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SHIPMENTS, SERVICES and SEMINARSOffloading container-Livingstone House


Dear Friends


Today we are offloading another 18 tonne container shipment of Bibles and books at our Mission. Another container is expected next week. We are also preparing 30 tonnes of Bibles, Sunday school materials and books for Zimbabwe on pallets, to be collected next week. By God's grace we have a new storeman who joined us this week. He will be kept very busy.


In the storesThe Great Commission is Our Supreme Ambition

This Monday, one of our fieldworkers returned from three months in the field, most of it serving at a Bible College in Malawi. We have another Mission team across the border. After offloading this container, I am leading another team on a Mission that will include conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar and Great Commission Seminar in Kimberley, a Soul Winners Seminar in Pretoria and a Bible College Consultation, where principals and lecturers from 20 Bible Colleges are gathering.


LeaSortingdership Training and Literature Distribution

In Cape Town our Missionaries have been conducting an eight-week Way of The Master Basic Evangelism Training in a local church. Two weeks ago we offloaded another 18 tonne container shipment of Bibles and books. That was the day after I had returned back from my Mission to America, which was the same day another Frontline Mission team drove off to the field.


ArizonaMission to America

My first speaking engagement in America was lecturing at Arizona Christian University on Islam in Africa. That evening at a mid-week Church service, I presented an update on the Persecuted Church in Africa.


Working for Reformation and Revival

In California, a number of meetings had been organised by Dr. Jay Grimstead of the Coalition on Revival, including a Men's meeting, where I answered a wide range of questions on History, Theology, God and government, Threats to Christian Freedom, the Gay Agenda, Russia – Propaganda vs the Facts, How to Respond to Violent Confrontations, and What Are Some Blind Spots for Americans? He also arranged for me to speak at a Security Seminar. My Sunday morning sermon was on The Ascension of Christ and its Implications for Today.


11136202 981650281865349 9080731391383028318 oRadio and TV Programmes

After flying across the continent to Georgia, I rented a car and negotiated traffic across Atlanta, arriving just before midnight at my next host's home. The next day was filled with Todd Friel recording 6 hours of radio and 6 hours of TV programmes with me, for Wretched Radio and TV. We tackled everything from Victorious Christians in Church HWretchedistory, King Alfred the Great, Boniface, The Venerable Bede, Albert Durer, Handel, Bach, Anne of Bohemia, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, William Farel, John Calvin, Gustavus Adolphus, Oliver Cromwell, Anne Askew, Revivals, Missions, A Tale of Two Conferences, and The Challenges Confronting us Today.


Travel Across Tennessee

The next day, after returning my rental car to the airport, I waited a few hours to link up with my next hosts. As their son-in-law was returning back from a Mission to South Sudan, we co-ordinated to both be collected at Atlanta airport, to be driven through to Tennessee. It was fascinating to be updated on some of the challenges being faced on the ground in South Sudan at this time. In Tennessee, I had the opportunity to visit Bryan College and explore the Scopes Trial Museum in Dayton. By this time I was battling a throat infection and flu, so I was going through a lot of throat lozenges.


TennesseePersecution and Revival Seminar

Then after a Missions Rally at a church in Dayton, we were off for another long drive across the length of Tennessee to Nashville. There I had the opportunity to meet the dynamic Botkin family who run Western Conservatory and Christ the King Church. They arranged a Persecution and Revival Seminar on the Saturday, which focused on Frontline Spiritual Conflicts Around the World, Why the American Church Needs Revival, The Truth About Islam in Africa, The Eschatology of Victory in the Greatest Century of Missions and vigorous question and answer sessions.


A Tremendous Time of Worship and Fellowship

Homeschoolers came from far and wide for the Saturday seminar and for the Sunday service, and all-ages Sunday school Bible study that followed. I dealt with The Hard Teachings of Christ, Spiritual Warfare and Reclaiming Surrendered Ground, and, as on each of the other four days I was with them in Tennessee, the discussion times went on way past midnight into the early hours.


BowersEnergised and Equipped

It was a joy to be equipped with great books and audio visual materials from Western Conservatory for our Mission library to enrich homeschoolers and Missionaries in South Africa. I was also able to meet up with Curtis Bowers and his delightful family and see the advance trailer for the Agenda 2 – Masters of Deceit DVD.


Delays and Missed Connections

My flight out of Nashville was delayed because of bad weather in Philadelphia. Therefore, by the time I arrived in Philadelphia, I had missed my Pensylvaniaconnection and apparently so had many hundreds of other people, as the queues were enormous for us to be issued with new boarding passes! After four hours of crowds and chaos in Philadelphia Airport, I was finally able to fly off to Harrisburg, where I was, by now, late for the evening meeting!


Pensylvania 1Reformation Societies in Pennsylvania

By God's grace, this was the only meeting I was late for during this Mission. The Reformation Society adjusted their schedule to have the supper first, so that by the time I came in, they were ready for the presentation. Here I was asked to speak on The Failure of Atheism and The Triumph of Faith in Russia, followed by The Threat of Radical Islam in Nigeria. Early the next morning we drove across country for a Radio interview, which was followed with more radio recordings. That evening, a mini Summit was hosted on Reformation 500 and The Coalition on Revival. They kept me answering questions till midnight. There was another radio programme the next day and two presentations at another Reformation Society an hour's drive away.


Researching History and Mimagna-carta-800-1-638nistry

On Friday morning I was collected by my next hosts and driven to Brandywine Battlefield and Valley Forge. It was a fascinating day spent exploring these historic sites and museums. Early Saturday morning, I spoke at a Men's Breakfast, and presented Magna Carta 800. This was followed by more radio interviews and then we drove across Pennsylvania to visit historic Baptist churches, including Pennyback Baptist, which was established in 1688, and the site of Revival in 1740, when George Whitefield preached there. On my last Sunday in America, I preached on Are You Offended by the Valley ForgeTeachings of Jesus? (John 60:60-64). At the evening service, I gave a presentation on Resisting Babylon and the Beast. I also met the producer of the inspiring Polycarp film.

From America to Africa

The next day I began my flights back to South Africa. In the previous three weeks, I had conducted 77 meetings, including 32 radio and TV interviews, 23 lectures, 10 home fellowships, 6 church services, a Men's meeting, a Persecution and Revival Seminar and Reformation Society and University lectures. My 8 flights included 50 hours flying time, and far more hours spent driving in cars to the different engagements. The day I returned back from this Mission to America, another Frontline Mission team drove off to a restricted access area and the next day we offloaded another container shipment of Bibles and books.


polycarp coverPolycarp Premiere

By God's grace, the day after I returned from America, we were able to screen the new Polycarp film at the Reformation Society in Cape Town. This is a God-honouring, Christ-centered, Biblically faithful film that is inspiring and most appropriate at this time, when Christians are facing increasing persecution.


Way of the Master Evangelism Training

Michael, Renee, Taryn and Abrie have been conducting an eight-week Way of the Master Basic Evangelism Training programme for a local church in Cape Town. They have also been involved in open-air street preaching, one-on-one personal Evangelism and mass literature distribution, including in shopping malls and on university campuses.


Livingstone Mission School

For several years Frontline Fellowship has been praying over acquiring a farm to establish Livingstone Missionary School. We have now investigated a remarkable farm which appears to meet most of our needs. With the increasing demands for our camps and courses, this farm would be an ideal site for Wilderness Bush Camps, Leadership Training Courses, Youth Camps, School and Church Camps, Biblical Worldview Seminars and Summits, Great Commission Courses, Security and Survival Training programmes and the Livingstone Missionary School. This farm is in a remote and mountainous region with a large number of baboons and some leopards. 15 of our Missionaries and staff have explored the well-watered area and are in agreement that this is the most suitable place that we have yet found to establish Livingstone Farm. Our Board has thoroughly discussed and adopted the project and we are now trusting the Lord for the funds needed in order to purchase the farm and adapt it to our needs.


Mobilise to Evangelise

In order to expand the Missions capabilities and impact, we are convinced that acquiring and developing this Mission farm will enable us to develop the most effective, hands-on, practical training facilities for the many Missionaries needed to reclaim Africa for Christ. The needs are urgent, the opportunities unprecedented, yet the labourers are far too few. The only way that we will be able to respond to the overwhelming demands and requests to serve suffering Christians throughout Africa, is to recruit and train an army of Mission workers. Livingstone Farm will be the Missionary Training Centre that we pray will prepare and mobilise the kind of Missionaries that Andrew Murray mobilised through the Africa Institute, following the 1860 Revival.


Upcoming Events

Please pray for the Great Commission Seminar and Biblical Worldview Seminar which we will be conducting in Kimberley, 14-18 June, for the Soul Winning Seminar that we will be conducting in Pretoria, Saturday, 20 June, and for the Bible School Consultation, 23-25 June.


Thank You

We are most grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and support, without which none of our ministries would be possible. Thank you for the financial sacrifices you have made to enable this Mission to advance in Africa. Please continue to pray for our many ongoing Book Projects, outreaches and cross-border Missions.


May God continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission


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