of the Great War, conducted memorial services, completed a Mission to England, spoken at conferences, on many radio programmes, internationally, and conducted a whole series of presentations at the Reformation Society. 


25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Sunday, 9 November, marked 25 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Just as the Brandenburg gate in Berlin had become a symbol of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War, the breaking down of the wall by brave citizens of Berlin, November 1989, brought about, not only unity for the city, but for the country and the continent of Europe. To mark this tremendous victory over communism, Befall of wall 3rlin set up the Lichtgrenze, consisting of over 7,000 illuminated helium balloons tracing the division of the city. On the evening of Sunday, 9 November, these illuminated balloons were released, symbolising the power of light over darkness. Not all the darkness can put out the smallest light! 


Instant Obedience

It has been my privilege to meet with Brother Andrew (of God Smuggler fame) several times, initially through Hospital Christian Fellowship. The first time I met Brother Andrew, was just before my military call up. He had conducted Devotions at HCF. Afterwards he looked straight at me and, with great intensity, said: "Young man, when God says duck, duck! Don’t ask why, or when. Just duck, immediately! Because a bullet will pass straight through where you were standing!" 


Seven Year Jericho Prayer March

The next time I saw Brother Andrew at HCF, it was shortly after my national service. There at the Mission Devotions he unveiled his 7 year Jericho Prayer March initiative to focus concerted prayer on behalf of, and with, the persecuted Church of Eastern Europe, to pray for the fall of the Iron Curtain and collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. 


TPower of Prayer handbook Cropped Cover 250he Power of Prayer

This was 1982. I must admit to being incredulous. It may be hard for those who had not lived through the Cold War years to understand, but the Iron Curtain was one of the immovable realities of that time. It seemed incomprehensible that we would ever see the Iron Curtain come down in our lifetime. I was personally convinced that it would still be there when our Lord returned! Nevertheless, the fact is that, 7 years later, the Iron Curtain did collapse, beginning at the Berlin Wall. The cruel division of the Iron Curtain was breached by the prayer movement that began at Leipsig and spread throughout East Germany and all of Eastern Europe. 


Remembering Rhodesia – Praying for Zimbabwe

49 Years ago, on Thursday, 11 November 1965, at the most solemn moment of Armistice Day, Ian Douglas Smith, the Prime Minister signed Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. This act of bold defiance, which came after many months of negotiations and fruitless discussions with the British Foreign Office, resulted in a most extraordinary explosion of diplomatic activity, international outrage, economic sanctions and motions of condemnation from the British Common Wealth, the Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations, the Soviet Union and the US State Department. In credibly, with the Soviet Union involved in the sponsoring of violent revolutionary movements worldwide, Rhodesia's principled attempt to stand against communist intimidation and the terrorist threat was labelled "A threat to world peace!" This from nations engaged in nuclear arms races and invasions of other lands! 


Resisting Revolution

ian smithWe in Rhodesia had a very strong sense of national purpose. We felt that we had been singled out by God, to be a stumbling block in the path of international communist aggression. Standing firm against communist terrorism for 15 years, Rhodesia won valuable breathing space for the free world. In much the same way as the 300 Spartans held up the enormous invading force of Persians at Thermopylae, and as the courageous Knights of St. John resisted Islamic invasion of the small Island of Malta, I believe, that, in time, history will recognise that sacrifices and the courage of Rhodesians in resisting communist terrorism, contributed to the ultimate collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989. 


A Principled Man of Integrity

On 20 November, we remembered the death of Ian Smith, 7 years ago. Rhodesia was an incredible country and our Prime Minister, Ian Smith was an example of humble integrity. He was a man of his word. He said what he meant and he meant and he said. A veteran of World War II, Ian Smith, had flown for 6 years in the Royal Rhodesian Air Force, flying Hurricanes and Spitfires. He was shot down twice, survived five months behind enemy lines and walked across the Alps barefoot. I have a picture of Ian Smith cycling to work and remember meeting him, without any bodyguard, policeman, or chauffeur, in sight, during the war years. Ian Smith was a man who feared God and no one else. From 1986, he took a personal interest in the activities of our Mission, met with me regularly and provided valuable insights as to how we could infiltrate Mozambique effectively for our Bible smuggling operations in support of the persecuted Church there. 


Young Reformers - Out to Change the World

Over Reformation Day, we held a World Changers Camp in Franschhoek, hosted home schoolers for a guided tour of the Huguenot Monument, conducted a Reformation Celebration service at the Huguenot Monument and launched Young Reformers – Out to Change the World.


Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing

This week Lenora returned from a month overseas. She was representing South Africa at the international Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing festival, held in Sarasota, Florida. After this she was able to visit her parents, whom she had not seen for over two and a half years, in Arizona, and help her father, Rev. Bill Bathman, in the completion of his latest book. 



Next week our Mission will be screening the new Focus on the Family film: Irreplaceable. 


The Great Commission is our Supreme Ambition

Please pray for our Great Commission Course. You can view a short film clip on the Great Commission Course here. 


South African History Boxset

MP51To assist Christian teachers and Homeschoolers, we have produced a power packed South African History audio and data boxset. This includes 16 audio lectures, 12 PowerPoint presentations, 20 lectures, and 20 historic studies in Afrikaans. This bilingual audio and data boxset covers character studies of prominent South Africa Christian leaders, such as Jan van Riebeeck, Georg Schmidt, Wolraad Woltemade, Paul Kruger, Andrew Murray, President Martinus Steyn, Danie Theron, General Christiaan de Wet, General Koos de la Rey, Carl Hugo Gutsche, Emily Hobhouse and David Livingstone. There are articles on The French Huguenots, the Voortrekkers, the Battle of Blood River, the Battle of Majuba, the Great Trek, the Anglo Boer War and the Battle for South Africa. 


HUpdated cover with downed migow the Soviets and Cubans Lost the War in Southern Africa

We have also produced a full colour, 32-page booklet compiled by General Jannie Geldehuys, Chief of the South African Army, which is a compendium of contributions from 62 different authors, including Russian and Cuban authorities, documenting how the communist defeat in Angola was, to use the title of one Soviet publication: "The End of the Soviet Union!" Well-illustrated and documented, this publication makes very clear who won the war in Angola, and helped win the Cold War, bringing down the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union. 


Bibles for Zimbabwe

Early this year, we were asked if we could provide a million Bibles for Zimbabwe! At the time, I said probably not, but we would do our very best to provide at least 100,000 this year and double that next year. With the 28 tonnes that we have palletised for collection, we are well on our way to exceeding that commitment, for which we praise God. However, there remains a desperate need for more Bibles and books for Christians suffering in Zimbabwe. 



Please continue to pray for Eagles Nest Ministries and World Missionary Press who have done so much to supply the spiritual ammunition needed for this world war of worldviews, to enable us to fulfil the Great Commission in Africa. We are engaged in a battle for the soul of a continent. The forces of animism, secular humanism, communism and radical Islam are seeking to enslave this continent. Our call, as Christians, is to counter their deceptions with the truth of God's Word. 


Reformation and Revival

Please continue to pray for our Literature, Leadership training and Love in action initiatives. Particularly pray for more dedicated field workers to go through our Great Commission Course and commit themselves to working for Biblical Reformation and praying for spiritual Revival throughout Africa. 


May God continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission


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