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Great Commision Camp 2015 - Group Picture

1. Which publications do you regularly receive and read?

      Frontline Fellowship E-mail list 16            Christian Action Magazine 10
      JOY! Magazine 14            Christian Liberty Books E-Mail/list 9
      Frontline News 13            Reformation Society E-Mail/list 9
      Christian Action E-mail list 12            JUIG! Tydskrif 6


2. Why did you come to the Great Commission Camp?

  • "For practical and Spiritual training in missions";
  • "I believe that the Lord wanted me here";
  • "Because I want to know more about God and how to forgive others",
  • "To refresh my knowledge and gain knowledge to defend my Faith at University";
  • "To learn more about the Christian lifestyle";
  • "My Dad forced me to";
  • "To learn how to become a Missionary for Christ";
  • "To learn more for the defense and propagation of the Faith";
  • "To serve and lead";
  • "Lectures; fellowship; encouragement; equipment";
  • "Recommended by friends"; "Recommended by family";
  • "Inspired";
  • "Duty and destiny";
  • "I had never been to a Christian camp and wanted the experience";
  • "It's good for me";
  • "I wanted to know how to preach the Gospel and get the feel for missionary work";
  • "To assist in every way I could. To learn new things";
  • "A friend recommended it and I saw potential for Spiritual growth";
  • "To be trained in missionary work";
  • "I came to learn more about missions";
  • "Heard about it from family and wanted to experience it for myself";
  • "To mend my relationship with God and become better in my Spiritual relationship";
  • "To grow in skills for outreach and enrich my youth members";
  • "To learn more about the Great Commission";
  • "To learn more about God";
  • "To improve my Spiritual life";
  • "I believe it will further my relationship with God";
  • "To improve my knowledge of God and to experience the work that goes into being a missionary";
  • "Henry invited me and I wanted to learn more about God";
  • "To learn about life";
  • "To search for God's will about my life";
  • "I felt it was right. I was also drawn by your 'active stand';"
  • "To increase my knowledge about God";
  • "To start the year right, fellowship, to be challenged, encouraged and inspired to serve God better";
  • "Was invited to assist with some of the instruction";
  • "To better understand the Great Commission";
  • "Refocus and lay foundations for the direction I need to take this year";
  • "I have always admired Frontline and I wanted to be taught by them first hand";
  • "I am contemplating doing long-term missions";
  • "To learn about God, Missions, Africa and God's call on my life";
  • "To learn and be strengthened spiritually";
  • "To learn about missions and becoming a missionary".
Quotes from the GCC Speech bubble


3.Were your expectations met?


      44 answered :
      2 answered :


Others comments were:

"I got more than what I expected"; "Some"; "Mostly"; "Most assuredly"; "The hours stretched me"; "Team work seemed to be lacking as well as discipline"; "Not all but most"; "Expectations were met"; "Increased my knowledge about God".


4. What have been your impressions of the Great Commission Camp?

  • "Organised and well timed"; 
  • "Very well planned out and executed, solid leadership, challenging but not impossible, good                    balance of work and play";
  • "PT, survival skills and all the lectures";
  • "Very good";
  • "Excellent lectures; inspiring; life-changing; wonderful";
  • "I have enjoyed it. Good balance between lectures and activities, and the talks were   outstanding";
  • "It's really cool";
  • "Well organised, great team building, relationship building and great food";
  • "PT can be really effective";
  • "Camp was well run, participant discipline was lacking in places";
  • "Good team building activities, interesting, informative, inspiring stuff";
  • "Well organised";
  • "It was the greatest camp ever in my life. Enjoyed it a lot";
  • "It was interesting";
  • "The patience with the children and the teaching";
  • "Well organised and very effective";
  • "A great place to learn more about God and train to be a missionary";
  • "The camp has taught me how to be strong in God and that without God we are nothing";
  • "This was an awesome camp";
  • "The way the lectures were presented";
  • "Good";
  •  "Great";
  • "Well organised yet flexible";
  • "Presentations and PT";
  •  "I found the camp up-building and enjoyable with a really great spirit among the people"; 
  • "Well-structured and well run";
  • "Food and shelter were good as well as most lessons";
  • "Mission- focused, Christ-orientated, adventures with a purpose/message;"
  • "Good Biblical knowledge on world problems to improve our way of thinking";
  • "Very deep in the Word of God";
  • "Good turnout, a lot of young teenagers but generally a dedicated, enthusiastic group;"
  • "Vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, hands-on, action orientated, dynamic, Christ-centred and Bible-based".
  • "It's well organised. I like the integration of PT with the theory".
  • "It was good because I grew much closer to God";
  • "Very well run, well- rounded, excellent teaching and resources, good challenging aspects too";
  • "Very interesting";
  • "Organisation was well done. Impressed by many young people who attended the camp";
  • "Very educational and disciplined";
  • "There are very good teachings, always things to be done, and the constant activity is great";
  • "Band of brothers from the orange team made all things bearable";
  • "Sound teaching, good sound exercise";
  • "The activities are great and good for making your body fit";
  • "Holistic development, physical and spiritual";
  • "The preaching and the food".


5. In what ways have you benefited from the Great Commission Camp?

  • "Gained more information about God. PT every day in the morning";
  • "Intellectually, physically, concerning fears, growing in faith and leadership";
  • "Got a better knowledge of God"; "I am more committed than before the camp";
  • "Working more effectively as a team";
  • "I have learned how to treat many people medically wise. I also enjoyed both John's presentation on music and Peter's presentation on animals";
  • "I have become physically and spiritually strong. Made new friends and learned new material";
  • "To listen more to God"; "Very informative – especially the animals in Heaven";
  • "I learned a lot from the Bible that I never knew";
  • "Sharing tent and bathroom space with others; beginning PT again. Devotion material to fill in very helpful. Getting to spend time with Lenora and learning from the very best";
  • "My physical body still has a long way to go to live the lifestyle God has called me to";
  • "I have learned exactly what the Gospel is in terms of leading someone to the Lord";
  • "Knowledge"; "More knowledge of the Bible and the placement of the books in it".
  • "Physically fitter and spiritually recharged, re-directed and re-focused on the Great Commission";
  • "Renewed resolution to pray more, read more, get more involved in ministry";
  • "Physical endurance mentality";
  • "It is good to look after your body and not giving up. The history helped. Well presented".
  • "I have learnt that wisdom is very important and that I need to fill my mind with God's Word";
  • "Have gained knowledge on topics which I can defend and given new ideas and directions for action in the coming year, especially on campus";
  • "On physical training I have strengthened my body. Lessons by Dr. Peter Hammond have challenged me to go courageously with the Gospel to the world";
  • "Discipline, Physically, Spiritually";
  • "I have learnt how to answer and react to others on certain matters and also have received spiritual guidance concerning matters in my life. Learning self-defence and survival skills were also beneficial";
  • "I have been educated, informed, trained and made new friends";
  • "It has brought me closer to God";
  • "Learned new skills, learned some great lectures, met inspiring people";
  • "More courage – realized my own complacency in sins such as TV and music";
  • "There is proof for everything the Bible has to say";
  • "I have definitely gained more knowledge about God and now I know how much work, dedication and commitment it takes to be a child of God and to become a missionary";
  • "I learnt a lot about Evangelism, Christ and what God expects of us";
  • "I learned to be courageous, standing out for the Lord";
  • "I learned how to socialize and improved my self-confidence";
  • "The presentations visual aids helped a lot and broadened my knowledge";
  • "Good team building activities, I learned much and feel ready to take on the world in 2015";
  • "Gave me insight to the process of the running of this camp and the various lectures were very important";
  • "The presentations and ministry";
  • "Physically, mentally and spiritually";
  • "The lectures dealing with practical, everyday subjects";
  • "I am more than ever determined to serve the Lord actively";
  • "Met great people and made friends. Got a lot of info that is very valuable to me, so that I can be equipped to help others";
  • "I have been enlightened more on abortion, pornography, human trafficking and a Biblical worldview";
  • "It has made me think especially about my actions and how they reflect or don't reflect my Saviour. Also it has challenged me that I CAN have the discipline, so I have no excuse";
  • "I have grown physically and spiritually in big ways. I feel very enriched";
GCC 2015 Commentry


6. What were the most useful or helpful lectures or presentations, to you?

      The Message in the Music 33           Reclaiming Surrendered Ground 25
      Legalism and Antinomianism 32           Recognising God's Voice 25
      Sin and Its Implications 30           Resisting Babylon and the Beast 24
      Turning the World the Right Side Up 29           The Broad and the Narrow Way 23
      Animals in Heaven 27           Reaching Young People for Christ 22
      The Failure of Atheism 26           Sunday Morning Sermon 16
      The Law of God 25           Restitution and Revival 16
      Evidences for Skeptics 25           Christian Action 20


7. What were the most useful or helpful films and workshops, practicals or events to you?


      God's Not Dead (film) 39    Born to Win (film) 25
      Survival Skills Workshops 31    Evangelism Workshop 22
      Outreach 29    Other:
      Adventure Activities 28
  • PT
  • Devotions Material
  • Variety Concert
  • Self Defense
  • Very helpful personally to share living quarters with others of different ages.


8. What were the highlights (best aspects) of the Great Commission Camp for you?


      Fellowship 35           PT 28    Bible Drill 21
      Presentations/Lectures 32           Discussion Groups 26    Workshops 20
      Variety Concert 31           Films 25    Other: 8
      Just a Minute 29           Outreach 25
  • Food
      Outdoor Activities 29           Questions & Answers 9
  • Sleeping
  • Marshmallow  Braai
  • Night Hikes
  • Bush Craft


9. What actions would you recommend that Christians take to change the world for Christ?

  • "Christians should focus on the opportunities around them. Using those opportunities to evangelise to the people around them. Instead of not doing anything and stating 'One day I'll be a missionary' – it starts with where you are not where you want to be";
  • "Clean their lives'. Read good books and especially the Bible. Be sober and vigilant about the world systems and influence. Be more informed and uncompromising with sin".
  • "Live more careful evangelistic lives and evangelise more. Keep their own children close to Christ";
  • "To live by example according to the Gospel";
  • "Live a Godly life"; "To preach the Word of God with boldness";
  • "Take the Gospel to the streets"; "Preach the Gospel";
  • "Demonstrate how we are different, and actually start living out our faith";
  • "Get out to tell others"; "Discussion groups"; "Pray for God's grace";
  • "Find out what your gifts are. Ask God to make you usable and then go out by helping in your church and/or community";
  • "Christians should be trained and informed on current issues and mobilized to action by taking responsibility for the Great Commission";
  • "Stand up for what is right, even if others disagree. It is better to stand alone for what is right than to stand with the crowd for what is wrong";
  • "To show more passion for the lost";
  • "Make disciples wherever you go, be bold, seek opportunities to preach the Gospel";
  • "Be bold, educate yourself";
  • "Repent, turn to God wholeheartedly allowing Him to change every area of our lives by intense study and application and the practically be doing what it says every single day";
  • "A march to fight against abortion";
  • "Just do something somewhere, even if it is small";
  • "Prayer, outreaches – simply taking action!";
  • "Christians should be more informed about what is happening in the world";
  • "Take a stand. Don't just sit still. There are subjects that need to be addressed much more earnestly e.g. tattoos";
  • "Believe! Obey! Fight";
  • "Be careful to stay close with God and His Word, seek Him first";
  • "Study and educate the world on world issues, e.g. abortion, pornography. Evangelise the world";
  • "Spread the Gospel. Take a stand against abortion etc.; be outspoken to others";
  • "Revive your prayer life, reform your family, take a Biblical stand, be bold and brave for Christ";
 GCC 2015 Speech Bubble


10. Has this course led you to make any commitments or decisions?


      To fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ 24
      To join and get involved in a local church 17
      To study the Word of God more regularly 43
      To spend more time in prayer for Missions 34
      To read more Missionary biographies 34
      To disciple at least one person per year 28
      To support financially a Mission involved in working for the fulfilment of the Great Commission 16
      To offer your time to a Mission organisation 19
      To commit yourself to joining a Mission 18
      To start a Missions Prayer Group in your school, college or community 17
      To help distribute Missions literature and recruit intercessors for Missions 20
      To utilise social media for Evangelism, Discipleship and Social Action 20


Other decisions included:

"To seek God"; "To overcome many old wounds and insecurities that are holding me back from doing God's commands"; "To work on self-control and exercise both physically and spiritually"; "To be more disciplined in body and soul"; "Never compromise the faith once delivered to the saints!"; "Support Livingstone House in as many operations as I can".


Thank you for praying with us for God's ongoing work in the lives of all who participated in the Great Commission Camp and Course. Please pray for those continuing in the three weeks Great Commission Course.



A 4 disc collection featuring the Great Commission Course 2014  is available. The boxset contains 88 lectures, over 90 PowerPoints as well as 5 manuals on a Data Disc. All audio is in MP3 digital audio format.

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