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Pic1For your edification, and for intercession, here is a small selection of remarkable, responses that we have received by mail, or e-mail, from friends and supporters, and from the field, in this last year. Please continue to lift up these people and countries in prayer, and to intercede that our publications, field outreaches and courses may continue to renew minds, transform lives, change hearts and disciple nations.


From the Field

"We would like to thank the Lord and your effort for the growth of our church in Uvira. As you know our church attendance in 2013 when you came here was around 230 people, and after having been trained on the Way of the Master Evangelism, and encouraging our church to move as a Missionary church in our city, we have seen significant growth and when you came here this year, we were 450. Now with the Explosion Evangelism and house to house, we have seen a very strong growth which has reached 550. We have even moved to a different place to have services, and soon we will be starting a 2nd service. There are 550 places but it is full already. Thanks to the Lord." S.A. Congo


"We are so grateful to have had you teach our students this year. Please pray for us as we continue to be faithful even in difficult circumstances! We do so appreciate you, your giving spirit, your fervour and excellent teaching!!" D.G. S.A.


"How great a blessing the course was to me. Thank You very much for the time that you put into it. It was truly a life changing event, and one that has redirected how I am going to go about my life, in more ways than one. It was a humbling and honoring experience to be able to meet and get to know you and your family, staff, and of course all the participants as well. You have an amazing ministry. God is with you, and the feeling that the power of God was present was very obvious to me at a number of times during the course. Some of the best talks that I have ever had with God were in those 3 weeks. The fellowship was wonderful and I was very privileged to be able to spend so much time doing so many good, wholesome things with men and women of such like-mindedness and passion for God. I really could write dozens of pages on how the course affected me for the good. Your example as a Missionary and a man after God's own heart, is tremendous. I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry as He so obviously has up till now. I pray that your vision may be realized, and that Africa may be won to Christ. Thank you." R.F. USA


"I just want to Thank You for the great work you are doing there for the Lord and His Kingdom. I had been figuring up everything and my days at the Camp and Course, and found that I benefited a lot. Please on my behalf tell Dr. Peter Hammond, Mike, David, Ryno, John, yourself and those who serve us in one way or the other, that I really appreciate them. It was a hard task of training us to be what God want us to be, a lot of strength and time they sacrifice for us to gain all knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, the Way of the Master, discipline and to be courageous. Training us to be Apologists, defending and proving what we believe, following the examples of great servants of God, such as David Livingstone, Andrew Murray, Martin Luther & John Calvin. I was encouraged a lot by visiting many places, climbing mountains, Lion Head, Table Mountain and the night hikes. Please it would be good if many servants of God can attend the Great Commission Course, they will understand why God called them to the ministry." W.O. Kenya


"Thank for the Books, received and distributed to the people! May God bless you richly." M. Tanganyika


"I have been encouraged. Malawi for Christ!" M. Malawi


"We thank you so much for your presence in the refugee camp. Everyone was very happy about the message and are waiting for you to come again." J.M. Malawi


"Thinking of how amazing God is... wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you were obedient to the Holy Spirit when you turned around to come back to the Sons of Thunder sign! I am sure that Natalie will be blessed when she finds a French Bible waiting for her here!" R. M. Zambia


"With all my heart I would like to congratulate all the work you are doing in the Body of Christ, and extending the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After attending the leadership conference which was led in Bujumbura with Christian Action Network, I am pleased to join this great movement and work together for Christ." R.S. Rwanda


"I want to say Thank You for your coming for the 2014 Missionary Training Centre graduation here in Malawi as well as our Ordination Service. May God bless you together with your beautiful wife." E.S. Malawi


"We are happy for all you did here in D.R.C. We wish you a good success in the service of GOD for all people in Africa and all over the world. God bless you." …Congo


"All glory be to God, all that happened on your mission journey moved me to tears but the Gospel of Jesus is not an easy task. Thanks for this wonderful message." C.A. S.A.


"I would like to Thank You very much for the team which visited here in Malawi. We were blessed by them and we thank our Lord Jesus for them. We also had wonderful time with them and brilliant teachings from them. We are grateful. May the Lord continue blessing you." R.K. Malawi


"I want to take this opportunity to thank God for all you are doing and especially for allowing your team to come to Tanzania to teach us the Word of God. We had a great time to learn many things about Reformation. It was good because we were taught and shown many things that can lead to Reformation of the Gospel in our local churches. The team again was able to come back and teach us more of the Word of God. They showed the Jesus film every night and many came to Jesus."Tanzania


"Thank you so much and God bless you as you equip saints for the work of the Lord. I am now working with 22 Baptist churches. I am very thankful to the Lord for this opportunity in my life. I am very excited and moved to carry the work that can bring Reformation in our churches here in Tanzania." R.K. Tanzania


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude. Thanking you most sincerely for the successful Conference we had in Lusaka. People want to organize a big Conference for you to come next year, 2015." N.C. Zambia


"As a student at Back to the Bible College, I was really blessed by Frontline News. I come from Tanzania and am graduating this year, it is my prayer to invite you to come to our church next year and teach us about Discipleship, and how to work among Muslim people. Majority of people of southern Tanzania are Muslim." G.M. Tanzania


Encouragement from Intercessors

"What wonderful testimonies. Well done guys! God is awesome and so are you for doing the good work of our Lord Jesus Christ." N.P. S.A.


"Inspiring, God Bless you ABUNDANTLY" D.W. S.A.


Congo for Christ

"Thank you for your, as always, factual, detailed, informative, and inspirational reports!" S.L.


Pic2Tanzania for Christ

"We thank God for the successful mission. I miss Tanzania. I was there some years ago, an area where the larger population is Muslim. However, some Muslims were receptive to the preaching, especially women. Some attended our meeting by sneaking from the home and getting back before their husbands knock off from work." S.J. Malawi


What is a Caliphate?

"I want to thank you so much for your graphic emails. God has raised you up to inform people and nations of the dangers of Islam and much other interesting information. God bless you for your time and effort you give to your fellow soldiers of the Cross. I have been an AOG Pastor for 43 years and praise God for your ministry." B.G. S.A.


Thank You for the Dedicated Work

"Personally, I am grateful for an acquaintanceship with Dr Peter Hammond. I have personally experienced, observed and participated in his dedication towards spreading the Gospel and serving in the Great Commission full time since 1982. His ministries and organizational strengths are exemplary. His Missions training and Biblical Worldview Summits are life changing, and I have participated in both, with spiritual growth, a much better practical application of my Scriptural insights, and new dedication in outreach as the fruit. Dr Hammond has also encouraged me in missionary development in a number of tangible and practical ways, for which I remain very grateful and I continue to encourage a much greater Christian unity and faith in action for our country and our region. In these current times around us, discernment and a Puritan Gospel of uncompromised Good News can be the only road to Salvation, Sanctification and blessing. It MUST be done God’s way, by those called out and set aside for His purposes, as individuals, denominations, faith communities and amongst all tribes, tongues, nations and peoples!" A.M. S.A.


"If you stop sending me e-mails, I will bring a lawsuit against you! I am blessed beyond the best words can describe. So many books, periodicals, magazines, tracts, booklets. How does Peter Hammond do it? The world of Christianity is enhanced spiritually and in diverse ways." Francis


"It is wonderful to note the great works God has done through your Gospel literature. You are not concerned with winning favour from the governments of the world, and therefore you don't compromise with their evil deeds, which most pastors and churches in the world have been blindfolded to be part of. God is doing a great work in the world through you to save many lost souls." L.M. Malawi


The Fire of God

"Thank you for this inspiring message about Pentecost. It is my prayer that in the hearts of all of us this fire will burn and burn and keep on burning until the end." J.K. S.A.


"Thank you for forwarding the message 'The Fire of God'. I am blessed and can feel the anointing carried by the message. I felt the Lord renewing the Pentecostal experience within me and outpouring fresh anointing. God bless you brother, keep on sending me such spiritual uplifting messages. We need the power that can sustain us to carry out the many tasks the Lord Has assigned us." Ps. D.O. Zimbabwe


Understanding Church History

"To Frontline Fellowship, I am so glad to receive your powerful teachings and magazines that are so full of insight and revelations of God's Word. I am doing ministry here In the Kingdom of Swaziland, and using your work. This is a country that is so full of tradition and culture, where the Bible is the second thing in the life of believers. People do human sacrifices, children are been killed, so many crimes are happening, and the worse thing is that church leaders are compromised with everything that is happening, because of tradition and culture. My prayer is that I will get Frontline Fellowship for many seminars here in this land for church leaders and others. I know the heart cries of God's people. I am praying too for Seminars and conferences to train Church leaders in this land of Swaziland." God Bless you. O.G. Swaziland


"You have a unique historical perspective on a number of subjects. Thanks for writing them. History in the USA is a bit telescoped. Interesting to read." J. USA


"I have read a lot of articles on Frontline Fellowship's website. I really like the ones that touched on Christian history and Christianity's contribution to the world and also the film reviews on historical films like Kingdom of Heaven, Amazing Grace, Titanic and such where you give a history lesson that is more entertaining than the movies themselves." C.S. S.A.


Bibles for Africa

"I am so grateful to your ministry, for sending me literature for the roughly 100 patients I see each week at the hospitals. I am taking a black bag full of literature and clothes to the patients whom I visit in the TB hospital this week. AIDS and TB continues to decimate our youth as they are no longer taught the Ten Commandments in schools or in churches. They do what their friends do and emulate the evil on screens and TV. Alcohol, drugs and smoking weaken our people and they then pick up all these conditions so easily. Alcohol weakens self-control." C.O. S.A.


"Thank you for what you are doing. I really appreciate and am encouraged by being able to draw from your resources. It was so wonderful to hand out the Bibles. I am also personally benefiting from studying the 'Lifeway' material. Thank you very much as we work towards Knowing Him and Making Him Known." D.K. S.A.


"I am a pastor from Zambia, who was interpreting for you during the conference. I would like to say thank you for tPic3he BIBLE and God bless you and the ministry. We were greatly blessed by the teachings. Once more God bless you." Pastor T. Zambia


"Thank you so much, your box of literature arrived yesterday. I am so grateful for this as the patients are in need of hearing and growing in the Word of God. Many know nothing of salvation as they hear nothing at school and don't go to church." C. S.A.


"Thank you for the Bibles and other literature we got from Frontline. We did a distribution yesterday." T. M. Zimbabwe


"I cannot Thank You enough for the Bible in GIANT print you so generously gave me. It is a daily treasure and it will always remind me of you. Be blessed in your amazing outreach, going forward." P.V. S.A.


"As you were at our Ebenezer Bible College you noticed that people need the Word but do not have Bibles. I have distributed 12 Bibles to new members. Yes Evangelism and Discipleship go hand in hand. Can you through your ministry help us with more Bibles and other material?" S.D. Zimbabwe


"I would like to Thank You for sending me the Reformation Study Bible. I have started reading and studying it from Genesis and it is really a blessing to me. I understand it much easier and it is truly one of the best Study Bibles. As a pastor and preacher it will be of great help preaching and teaching Christ and Him crucified. I thank God Almighty for you all at Frontline Fellowship. You have been called and given to the Body of Christ to help with sound and healthy material for a time like we living in." R.J. S.A.


"I stand amazed every time I read your newsletter for Frontline Missions. May I just express my appreciation and thanks on behalf of thousands of recipients of the Bibles and the Gospel preached to them in Africa. Eternity will only expose the fruit on your and your team's labour." O.E. S.A.


Tribute to Dr. Ian Paisley

"What a wonderful and HUGELY informative essay this is. Brilliantly composted, a real gem which I will send to many friends, who - like me! - need to read that Ian Paisley wasn’t a villain, but a true hero of our Faith, Thank You SO much!" P.V. S.A.


Miraculous Birth of Christ

"That is why the world cannot understand Him because He is beyond mere human knowledge. It is amazing and absolutely the doing of the Lord." R.R. S.A.


"Thank you for the encouraging words that you give to all those waiting for His coming. May the Lord Jesus bless the effort you put into His work." Mrs T.D. S.A.


"Thank you for this beautiful Christmas message." M. Belgium


Teaching that Transforms

"Thank you, for this AWESOME message." D. S.A.


"I heard one of your sermons on the Slavic Church program. It was on The French Revolution and it led me to read Robespierre: Voice of Virtue. I have l listened to other sermons you have made on Sermon Audio and I am grateful for your clear message and great resources to read such as 'Shake Hands with the Devil', and 'The Puritan Hope' by Iain Murray, which I just love. Thank you again." Pastor R. S.A.


"Thank you for all the articles you write and all the research you do. It always edifies me, encourages me and equips me." C.G. S.A.


"Please keep up your good work!!! You are very informed on the Islamic faith." S.R. S.A.


"Thank you and the Frontline team for the regular correspondence and incisive literature on a host of topics. Your in depth analysis and Biblical perspectives are greatly appreciated and valued. Soldier on sir. God's blessing on you, your ministry and family." B.M. S.A.


"I can never forget the GREAT day, when you ministered in KwaSizabantu Mission in the year 2007. A complete turnaround for me. (Theme of conference - RUNNING the RACE). My dear beloved soul mate had just violated the law of gravity - ascended into Heaven. The best verbiage ever conceived by man, could never have described the utter hopelessness that I was experiencing. I was Heartbroken. You ministered on "FIRE". What a life-changing message! If I live to be a thousand, I will never forget what happened to me. Every second sentence of yours, hit me like a barrage of machine gun fire, as the Lord used you to unleash his arsenal of indescribable proportions at me. I could not understand how I retained a sedentary position. I felt I was going to be blasted right out of my seat and would not have been able to get up again. After you ministered you just walked casually off the platform, not having the faintest idea about what had happened to me. The Lord Jesus, in His Majesty used you to remind me of how much on FIRE I once was for Jesus. Now I was sitting there so discouraged, I cannot even preach a word to a dying wold. I left the meeting a changed man, ready to kick the devil in his teeth once again. If we as ministers of the Gospel, don't know what effect our messages have on people, we sometimes tend to have the impression that we did not get through to our listeners. You were used by the Master, to fan those flames and in so doing started a raging "FIRE" in me." F.P. S.A.


"I thank the Lord God Almighty for what He is doing through you and your Gospel ministry. I was highly blessed by your article on Islamic bloodshed in Nigeria. Keep on praying for Churches in Nigeria and God will bless you." Rev. U.F. Nigeria


"I read Confronting Communists with the Gospel. I am keeping your contact details on file for future reference." J.V. S.A.


"I love the way you inspire and educate us. This story and lessons learned resonates deep in my heart, mind and soul. Thank You for your faith, courage and obedience to the Lord, and for taking time to send this out." D.E. Burma


"Kindly receive my gratitude for ministering to my life with your eye opening articles.  May the Lord grant you more grace and wisdom to minister untiringly to many like me. Thank you so much". W. C. S.A.


"Thanks for being on the program today -This is NOT what we are getting in the media." R. USA


"Thank you for the resources available from your ministry." L. USA


Slavery Terrorism and Islam - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat"

"Congratulations on your outstanding book Slavery Terrorism and Islam - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. The book is a real 'eye opener' and very thought provoking. I recently ordered and purchased several copies of the book via my internet book supplier 'Book Depository' as a gift to likeminded good friends. I now plan to order several more copies of the book for other friends." L.C. Australia


Mandela – A Modern Idol

"Thank you for the information, most of which I know, or should know, but have forgotten. I am spreading it as far and wide as I can. Not everyone received it well, I had some opposition from quarters I did not expect. We pray for your protection as you will no doubt be attacked." A.T. Wales


"Thank you for your many newsletters and exhortations. They are encouraging and truthful. In this country we need breakthroughs galore. I think we are in for a tough time. Thank you too for your insights in respect of Mandela. I pray that Jesus be lifted high this season. God Bless to you, your family and team." G.S. S.A.


"Praise the Lord for a person who is always there to stand for Biblical Principles and Biblical truth and to speak the truth and give the true facts as in this about the so called saint/icon/god Nelson Mandela. As long the light is shining in S.A., Southern Africa, Africa and the rest of the world we have to stand up for Biblical truth. It is very sad to see that not a lot of Christians, churches, ministries and Christian leaders in S.A. are also standing for the truth." A.M. S.A.


"You have risked your life so many times to support all races of believers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you safety. Please let me know if you need more help from me and other Christians." C.S. S.A.


The Martyrs Prayer

"Thank You soooooo much for this Biblical teaching!!! We do need it in America!!!" B & D USA


The Cold War and the Iron Curtain

"Thank you for the informative articles on the heritage of our Faith and on the collapse of communism. Thank you also for the workshops on worldviews which you conduct which I also attended. What informative workshops! May the Lord protect you and bless you and your team as you contend for the Faith." Ps. L. S.A.


The 11th of November

"I am an avid reader of yours and read with much interest your article on 11th November. I find your articles, and especially the History ones, very interesting indeed. I always pass them on to family and friends. You have a remarkable gift of writing, and I'm staggered at what a prolific writer you are." T.H. S.A.


Siege of Malta

"Our new neighbour is fascinated by the history of Malta. I forwarded it to him and all Maltese on my list.  So interesting. Thanks." M.C. U.K.


"I very much enjoyed reading your article on The Siege of Malta." R.d.V. USA


Steps to Personal Reformation

"Amen. I am encouraged by the Steps and will forward it to Church members. God bless you." B.N. S.A.


Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival

"I was very impacted by reading your article on the Revival under Rev Andrew Murray in the 1860`s in S.A.. What is the situation today in the same churches?" A.B. U.K.


The Most Condemned Sin in the Bible

"Thank You, we need to bring the Ten Commandments back into our schools and churches." C. O. S.A.

"This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most profound and relevant messages that we need to learn and share with others all around us, both in the world, and in the Church." D.P.


The St. James Massacre – 21 Years Ago

"Dr Peter Hammond’s memorial account of the St. James Church massacre in Cape Town is such a stirring message of the way in which Christians are to respond in adversity, that we feel it should be spread far and wide. You are therefore requested to send it out to those on your mailing list and ask them to do the same." C.D.P. S.A.


Body Piecing – A Return to Paganism

"Thank you for this article. We in the US see so much of this now, it's amazing. The apostate Christians don't skip a beat in adopting the tattoos and piercings. The churches are teaching falsehoods, nothing but compromising mixture, and it's viewed as 'judgmental' and 'intolerant' and 'not politically correct' to say anything to anybody about these things, or anything else, so there's no preaching about any of it. They are also teaching 'Contemplative Spirituality', plainly - Eastern Mysticism, so Paganism is INSIDE THE FALSE CHURCH NOW, and only a few remain that are not yet teaching it as they teach from authors that pump it. All restraint has been cast off, and it's all tickling ears now. Nothing but 'There is now no condemnation to those in Christ', while they cast off completely the rest of the verse, passage, chapter, book, and Bible. Truth has fallen in the streets, and is no longer tolerated. Please tell the author of the article Thank You. I am saving the link to share as I'm able. America has lost her rudder- 'the church' is 'lost at sea', and has become apostate without understanding or detecting it. Pride is in full charge. Compromise and falsehood stands on every side. Please pray for us." C. A. USA


The Bible In a Nutshell

"Thank you so much Sir for your continued loving support and encouragement in our most precious Faith through all the Frontline Fellowship publications and especially the recent booklet- "The Bible In A Nutshell" I appreciate all the inspiring and expository contents and challenging words." F.T. Nigeria


Bible Survey - Ruth

"Thank you for your precious updates. Please don't ever take me off your email list." F. S.A.


"God bless you, brother. I was in tears reading this after I read the very last line. Jesus is on every page of the Bible. He is All together Lovely. Thank You, thank you for your ministry and your perseverance in the Gospel. Eternity will show all the rewards of your labour." T. S.A.


Bible Survey – 1 & 2 Samuel

"Thank you so much for the way you consider me as your prayer partner and sending your news as well as messages by Dr Peter Hammond. I am deeply touched and read and re-read them and learn a lot. Actually I am in the Bible College teaching Blessing Institute, India. My husband and I will be very happy if you continue to get study materials as well as teaching materials. We can learn from you a lot as well to teach to my students. We continue to look forward from you." A. & A. India


The Power of the Printed Page

"I am a South African working in Sydney, Australia. I frequently receive your Frontline newsletter and must compliment you. It is always interesting, informative and Evangelistic. Thank you for speaking the truth and not being afraid to do so. May God bless your ministry." A. H. Australia


 "I just want to thank you for keeping me updated to current events (especially about those who are persecuted for their belief in Christ and historical content, through your newsletters. May our God continue with you in the good work." S.T. S.A.


"I received the book of Dr. Rushdoony you sent me, and The Puritan Hope of Iain Murray. It is Fantastic brother! My dream is that God use my ministry for the work here in Cuba. I pray for you and your ministry in Africa." J.L. Cuba


"Thank You very much for sending me a copy of your book, The Greatest Century of Reformation. I am grateful to you for this kindness. I appreciate your encouraging words.  Thanks very much." S.W. U.K.



‘We need these insights." F. S.A.


"This is one of the finest articles I have received from you and obviously completely inspired by the Holy Spirit. I am sending it to 23 of my best 'news' friends around the world, who will undoubtedly carry your message to many of their friends, all for His glory. Your references to the ANC, Idi Amin, the Communist party, the AU, humanism and other false 'gods' are so valuable in terms of our understanding of the current state of affairs in our, often sick, societies. Thank you for your ongoing efforts, to teach us the right way of living and I pray for special, Heavenly  protection for you against those, who wish to eliminate you permanently, "a voice in the wilderness calling!" P.H S.A.


How the Greatest Century of Missions was Derailed into Worst Century of Persecution?

"Your writings always encourage me to re-examine my obedience to our Lord and to continue my walk with Him with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. I work full time as a volunteer with our youth in the local Squatter Camp and am often very tired at night. Your articles always 'recharge my battery' and encourage me to persevere." C.G. S.A.


Wonderful Wildlife

"Thanks for sending this, absolutely beautiful!" W.S. S.A.


Animals in Heaven

"Just what I needed to hear of all the pets I have lost over the years. I was greatly troubled that I would never see them again. Your sermon made me feel much better and gives me more hope that someday we will be reunited. God Bless." M.J. USA


Corruption Undermines Rhino Conservation

"Thank you for your concern about animals and your knowledge about this illicit and malicious poaching of Rhinos and endangered animals! Thank you for your engagement! I am also convinced animals are God’s creation and we must save them!" R.W. Sweden


Missions in the Mall

"This I've come across this so many times: People know about sin and God and forgiveness and grace, but they forget what Jesus did on the Cross and the meaning of His actions for their lives. They know these things but the parachute is still lying next to them, or even put away in a closet somewhere!" M.S. S.A.


Spiritual Diseases

"Thank you, I have sent this article to many around the world. We need the strong meat of the Word of God if we are to survive the Tribulation which lies ahead. God bless." C. S.A.


"What a thought provoking and well-articulated article, as always... much food for thought, indeed, more so for action! My prayers are with you, your precious wife, adorable family... and of course vital ministry. I am so glad to have met such Onward Christian Soldiers as you are." A. USA


"This Spiritual Diseases article is good! I am sure I have several of these diseases! More important to deal with than my physical ailments! Keep me posted on your doings!" R.M. S.A.


Mobilising Prayer for the Persecuted

"Thank you, our Church will be praying during this time for the persecuted Church which is in a critical situation in so many countries." C. S.A.


"Thank you all for your pro-life efforts… Without your input there would not be any stand in Cape Town. Where are the Lords elect?" P.T. Cape Town


"Thanks again for your hospitality and time for us when we visited you. I have been richly blessed by the resources you gave me. I am looking forward to continue our conversation and see how we can create a Christian front against Islamisation of Africa." K.K. S.A.


The Hard Words of Jesus

"This is exactly how many of us in our church feel. We feel strongly that the 'hyper-grace' which is being preached especially on TV is making Christians so weak. Some of us want to call ourselves Bible-believers, we don't want to be included with those who do not stand strongly for the Truth of God's Word. I will send this to many. Thank You so much for your strong words." C.O. S.A.


What Dangers Should Watchmen be Warning Against

"I just read your excellent article on 'What Dangers Should Watchmen Be Warning Against', and wanted to thank you for your great insights into the conditions of our present world. Christians today must fight the good fight of the Faith. May the Lord of Hosts be with His elect as they contend for the Faith once for all delivered to the saints. May the Lord refresh your spirit and strengthen you for the battles ahead." J.G. S.A.


"Thank You for your clear stand and call for God's way. You speak the truth with love and we all need it. God bless you all in Jesus Name." D.E. Burma


Gill van Heerden


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