You have misunderstood the purpose of my article, Faith Expressed Through Design. The cathedrals of Europe, many of which are Protestant Cathedrals, such as Wells, St. Pauls, Grossmünster of Ulrich Zwingli, St. Pierre in Geneva of John Calvin, Westminster Abby and many others, are Protestant places of worship.

Please know that I oppose Freemasonry, the Occult, Catholicism, Mariolatry and the whole New Age One World religion, interfaith apostasy.

I understand your frustration with the confusion and compromise which is all too prevalent in the church today, in particular in regard to the charm offensive of pope Francis and the deceit that is so much part of Roman Catholicism.

Please know where our Mission stands. Frontline Fellowship launched The Reformation Society 9 years ago and we have produced more articles and books exposing the atrocities of Catholicism, its heresies and false teachings and promoting the Protestant Reformation than probably any other single group, or ministry, in Africa.

For over 20 years we have vigorously promoted the observance of Reformation Day, launched numerous initiatives, outreaches and websites, including www.ReformationSA.org, www.Reform500.org, and Facebook pages of: Reformation 500, and Young Reformers – Out to Change the World.

Please see attached my article: Why Born Again Christians Oppose the Papacy.

I have also written the tract: A Message to Roman Catholics.

You may also be interested in my articles on The Inquisition, The Battle for the Bible and our Church History Manual.

I strongly advised the leadership of JOY! magazine against placing the pope on the front cover of the magazine and including those articles on pope Francis and those who are advocating some kind of unity with Rome.

The Editor of JOY! magazine explained to me that her intention is to reach out to Catholics with the Gospel and to use these magazines as a witnessing and Evangelistic tool. You will notice that the article on the pope was followed up immediately afterwards with an article on Salvation.

I understand the sincere intentions, but I warned against the dangers of accepting the papal charm offensive on face value.

You may be sure that I will continue to stand firm for Reformation doctrines and to oppose false religious cults such as Catholicism. You may be sure that I have no intention of embracing pagan Rome.

It is not accurate to write off the entire Middle Ages as Roman Catholic.

As you will see from the Appendix 7 of The Greatest Century of Reformation (pg 188) Some Roman Catholic Heresies and Inventions and the Approximate Dates of their Adoption: prayers directed to Mary began only in the 7th century, the mass as a sacrifice was adopted in the 11th century, celibacy of the priesthood was decreed by pope Gregory VII in the 11th century. The rosary came about in the 11th century, the Inquisition was launched in the 12th century, the sale of indulgences in the 12th century, transubstantiation in the 13th century, etc.

It is therefore grossly unfair to dismiss Evangelical Gospel preachers like Patrick of Ireland, or Boniface of Germany as Roman Catholic. There was a tremendous amount of God-honouring, Bible-based, Christ-centered Evangelistic preaching and discipleship that went on in the early half of the Middle Ages. The corruption and paganisation of Rome was a gradual and accelerating process which one can discern particularly in the latter part of the Middle Ages, after most of the great Cathedrals had already been built.

You may be sure that I will continue to use my full influence to oppose all compromise with Catholicism. In the Christian Action magazines, Frontline Fellowship News, and our related websites, over which I do have control, you will continue to see a solidly Protestant and Reformed perspective, opposing all forms of Catholicism and the New World Order.

Please see: Resisting Babylon and the Beast

Yours for Reformation and Revival

Dr. Peter Hammond


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