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Volume 3 1987

Singing. Hundreds of enthusiastic tribes men singing and dancing to welcome our field team. Many were crippled and maimed from the war. Women who had lost legs to Soviet landmines, or whose children had been taken away — abducted — by Cuban troops and sent for military training and Marxist indoctrination in Cuba. Men whose villages had been machine-gunned and bombed (often with napalm or chemical warfare) by Soviet Migs.

It was a humbling experience to receive such a warm welcome from people who had lost so much, to see one-legged people dancing with crutches, or singing from home-made wheelchairs. Their enthusiastic response to our Gospel preaching was heart-warming and we felt that the thousands of kilometres flying (sometimes at tree-top level, in areas endangered by RPG’s and SAM missiles) and driving on “operational” dust roads endangered by landmines, was well worth it.

The courage of these simple tribesmen in defying the might of a super-power was awe-inspiring. We experienced something of the tragedy and heroism of soldiers with out legs, paralysed children and blind women as we ministered to them and saw their unbroken spirits, their patriotism and faith in God. Victims of Soviet imperialism and of the new Cuban colonialism. A primitive people suddenly attacked by chemical warfare, rockets, and bombs from the sky. There are over 30 000 cripples in Angola as a result of landmine explosions alone.

During July, Frontline field teams were able to deliver approximately R20 000 worth of medical supplies and boxes of Bibles and evangelistic literature to needy and suffering Christians in Angola. Pray for Angola.

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