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Volume 1 1989

Sometimes, Frontline Fellowship members have engaged in literature distribution and personal evangelism outside radical churches. By making such a bold stand for Christ, we often are confronted by hostility and threats. This is an example of a heated exchange that developed during one of our literature evangelism outreaches when I was surrounded by a mob of comrades:

“Why are you distributing these anti-Tutu booklets?”

“They are not anti-Tutu but pro-Christ; we are calling the people back to the Bible.”

“What do you see as wrong with Tutu?”

“He is man-centred, not Christ-centred; his solutions are political, not spiritual.”

“Do you disapprove of Tutu’s enthronement as Archbishop?”

“Yes, certainly. I believe a church leader should be a man of prayer, not a man of politics.”

“But Tutu is a man of the people.” Maybe so, "but he’s not a man of God."

“A man of God must be a man of the people.”

“Rubbish — a man of God must be a man of the Bible, capable of preaching repentance to sinful, rebellious mankind. We must not be men pleasers, but people who seek to please God.”

“The people have elected Tutu.” “Quite right — God has not chosen him — but people — and which people? The press has catapulted Tutu into this office, not God nor the ordinary church members.”

“Why are you here attacking Tutu?”

“I’m here standing for Christ, calling the Church to return to Biblical standards — to reject worldly standards and return to God.”

“You don’t belong here — why have you come?”

“Why have you come — are you an Anglican?” I countered.


“Are you an Anglican?” I asked another.


“Are you a Christian — do you love Jesus?”

“I’m against apartheid.”

“The issue isn’t apartheid — it’s God and your relationship with him — are you born again?”

“I’m against apartheid,” came the monotonous parrot cry.

“Fine — we know what you’re against what are you for?”

At that, the man broke into hate-filled swearing at me.

So you see, I pointed out, “this is the kind of supporter Tutu has.”

More people broke out in curses and threats towards me.

“I don’t see the love of Christ in your eyes. I don’t see Christian love in your faces — only bitterness and hate. Repent of your evil — repent of your hatred. Turn from your sins and turn to Christ.”

There was a shocked silence and then more hate-filled threats, cursings and accusations.

“Fight on for the Faith which once and for all God has given to His People. For some godless people have slipped in unnoticed among us, persons who distort the message about the grace of our God in order to excuse their immoral ways”. Jude 3 and 4

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