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Volume 3 1987

“Communism is based upon the granite foundation of materialism dedicated to the liquidation of religion. Communism leaves no room for religion.” The Lexicon of Atheism. Moscow, 1959

“Marxism is materialism. As such it is with out mercy for religion. Every religious idea, every idea of God, even flirting with the idea of God is unutterable vileness.” Vladimir Lenin

“Let us drive out the capitalists from earth and God from heaven.” Soviet Slogan

“Our enemy is God. Hatred of God is the beginning of Wisdom.” The Philosophy of Communism, Fordham, 1952

“In this revolution we will have to awaken the devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions.” Dzerjinskii, Paris, 1936

“We do not tight against believers and not even against clergymen. We fight against God to snatch believers from Him.”Moscow Newspaper, 1975

“The soundest strategy in war is to post pone final military operations until the moral degeneration of the enemy renders the mortal blow both possible and easy.” Karl Marx

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