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Tstoreshe last 48 hours have been ‘one of God’s all things’ in terms of His perfect timing. I thought you would enjoy hearing this story……


Most of you are aware of the fact that we take delivery of literally tonnes of Bibles and Christian Literature on a regular basis.


This has greatly enhanced our ability to distribute good Scriptural literature to the people we minister to, but has also enabled us to share Bibles & Books with other ministries.


One such opportunity has been the delivery and shipment of several tonnes of Bibles for use in Restricted Access Areas.


hyster 2We selected, sorted, packed and waterproofed 30 Tonnes ready for collection, only to be held up by red tape in terms of the border crossings.


hyster1Several months went by, and just last Sunday we were praying earnestly for the red tape to be lifted. The pallets were taking up so much space in our drive way that it was getting more and more challenging to receive further container shipments.


Finally, permission was granted, and collection of said pallets was scheduled for Thursday morning. Just as Colin was leaving for home on Wednesday evening, he noticed an Interlink truck arriving, so returned to the Mission. So instead of loading pallets at 5 am on Thursday, they were loaded Wednesday evening. Fortunately there were enough men on hand to take up the challenge.


The young man delivering the Forklift needed for this exercise was divinely appointed as well. Conversation with him led Colin to witness and encourage him and invite him to Sunday services. It seemed that was just what he needed to hear at that moment.


Packing 30 Tonnes worth of pallets cleared space for a shipment which arrived today - less than 12 hours later. 


God’scontainer offload timing perfectly dove-tailed a chain of events involving 2 Continents:

  • Shipment of valuable literature and Bibles from America
  • Permission granted from an African Country after 3 months of waiting
  • The arrival of the Interlink Truck to collect the pallets just in time
  • The man appointed to deliver the Fork lift
  • The arrival of the next 17 Tonnes within less than 12 hours!


Sometimes we lose track of how God’s hand is in all we do. Our obedience and faith in His guidance can sometimes be a lonely and uncertain road to travel. But experiences like palletsthis allow us to experience His purposes in a very real and tangible way




"So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11


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