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 For your edification, and for intercession, here is a selection of written responses that we have received on our page. Please continue to lift up these people and countries in prayer, and to intercede that our audio sermons may continue to renew minds, transform lives, change hearts and disciple nations.

Bible Survey - Daniel

"Great Sermon! I thoroughly enjoy your Bible Series! Are there more to come?" Lynn, Canada.

Bible Survey - Genesis

"Great Sermon! Thank you for this tremendous summary of Genesis filled with truth, wisdom and knowledge. Everyone should listen to this sermon so they can have a firm foundation for their Faith." SuzAnn, California.

War on Christians in the Middle East

"Great Sermon! Well said, uncompromising stand for the truth." Alexander Young, Arizona.

Does the Redefinition of Marriage Really Matter?

"Outstanding! I couldn't take notes fast enough. Excellent examples from history. The ones calling themselves victims have become the bullies. Anyone who thinks this is a 'live and let live' issue needs to hear this sermon. This is critical mass and Pastor Hammond lays it on the line. Thank you!" Louise, Minnesota.

Animals in Heaven

"About time someone said it! Words can't express my gratitude for this sermon. This sermon is so extremely important. It grieves me every day when I see what mankind has done to this beautiful world. It consoles me greatly to hear what I have always believed of God - that He will save His creation and that we'll all be in fellowship and worshipping God together in the new Heaven and new earth. This mends a heart that breaks daily over the violence of mankind." Katherine Miller, Indiana.

"Great Sermon! Fascinating message! I have long respected the work of Frontline Fellowship and I'm very happy to see Dr. Hammond's sermons featured at SermonAudio! I plan to listen to all of them!" Angela Wittman, Illinois.

"Great Sermon! I really enjoyed this. Thank you. I hadn't heard before of William Wilberforce's involvement with the creation of Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. How wonderful of him. Thank You." Janine Elizabeth, Louisiana.

"What a sermon!!!! This is a most wonderful sermon, the most encouraging and uplifting I have heard in a long time. How many preachers have failed to present such clear truth about a beautiful part of God's creation - His animals. In a world of so much pain and suffering, here is wonderful hope for All of God's handiwork. This is a must hear. Please, SermonAudio, make this a staff pick." Rev. Stephen Holland, Lancashire, UK.

A Modern Idol - The Truth about Martin Luther King Jr

"Great Sermon! Just finished listening to this while the rest of America is lauding MLK. You've reminded me of what I learned as a child in the 50's and 60's concerning the signs of the times. Being raised in a thoughtful Christian household where dinner discussions centered around religion and history, this message was like going back in time. You've succinctly covered MLK's life appropriately with conviction. Indeed, the truth will make us free." Crystal Blanchard, Texas.

"OUTSTANDING! This is must hear for all Christians! Thank you Brother Hammond for this tremendous message." Louise Katherine Dreves, Minnesota.

Dealing with Deception in the Media

"Great Sermon! Keep preaching the truth." OK, USA.

Dealing with Guilt Manipulation

"Great Sermon! Thank you; this is a liberating sermon indeed! It is well worth the time to listen to it several times." Anne, Canada.

The Myth of Neutrality

"Great Sermon! Very convicting message. We, individually and nationally, have sinned against You alone Lord." Janine Elizabeth, Louisiana.

Why We Need a Biblical Reformation and a Spiritual Revival

"Powerful Message!" Ken, San Angelo.

"Great Sermon! Most excellent." Janine Elizabeth, Louisiana.

"Great Sermon! Not to be missed! Yet another message packed with powerful insight and analysis, built masterfully on historical through contemporary references and resulting in a clear call to action." Jeff Kresse, Seattle.

Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion

"Great Sermon! Dr. Hammond is the foremost expert on Africa's social history and political development in the 20th century. He is an able historian and has a rare talent to examine the facts of what is really going on in this continent as the forces of anti-christ converge in their futile efforts to obliterate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and subjugate the people of God to the mere servants of a godless Marxist state. Dr. Hammond is a fearless and tireless warrior for the souls of men as he spreads the Gospel in the most antagonist circumstances while demonstrating that the Bible and the Christian Faith are and will ever be relevant no matter how far anti-christ goes in its sin and rebellion against the most high God and His Dear Son! Dr. Hammond is a wonderful example in Christian courage and manliness that every true soldier in the army of Christ can imitate especially during these trying times of evil and darkness. I commend him and his ministries as a source of encouragement, strategy and the inculcation of Christian virtue, patience and steadfastness in the face of all the fierce opposition we should expect to face in the days ahead." Mike Falsia, Brooklyn.

Facts You Never Knew About WWII

"Great Sermon! To see the inside story." Asa, Arizona.

"Great Sermon! Interesting sermon, I never knew these facts, while I studied a lot about WW2. Maybe because Germany is my neighbour country and happily The Netherlands never came under communism. God bless." Interesting.

The Katyn Forest Massacre

"Excellent! I have heard it said 'The victors write the history books.' Communist USSR was responsible for this atrocity NOT the Nazis. I wonder how much more of the history we have been taught is lies. In this world of lies, deception, misinformation, false flag terrorism and wars for profit based on lies. My total comfort is in knowing Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Keep up the great work Pastor Hammond, God bless you for speaking the truth with boldness!" Louise Dreves, Minnesota.

Bible Survey - Leviticus

"Great Sermon! The holiness of God and the importance of the believer's heart and actions before God during Worship. Appreciate the teaching on the Regulative Principle for Worship. Please continue to share these wonderful sermons at SermonAudio. It is food for our souls!" Angela Wittman, Illinois.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground

"Great Sermon! Praise the Lord for Dr. Hammond's willingness to preach on subjects seldom heard in mainstream churches! This sermon is meat for the soul and one I sincerely pray others will listen to." Angela Wittman, Illinois.

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Errors and Contradictions in the Koran (880 downloads).

The Myth of Neutrality (820 downloads).

Understanding the Crisis in the Ukraine (760 downloads).

A Modern Idol (660 downloads).

The Five Points of Calvinism in the Teachings of Christ (620 downloads).

Christian Courage (600 downloads).

Animals in Heaven (440 downloads).

The Oppression of Women in Islam (440 downloads).


Please continue to pray for the impact of these messages as we seek to speak up for the persecuted, evangelise in restricted access areas, work for Reformation and pray for Revival, "making disciples …teaching obedience…"


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