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Frontline Annual Report 2014

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19Dear Intercessors and Supporters


Events and Outreaches

Some of the highlights of our year have included: The Great Commission Camp and the Great Commission Course, Sanctity Life Sunday; National Day of Repentance; Mission to Mpumalanga (5,000km driving, 70 meetings in 5 schools, 4 churches, 3 Mission bases, 2 Bible colleges, and a Reformation and Revival Seminar); The March for Lions in Cape Town; Mission to America (40 meetings in 12 churches, in 3 States, 8 flights, 9 homes, 7 radio and 3 TV programmes); The South Africa Elections; Ascension Day; The Evangelism Expo; Mission to Zimbabwe; Mission to England; World War 1 Commemoration services; National Women's Day outreaches; Missions in the Mall; Congo Overland

Mission (to Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo); March for Rhinos and Elephants; International Life Chain Sunday; World Changers Camp; Reformation Celebration; International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted; Remembrance Day 100; Mpumalanga Mission; and the Association of Christian Military Fellowships Global Interaction 2014, where over 600 military leaders from 100 countries gathered in Cape Town for fellowship, worship, ministry and strategic planning. We supplied hundreds of compact military Bibles and New Testaments, Gospels, Discipleship materials, DVDs and Digital Library resources to empower these chaplains, sailors, soldiers and airmen to Evangelise and disciple their units effectively. That same week we shipped 28 tonnes of Bibles and books to Zimbabwe. Boxes with Love were organised for pensioners suffering in Zimbabwe. Frontline Fellowship missionaries and field workers spoke at over 1,200 meetings, in 11 countries during 2014.

Congo Overland Mission

65Our Mission team to the Congo crossed 11 international borders, travelled more than 20,000km by road and conducted 366 meetings in 6 countries. This included conducting 7 Reformation FIRE Seminars and 15 Great Commission Seminars. They screened the Jesus film 36 times, conducted 14 outreach campaigns, preached 38 open-air Evangelistic sermons and 30 Sunday sermons, during this marathon Mission.



We received 9 container shipments of Bibles and books. This amounted to over 164 tonnes of Literature for Africa, which we offloaded, sorted through, and then distributed throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo. The first week of December, we loaded up 28 tonnes of Bibles and books for Zimbabwe.

World War 100

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

I wrote numerous articles and presented a series of lectures on how the greatest century of Missions was derailed into the worst century of persecution. 1914 marked a catastrophic watershed in world history and the beginning of a 100 year war against Christianity, which is intensifying.

A Tale of Two Conferences

This focus on the lessons to be learned, comparing the First World Missions Conference in Edinburgh in 1910, and the largest world Missions Conference, in Cape Town 2010, presented shocking contrasts on how much ground has been lost and how much less effective Christians are at the beginning of the 21st century in making disciples of all nations, teaching obedience to all things that the Lord has commanded.


Picture1Conferences, Courses and Colleges

This led to many invitations to speak on radio programmes, TV stations and conferences in Europe and America. This year I drove large distances, including in torrential rain, across flooded rivers, had 16 flights, conducted 12 Leadership Training courses, gave 320 presentations, 77 radio interviews and 8 TV interviews. I preached in 24 different churches, lectured at 3 Bible colleges, was a key note speaker at 3 Church conferences, and at Biblical Worldview Conferences in America and England.


Salt and Light

2014 marked 19 years that I have been a presenter of Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg. We are informed that this is the longest running weekly Christian radio programme in South Africa.

JOY! and JUIG!

This coming year will mark 9 years of being a Contributing Editor of JOY! Magazine. This year JOY! published 15 articles of mine (making up 52 pages) and its Afrikaans sister magazine, JUIG!, translated and published 28 articles of mine (over 100 pages).


Livingstone Fellowship and the Reformation Society

This January will mark 9 years of Livingstone Fellowship and the Reformation Society. Our Audio Visual ministry reports that there are now 204 of my messages uploaded onto, 77 of which were uploaded in 2014. These sermons were downloaded 25,383 times during 2014.

74Audio Visual Ministry

We produced 43 new Livingstone Fellowship sermons and 31 Reformation Society lectures, 4 MP3 boxsets and 7 Digital Library Data discs. Our Audio Visual Department produced 975 CDs, 1,390 DVDs, 739 MP3 Audio Boxsets, 14 Audio CD bo76xsets and 226 Data DVDs, most of which were donated to pastors, teachers, chaplains and Evangelists in the field. Our Audio Visual department now has 1,409 different resources available, including 118 Biblical Worldview Seminar lectures, 50 Great Commission Course lectures, 412 Reformation Society lectures, 229 Livingstone Fellowship sermons, 59 Muslim Evangelism Workshop lectures, 123 MP3 boxsets, and 279 DVDs. Along with editing and producing these Audio Visual resources, Kathleen designed 63 adverts and posters, 5 certificates, 6 disc sleeves, 7 data discs, 43 Livingstone Fellowship sermons, 10 MP3 discs, 31 Reformation Society lecture discs, 4 pull out banners and 24 other posters for outreaches. It has been a tremendous blessing having someone as creative and dedicated as Kathleen running our Audio Visual Ministry. 

Articles, Sermons and Correspondence

My secretary, Marion, informs me that this last year, she typed 117 articles, 25 sermons, 28 articles for JOY! Magazine, 12 articles for JUIG!, 129 general emails for Frontline Fellowship, 50 Emails for the Reformation Society, 10 Answers to Critical Letters, 3 Memos, 2 film reviews, 2 Tributes and 850 letters.

64Research and Writing Projects

Some of the new articles, which I wrote this year, included: General De La Rey – The Lion of the Western Transvaal, General Christian De Wet of the Orange Free State, Danie Theron - The Founder of the Transvaal Reconnaissance Commando, President Martinus Steyn of the Orange Free State, Compromise and Cowardice in the Church, An Overview of Church History, Crisis in Crimea, Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six Hundred, Understanding Church History, Turing the World Upside Down, A Clash of Civilisations, Surprising Facts About the First World War, World War 100, Assassination in Sarajevo, The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of the First World War, Britain and Germany – The Best of Enemies, A Tale of Two Conferences, The Greatness of the Great Commission, The Christmas Truce – 100 Years Ago, Christian Schools Harassed by Government Assessment and Accreditation Criteria, Where are the Watchmen on the Walls?, What Dangers Are Watchmen to Warn Against?, A World to Win, Making Disciples of All Nations, Lies We Have Believed, Confronting Communists with the Gospel, The Failure of Atheism and the Triumph of Faith in Russia, In Which Direction is Vladimir Putin taking Russia?; Faith in Design; The 11th of November; 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall; Cruelty to Animals and Corruption in South Africa; The 007 Villain Disconnection With Reality; Knox 500; Why Born Again Christians Oppose the Papacy; Why Should I Care About Dates in History?; What is a Caliphate?; War Against Christians Intensifies; Air Malaysia Shoot-Down and Selective Outrage; How Was the Greatest Century of Missions Derailed into the Worst Century of Persecution?; Pioneer Missionary Carl Hugo Gutsche; Who Won the War and Who Initiated the Peace?; Does the Re-Definition of Marriage Really Matter?; Georg Schmidt and the Moravian Mission to Genadendal; The Scandal of Canned Lion Hunting; The Missionary Roots of Freedom and Prosperity; Jan Van Riebeeck, How Well Do You Know Africa?, and Holocaust in Rwanda – 20 Years Later.

90Sermons Produced

New Sermons Produced in this last year include: Martha and Mary, The Watchman, God Rewards Those Who Diligently Seek Him, Dealing with Deceit, Compromise and Cowardice in the Church, The Blood of Christ, Spiritual Warfare, Is it Possible for A Christian to Be Under Spiritual Bondage?, Just How Did we Get Into This Situation?, The Real Noah, Spiritual Diseases, When Is It Right to Fight?, The Martyrs' Prayer, Hypocrisy, The Hard Words of Jesus, The Stones Cry Out and Bible Survey – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel and Daniel.

Frontline Fellowship News

This year Frontline Fellowship News has included: A Tale of Two Conferences; Great Commission Course 2014; Strife in South Sudan; Overcoming Obstacles for Evangelism and Discipleship; Resisting Islamic Jihad; Lessons from Rwanda; Missionary Roots of Freedom and Prosperity; Muslims are Coming to Christ; War Against Christians Intensifies; Congo for Christ; Letter from Bagdad; Pray for the Muslim World; Congo Overland Mission; Literature4Africa; World Changers – Reformation Day and Africa for Christ.

85Christian Action

The Christian Action magazine included: A Winnable War – Defeating the Porndemic; Compromise and Cowardice in the Church; Empower Youth to Fight the New Drug; Biblical Principles for Elections; Biblical Issues Voters Guide 2014; March for Life; Standing for the Right to Life; Answering Skeptics on the Harm of Porn; A Return to Slavery; We Want God to Bless Africa; Does Marriage Really Matter?; Religious Freedoms at Risk; Home Schooling Freedoms at Risk; Just How Did We Get into This Situation?; Mpumalanga Mission; Do You Want to Change Your World?; Lest We Forget; Speak Up for the Preborn; Make a Difference this Womens Day; Empower Your Evangelism; What Dangers Should Watchmen Be Warning Against?; World War 100; Missions in the Mall 2014; The Power of the Printed Page; Air Malaysia Shoot Down and Selective Outrage; Euthanasia Controversy; The Christmas Truce – 100 Year Ago; Knox 500; Standing for Life; Young Reformers – Out to Change the World; Victory Over TV Porn!; Christians Marginalised in South Africa; Statutory Rape and the Age of Consent and Resources for Christian Home Schooling. 

Christian Action Network


During 2014, 9 new affiliate members were added to the Christian Action Network, which now includes 116 members from 16 different African states (Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe). The members of the Christian Action Network represent well over 6,000 congregations and 4 million Christians in Africa.

Libraries for Pastors

Every pastor, chaplain, teacher, Evangelist or Missionary, who attended one of our many Leadership Training Courses, received at least one book at each of the seminars, or courses, they participated in, our own in-house publications: The Apostles Creed - Firm Foundations for your Faith, Biblical Principles for Africa, Answering Skeptics, Reforming Our Families,

The Greatest Century of Reformation, Practical Discipleship, Church History Manual, Great Commission Manual, Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual, and Discipleship Training Manual. We praise God for the books so generously donated by authors: Robert McNeill, Dr. Robert Morey, Dr. David Noebel, Dr. R.J. Rushdoony and Reformation Study Bibles edited by Dr. R.C. Sproul.

Library Programme

Aside from those who attended Frontline Fellowship camps, courses, seminars and conferences, 221 postings were made under our Library Programme to pastors and prisoners in Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Gill van Heerden reports that 160 posting were to prisons. 9 participants received the Certificate of Recognition for completing the Book Reports for Library Programme 1. Eleven participants received certificates for completing Library Programme 2. The postal strike frustrated deliveries in the latter part of the year. Nevertheless, we received many encouraging responses and testimonies from pastors and prisoners whose hearts were touched, minds renewed and lives transformed through the power of the printed page.

Christian Liberty Books

87By God's grace, the ministry of Christian Liberty Books continued to grow throughout 2014, particularly in providing Christian textbooks to Home Schoolers and Christian schools. Best sellers were: Biblical Principles for Africa; Bybelse Beginsels vir Afrika; The Greatest Century of Reformation; Victorious Christians - Who Changed the World; Church History Manual; Answering Skeptics; Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat; Porndemic – How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About It; Faith Under Fire in Sudan; Muslim Evangelism Workshop MP3; Church History Overview MP3; Heroes of the Faith MP3; South African History Boxset; Evolution vs. God DVD; The Submerging Church and Andrew Murray – Africa for Christ DVD.


138 of my PowerPoint presentations are available on Slideshare, which you can access through our website. Some of the most popular of these PowerPoint presentations are: The Battle for South Africa (12,840 views); Corruption and Greed – A Christian Response (10,986 views); Biblical Solutions to Crime (10,204 views); The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of World War One (8,441 views); Ancestor Worship, Animism and the ANC (8,898 views); Marvels of Creation and Science (8,672 views); A Christian Response to Xenophobia (8,446 views); The Bombing of Cities in WWII (8,194 views); Will Animals be in Heaven? (7,527 views); How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People (7,989 views); The St. James Massacre (5,953 views); The Best of Enemies (6,572 views); KJV 400 (5,606 views); Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival (5,403 views); The Katyn Forest Massacre (5,192 views); Facts You Never Knew About World War II (4,907 views); Mary Slessor of Calabar (4,287 views); Body Piercing – A Return to Paganism (4,175 views).

Frontline Fellowship Websites

Frontline Fellowship is maintaining 17 websites, with a total of 176,363 users, 216,494 sessions and 571,054 page views. The most popular sites are; and People from 219 countries accessed the Frontline Fellowship website during 2014. 39% of these visitors came from the USA and 24% from South Africa. We had visitors from 7,966 cities and towns around the world. Most visitors to our websites came from USA, SA, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Philippines, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil and New Zealand. 74 different types of browsers are being used to access our websites and 24 different operation systems are being used. 94Almost 11% of visitors are Android users. Chrome and Firefox are the most frequently used browsers to access our website. Most Africans access our website with a mobile device. Worldwide 36% of visitors accessed our sites using a mobile device.

We have 204 sermons on, of which 77 were uploaded during 2014. Downloads during 2014, totalled 25,383. Our most popular sermons are: Islamic Persecution of Christians (3,180); Revival Amidst Persecution (2,440); Christophobia (880), The Crusades and Jihad (840), Errors and Contradictions in the Quran (800); The Myth of Neutrality (720); Understanding the Crisis in the Ukraine (700); Christian Courage (580), Under Fire in Sudan (560); A Modern Idol – The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr. (560); Persecution and Martyrdom (520); The Second Death (500); Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion (500) and Animals in Heaven (400).



This year we produced The Great Commission Manual 2014 (160 pages, 30 chapters); The Church History Manual (136 pages, 26 chapters with 50 pictures); Porndemic – How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can do About It (250 pages, 22 infographics and 23 pro-family action pictures); New Editions of Biblical Principles for Africa in English and Biblical Principles for Africa in French; and a Revision and reprint of The Apostles Creed – Firm Foundations for Your Faith and The Bible in a Nutshell – Genesis to Psalms. 


14 of my books are now available as E-books: Faith Under Fire in Sudan; Church History Manual; Practical Discipleship; The Discipleship Handbook; Answering Skeptics; Power of Prayer Handbook, Biblical Principles for Africa, Reforming Our Families; Victorious Christians Who Changed the World; Character Assassins – Dealing with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists; The Apostles Creed – Firm Foundations for Your Faith; The Ten Commandments – God's Perfect Law of Liberty; Slavery, Terrorism and Islam – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat and the Livingstone 200 Manual. Other booklets by other authors we have also published are available as E-books on our website, include: Christian Terror by Father Arthur Lewis; A Christian Manifesto; and How the Soviets and Cubans Lost the War in Southern Africa by General Jannie Geldenhuys.

Back to the Bible T22raining College

The Principal of Back to the Bible Training College, General Shai Mulder, appointed me as their History lecturer, for which I produced the Church History Manual and Church History Overview MP3. For 5 years I have presented their Missions and Biblical Worldview lectures at BBTC and now from 2014, I am also their History lecturer.

Field Worker Reports

Trainee Missionary, John, began his Theological studies this year and used his college holidays for Mission outreaches, including to Zimbabwe and Zambia. During 2014, he delivered 11 sermons, presented 27 lectures, led 12 Bible studies, 4 Prayer meetings, completed 3 Leadership Training Seminars and participated in 28 outreaches, speaking on 5 radio programmes. A total of 92 meetings, in addition to finishing 11 subjects and 2 semesters at college.

Our Storeman, Frank, who runs the Literature4Africa ministry, participated in the 5 month Congo Overland Mission, travelling over 20,000km through 7 countries.

1Renee completed the Congo Overland Mission conducting 10 school meetings, 24 outreaches, 9 youth meetings, 5 Bible studies, presenting 16 lectures, 65 meetings in total, including 4 radio programmes, while working on her Honours in Education and handling all the practical logistics and catering challenges of the 5 month Congo Overland Mission.

Michael completed a total of 246 meetings in 2014, including presenting 21 sermons, 92 lectures, 22 Leadership Training Seminars, 7 radio programmes and 83 open air services, school assemblies, mid-week Bible studies and film Evangelism outreaches, throughout South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo.


David completed his Th8eological studies and conducted Missions to KwaZulu, Zambia and Zimbabwe, presenting 20 lectures, 6 sermons, 4 Bible studies, 3 school assemblies, 42 meetings in total.

Trainee Missionary intern, Ryno, participated in the Mission to Mpumalanga and Congo Overland Mission. Upon the request of Piet Erasmus, of Sola Scriptura College, we loaned Ryno to assist in the running of the Sola Scripture colleges in Malawi and Tanzania.


Taryn, our International Co-ordinator for the Christian Action Network, wrote articles for Christian Action and JOY! Magazine, had 5 national TV interviews, 64 radio programmes, organised and participated in
30 outreaches, led 6 Prayer meetings, 3 Bible studies, presenting 21 lectures at seminars, colleges and courses, 107 meetings in total. She also produced Press releases, Letter to the Editor, Submissions to Parliament, organised the National Day of Repentance, Biblical Issues Voters Guides, Christian Political Party Forum, Missions in the Mall, Cavendish Charity Book sale, Life Chains and launched her first book: Porndemic – How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can do About It.

Developments at Livingstone House

During 2014 we extended our stores, re-paved the driveway, improved security and re-thatched one of the roofs. We now need to convert our roof space into extra dormitories and a multi-purpose hall. We have maximised our space and are bursting at the seams. With the growth in the Mission this loft conversion is our most cost effective option.

Film Evangelism

Aside from using the Jesus film and The Passion of the Christ for film Evangelism throughout Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo, we also premiered Noah and the Last Days, Irreplaceable and God's Not Dead films here in Cape Town.

War Against Christians Intensifies

Persecution Against Christians in Northern Nigeria, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe intensified this year. Many churches, particularly in Northern Nigeria and Egypt are effectively under siege, feeling very isolated and vulnerable. Christians in the Nuba Mountains have come under renewed aerial bombardment. In these very difficult and dangerous days on this volatile continent, we pray that the Lord God may enable us to be faithful to His Word and more effective in His service.

endThank You

The missionaries and staff of Frontline Fellowship join me in expressing our deep gratitude for your prayers, encouragement and support. We have very much to praise and thank God for. He has protected us from all danger, blessed and multiplied our humble, inadequate efforts for the extension of His Kingdom and to serve His suffering Church. We are deeply grateful for all of His gracious provisions and magnificent answers to so many prayers. It is a privilege to be His sons and daughters, His servants and soldiers, serving the suffering, training and mobilising soul winners and nation transformers. By God's grace and mercy, we trust our Lord Jesus Christ for an even more productive and effective year of ministry in 2015.


Frontline Fellowship exists to glorify God by working for the fulfilment of the Great Commission. We seek to serve suffering Christians, to speak up for the persecuted, exposing the persecutors, concentrating on neglected areas, Evangelising in restricted access areas, working for Biblical Reformation and praying for spiritual Revival throughout Africa. It is our fervent prayer that God may mercifully empower a Biblical Reformation and send spiritual Revival to transform Africa for Christ. The Great Commission is our supreme ambition. We work and pray to see lives changed, families strengthened, churches Revived and communities transformed by the Grace of God and through the power of His Word, the Bible.


Yours, for the complete and utter destruction of Communism, Islam and Humanism, and for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.


Dr. Peter Hammond


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