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Saturday, 10 January 2015, we distributed thousands of anti-communist leaflets and Gospel tracts, such as The World's Greatest Revolutionary, Where Will You Spend Eternity?, etc., to the comrades attending the ANC's 103rd year celebrations at Cape Town Stadium.



I asked several of the comrades what was going on in there. Their responses were: "Free! Free! Everything is for free!"

"What is free?" I asked:

"Everything! Free food! Free drinks! Free clothes! We pay nothing! They are giving everything away free!"

The Looting Continues

Sure enough, throughout the whole song-and-a-dance extravaganza that was noisily taking place inside the Cape Town Stadium, there was a continual stream of comrades wearing ANC T-shirts, pouring out of the Stadium with boxes, crates, bags heavily laden, full trays of drinks balanced on their heads, shoulders sagging under the weight as they carried away the loot.


Extravagant and Lavish Spending

Evidently, many did not come to stay and hear the speeches and songs, but to load up with as much free goodies as possible and head back to the free busses, free trains and other transport laid on so generously by the ANC.


Political Idolatry

We got into quite a few heavy discussions. Some of the cadres were in an argumentative mood. One declared to me that he was not interested in God or Jesus. "The ANC is everything to me!" he declared.


10922581 914799488550429 7089985820404620450 oWhere Will You Spend Eternity?

So I asked him: "But what about eternity? What about your eternal soul?"

"My soul belongs to the ANC." He declared. "I am with the ANC for all eternity!"

"Yes." I responded. "But wouldn’t you rather go to Heaven?"


Wholesale Looting

Others were in a jovial, festive frame of mind and happily took the literature as they rushed off with their arms heavily laden with the loot. One organiser even handed me a free ANC T-shirt! Another invited our people to help themselves to free bottled water from piles of boxes by the gate. Our taxes at work!


Racist Hostility

Others were hostile and openly expressing their hatred for all whites and coloureds.


Load Up and Leave

The officials said that 95,000 came to the rally. Sunday World reported 40,000 attended. The stadium can only accommodate 55,000. Yet it was evident that most of the stands were empty most of the time. This could be because many just came to load up and leave. Evidently the ANC thinks that they can buy votes, or at least rent votes.


Targeting the Cape

From what I could tell, the main theme of this ANC 103 Years Rally, was to re-organise and re-structure to seize control of the Western Cape in the 2016 Municipal elections. However, I did notice that there were very few whites and coloureds in the stadium.


Picture2Bussed in from Transkei

I did see a few Muslims, but it struck me that most of the black people that we interacted with were not even resident in the Cape. Many said that they had been flown or bussed in from the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Limpopo Province, and that their accommodation had been arranged by the ANC - free of course! According to AOL News, more than 1,000 taxis, 800 buses and thousands of train tickets were paid for by the ANC to provide free transport to their birthday bash.


A Letter from the Mayor of Cape Town

The Mayor of Cape Town responded to the event in a letter published 18 January 2015: "Last week the ANC came to Cape Town to celebrate its 103rd birthday. It wanted to use the Cape Town Stadium and negotiated the terms with us. We dealt with each other in good faith… we had a contract and we were looking forward to a successful event… I wished them well. We will never make that mistake again.



"I think it takes a special kind of deception to agree to something in private and then spend two week publically denying every aspect of your agreement. I could not do it. But then, I am not an ANC leader, where lies, misinformation and a complete absence of conscience seem to be prized qualities.



"First, ANC Deputy Secretarial General Jessie Duarte took to the camera to lists her complaints. In her view, barring the use of confetti was near criminal. We do not allow it because it damages the ventilation systems. Jessie said we were bringing back the Pass system by insisting on access control! Well, the SA Police 10750055 914800141883697 6713577949901210070 oService insist on access control measures because it helps keep people safe. Miss Duarte was then outraged – outraged! – that the party could not use the pitch. The ANC had not paid to use the pitch.



"The ANC was scandalised that it had to follow the rules in Cape Town. Clearly, this is something it is not used to. Then when we thought the issue was over, ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, ever eager to lower the tone of the debate, decided that the politics of the gutter made him feel right at home. So Kodwa told the country that we did not want 'darkies' messing up the stadium, or Cape Town. Well, Mr Kodwa, we do not want anyone messing up the stadium, or Cape Town, hence the rules for usage, rules that apply to one and all. Shame on you for talking about 'darkies'. You are the spokesperson for the governing party. You should act like it and look for a little dignity somewhere in Luthuli House. Good luck finding it.


Interfering with Police Duties

"Then Mr Kodwa, said that the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, instructed the Metro Police to screen the ANC National Executive Committee Members. In fact, all Metro Police officers were asked to ensure that they maintain the highest levels of professionalism for such an important event. What's more, the Premier does not have the authority to instruct the Metro Police and would never attempt to do so. The same cannot be said for State Security Minister David Mahlobo, who ordered the SA Police Service to abandon the Access Control system, despite not having the operational authority to do so.



"But what should I expect from a deluded party that has spent so long lieing that it has lost touch with reality? We have learnt our lesson. We hope the ANC has too. Thanks for visiting Cape Town, where the rules and laws apply to everyone, no matter how powerful you are. That is why we get things like clean audits and ever growing numbers of people leaving ANC disaster zones in search of a better life. In Cape Town, the state does not exist to serve political parties."


Corruption, Litter and Intimidation

In the days following the ANC's 103rd year Rally at Cape Town stadium, there were news reports of commuters on trains being intimidated, threatened and terrorised by gangs wearing ANC T-shirts and accusations that free food and drinks were sold by party members. There was a disgraceful amount of litter strewn around the stadium and access roads to it.


Alcohol in an Alcohol Free Stadium

There were some interesting contradictions in the statements from the podium. After instructing the participants not to consume any alcohol in the stadium, the leadership then popped champagne corks and made a ceremony of drinking champagne!


Corruption Contradictions

After categorically stating that there is no corruption in the ANC, President Zuma then went on to discuss some of the problems they have with corruption in the ANC. With disgraced ex-Police Chief, Cele, on the platform, it was hard to take their protestations of fighting corruption seriously.


"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage." 2 Peter 2:19


90Exorcising the Spirit of Jan Van Riebeek

A "Praise singer" in traditional antelope skins and porcupine quill hat of a sangoma (witch doctor) opened up the ANC 103rd anniversary rally, which started two hours late, declaring that he needed to exorcise the spirit of Jan Van Riebeeck from the stadium. A remarkable gesture as Jan Van Riebeeck did in Jakarta, in what is today Indonesia, 338 years ago. Perhaps it was the Christian prayer prayed by the Dutch governor upon arriving in Table Bay, 6 April 1652, that the sangoma was objecting to, because none of the participants seem to have objected to the technological advances introduced to the Cape by the Dutch including the wheel, medicines, literacy and judicial codes all of which doubled, then trebled, life expectancy.


1381973 914800678550310 2815323194717477157 nPray For Those We Witnessed To

Please continue to pray for the comrades we gave Gospel tracts to, engaged in Evangelistic discussions and prayed with.


"Whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them." 2 Corinthians 4:4


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