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If C.S. Lewis was around today he might have penned a sequel to “Screwtape Letters.” His principal character would have been promoted downward. Uncle Screwtape is now the Under-secretary of the Department of Disinformation. He’s working out of a basement office in the Kremlin. His nephew, Wormwood, is on TDY (temporary duty orders) in Washington, assigned to the State Department. Atypical mail intercept might reveal the following:

“Dear Wormwood,
We have been working on an analysis of support for mission work world-wide propagating the idea that our Enemy is the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life. This message has met wth a disturbing measure of success. There have been reports of many conversions. People are actually devoting their lives to this Judean carpenter. Orders from our surpeme commander below demand that this must stop ... NOW! The question is “how?”

“I know you’ve been busy in Amerika (that’s how we spell it here), and the operation you undersee has met with some success. You’ve managed to get the Bible and prayer out of the public schools, and you’ve succeeded in replacing it with much more interesting subjects like sex education. I understand that the children, particularly the latch-key kids’, are only too glad to do their homework.

“We have enjoyed so much your reports about the job you did on the Surpeme Court. We were delirious about the way you used a private (and unverified) letter from Jefferson to convince the Justices that there was a ‘wall of seperation’ — and you did it all with smoke and mirrors. Your argument about the First Amendment allowing dial-a-porn, but banning dial-a-prayer was brilliant.

“However, our most pressing task at the moment is to destroy the economic base of this nation that persists in providing 87% of all the missionary work in the world. We must stop Amerika from sending out emissaries of our Enemy. Here is our plan ... hatched in hell and born in the satanic domain.

“You know of course how troublesome South Africa has been to us. Last year they printed more Bibles than any other country in the world. Many of their people, among all four racial groups, are committed to the Carpenter. They have the audacity to send out emissaries of our Enemy even into countries where they are not invited! One particularly obnoxious chap is this Peter Hammond, from Cape Town. When we confront him, he resists us and we must flee, but such is life. So far this Indiana Jones-type missionary has managed to elude us, but we have not given up.

“Your work at the State Department is vital. Keep them preoccupied with apartheid. We both know it has virtually disappeared now, but the media is on our side. They keep the pot boiling. Our demon in Johannesburg suggested to an international correspondent the other day that he might be ‘reassigned’ to Beirut if he couldn’t find trouble to report in the Townships. You should have seen his face. ‘Please don’t send me there,’ he pleaded. ‘The hotel windows are all shot out, the plumbing doesn’t work and the bars are closed at night. Gimmie one more chance, I’ll find something here.’

“He went straight off to Soweto, found that ole rusty hulk turned on its side, (the one we did years ago for Dan Blather), and with a little help from our friends in the ANC poured gasoline over it and set it alight. It made the evening news in the U.S. His biased commentary, sandwiched in between commercial announcements about headaches and hemorrhoids, made the couch potatoes ‘feel good’ about being against something... even though it was something they didn’t understand. We laughed because most of them couldn’t even find on the map where it is alleged to have happened.

“We’ve made great gains, but we cannot afford to give up or slow down. We must build the hysteria to a crescendo. If we can shut off the supply of strategic minerals from South Africa, vital to the aero-space and high-tech industries in Amerika, we can put an additional eight million Amerikans out of work. As you know, that will dramatically cut the money available to fund mission work worldwide. But, my dear nephew, that is not all.

“If our dearest friends here in Moscow can gain control of the Cape sea route, then they can shut off 41 % of Amerika’s oil imported from the Perishing Gulf. Or is that Persian Gulf? Nevermind, they’re all lost. What is more, South Africa has 75% of the world’s gold reserves. Add that to the 20% we have here in the USSR and our Kremlin comrades will control 95% of the world’s gold.

“You know what that will mean. You studied that in Demonics 101, the ‘Root of all Evil’. Overnight the already weakened dollar will become the soft currency and the ruble will become the hard currency on the world market. Amerika will not even be able to buy oil, much less get it around the Cape of Good Hope. But more important from our perspective, without Amerika ‘S support 87% of world missionary activity will dry up.

“Keep in close contact with your colleagues in the Treasury Department. Tell them to print more money. It’s going to be hilarious when the crunch comes and there is no precious metal backing for their worthless paper. Keep encouraging people to lay up treasures on earth. We have ample supplies of moth and rust.

“Our office is in direct contact with the International Bankers. It never ceases to amaze me how easily they are deceived into making larger loans, for longer terms and with lower interest. Such rates are unavailable to the couch potatoes. Of course we never intend to repay the loans. When they get tired of waiting they’ll forgive us our debts, so they can loan us some more. They always do. It’s just that much more interest the Bankers can suck out of the taxpayer with their guaranteed loans. Too bad about those hard working Amerikan farmers. But they seem to enjoy feeding the rest of the world as long as they can collect their government subsidies. We used to call it slavery, remember?

“This word is just in from our Head Red, that charming PR personality that has ‘em dancing in the streets in West European capitols. He has actually suggested that they should link their economy with ours! Can you believe it? Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. We’re holding our sulfuric breath around here these days. He might just pull it off. In any case he’s talked them into selling us yards and yards of rope. Keep on confusing and deceiving.

Yours affectionately,

Uncle Screwtape

“P.S. Don’t let anyone raise the question as to whether South African blacks would be better off under white Russian rule. Our human rights record in Angola leaves something to be desired.”


Consider South Africa. The Bible, prayer and religious instruction are an every day part of life in the public schools. (Some of our best and most fruitful ministry was in the high schools across the land. Thousands of teenagers in a score of schools heard the gospel clearly presented. Many responded.) Pornography is banned. So was “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Abortion is illegal. Add to this the fact that South Africa printed more Bibles than any country in the world last year, and is the only missionary sending nation on the continent of A frica, and you will begin to see why she is so despised by god-haters everywhere.

“But why is South Africa so important?”

Because it is the key to America’s future. Without the uninhibited free flow of vital minerals found only in SA, the United States could not produce steel or sustain its aero-space or high tech industries. We could not manufacture automobiles much less run them along our freeways. If South Africa should fall to the communists, within six months there will be an additional 8 million unemployed Americans, as factories dependent on imported strategic minerals from SA begin to close down.

Most of you reading this report are in some way dependent on imports from SA. Your job, your family’s future could be at stake. Even if you are not employed in some industry directly affected, your present life style will be changed dramatically. Does that sound dire? IT IS!

Can you imagine what that would mean to worldwide missionary work, 80% of which is supported from the USA?

This thing is bigger than politics or race relations of any kind. It’s bigger than sanctions and disinvestment. It goes beyond the insane passion of the liberal media to continually beat-up on their favourite whipping boy, SA. This thing is about world missions. I’m talking about the survival of missionary enterprise as we know it.

As I watch the game of life being played-out on the international chess board, I can discern some of satan’s subtle moves. By isolating SA from the family of nations and by punitive sanctions imposed by the USA, his satanic majesty thinks he can conquer both.

Knowing South Africa, I doubt that. But, I am desperately concerned for the United States. That disquiet, coupled with the Great Commission is a powerful motivation to be obedient.

Rev. Bill Bathman, President 
In Touch Mission International 
P. 0 Bpx 28240 Tempe, 
Arizona 85285 USA


  1. Why have millions of refugees, migrant workers and illegal immigrants fled into (“apartheid”) South Africa from neighbouring (“liberated”) black states?
  2. If South Africa is so racist, how is it that most of the South African Police and many of the (volunteer) members of the South African Defence Force are black?
  3. If there’s no freedom in South Africa, how can it be that the revolutionaries have killed hundreds of black town councillors, mayors and parliamentary candidates?
  4. Why have the communists and the ANC agitated for boycotts of the multi-racial elections in October 1988 and September 1989?
  5. How come there are so many political parties amongst every racial group in South African when the entire Soviet Union has only one political party?
  6. How can it be that there are more black doctors, lawyers, professional people and millionaires in South Africa than in all the other 55 countries of Africa combined?
  7. If South Africa is as bad as the journalists say, then how come so many thousands of reporters have had the freedom to repeatedly visit, slander, and re-visit the country? How many have been free to do that in Cambodia lately?
  8. How is it that Tutu can speak for “the poor and oppressed” whilst living in a millionaire’s mansion in Bishops Court, and travel first class overseas on a South African passport whilst campaigning for economic warfare against South Africa?
  9. If there is no freedom in South Africa, how come that Tutu is free to break the laws of the land, visit Moscow, Maputo, Lusaka and Harare on a South African passport and still drive around without fear in his chauffer-driven car in Cape Town?
  10. How can America be so morally superior when South Africa has prayer and Bible teaching in its schools and army bases, laws against pornography, abortion is illegal, and the blasphemous “Last Temptation of Christ” film was banned?
  11. Doesn’t it seem hypocritical of America to sanction its long-time ally, South Africa, whilst aiding and trading with despotic regimes in Russia, China, Rumania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, etc., etc.,?
  12. Is the Western media not guilty of biased, prejudiced and selective reporting on South Africa? Doesn’t it appear that we are being lied to?
  13. Are we not bearing false witness against our neighbour, South Africa?
  14. Are the Western churches truly loving South Africa as Christ would have us love? Are we doing unto South Africa as we would want to be done unto? Or are we guilty of double standards?

Dr. Peter Hammond

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