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Items for Praise:

zambia logo• Surrounded by countries in conflict, Zambia continues to enjoy a good degree of stability and religious freedom.
• Although once a socialist state hosting marxist revolutionaries, Zambia's constitution now commits the nation to Christian principles.
• Abortion is illegal and pornography is banned in Zambia
• Although Frontline missionaries were once imprisoned in Zambia, now Frontline Fellowship has since assisted in establishing Bible Colleges and schools in Zambia.
• Many thousands of Zambian Christians have been instructed and inspired through Biblical Worldview Seminars, Reformation Seminars, Muslim Evangelism Workshops and Teacher Training Seminars conducted by Frontline Fellowship.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." – Psalm 33:12

Please pray:

• That Zambian Christians would be zealous for evangelizing and discipling their neighbours.
• That Christian leaders would seek after God’s approval, rather than the praise of man.
• That corruption in government would be rooted out and justice would prevail in the courts of law.
• That the Lord would surround Zambia’s leaders with advisors who give Godly council.
• That Zambian Christians would diligently pursue Biblical solutions to the problems of poverty and AIDS.
• That Zambian Christians would exercise godly wisdom in national elections.
• That the Lord would raise up godly leaders who will boldly lift up truth and righteousness for all to see.
• That the testimony of Zambian Christians would shine brightly, that their neighbours would see the fruit of true faith.
• For the more that 220 000 Angolan and Congolese refugees who have fled into Zambia to escape civil war in their own countries.
• That as God blesses and prospers Zambia and unstable neighbours covet their possesions, that the Zambian defence force would rise to the challenge of protecting its borders from all intruders.
• That attempts to extend Islam in Zambia would be frustrated.
• For the Bible Colleges Frontline Fellowship has helped establish in Zambia.
• For the community Christian schools in the country.
• That we will be able to provide much more teacher training and many more Christian textbooks for these community Christian schools.
"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." Proverbs 14:34

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