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Volume 2 1991

According to World Council of Churches official, Wesley Ariarajah: Mission work has become unnecessary for “We must not take God somewhere — He is everywhere already.” All claims of uniqueness, he added are harmful in a world of religious pluralism.

The 7th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches took place in Canberra, Australia, from 7 — 20th February 1991 with characteristic pagan ritual.

The opening procession to the large worship tent on the campus of the Australian National University were made to symbolically pass through the fire. The smoke made by burning gum leaves was described by the Ecumenical Press Service as “a traditional cleansing process for Aborigines in Australia” and was thought to signify “the cleansing and refining fire of the Holy Spirit.”

An Aboriginal runner carried a traditional “message stick” ahead of the WCC officials to ask the assembled Aboriginal elders permission to enter the land. Once the permission was ritually granted the WCC officials proceeded through the smoke.

At the 1983 Vancouver Assembly of the WCC, Indian witchdoctors opened the proceedings and ceremoniously erected an Indian Totem pole as “symbolic of man’s spiritual quest through the ages.”

One of the keynote speakers of this recent Canberra Assembly, South Korean feminist theologian, Professor Chung Hyun Kyung took off her shoes amidst the aboriginal dancers and called up “the spirits of the many people in history who had died at the hands of the oppressors”. She linked these “Han-spirits” with the Holy Spirit. Holding up a list of names of these spirits she virtually burned it and solemnly let the ashes drift upwards as a prayer.

Professor Chung also rejected the concept of “an omnipotent, macho, warrior god who rescues all good guys and punishes all bad guys.” She called for a “new liberation theology” based on “the poorest of the poor.. .the birds, the waters, the air, the trees and the mountains" Chung Hyun Kyung also claimed that the Holy Spirit resembles the East Asian Goddess of Pity, Kwan In who “makes it possible... to reach enlightenment” and reach Nirvana. “Could she not be symbolic of a female Christ,” she asked, “a woman who is first-born among us, who goes before us and takes others with her?”

In reaction Prof. Peter Beyerhaus of Tübingen, Germany, has described the Canberra Assembly as “naked blasphemy”. Dr. Carl Mclntire of the International Council of Christian Churches (representing 550 non-WCC denominations) has concluded that the WCC is creating “a world religion without Christ.”

The Archbishop of York, George Austin, described his shock at pornographic literature being sold at the WCC conference with pornographic sketches of “unnatural sex-deeds” displayed to help sell the book. Despite his efforts Archbishop Austin failed to have the material withdrawn.

Several women complained of being molested by delegates and one Canadian delegate claimed to have been raped by a WCC minister at the Assembly.

“They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny Him. They are detestable, disobedient, and unfit for doing anything good.” Titus 1:16

Aside from the by now characteristic universalism, holism, feminism, and paganism the WCC also continues its support for violent political groups engaged in terrorism (R620 000 to the ANC/PAC for this year). Yet Bible believing Christians are being urged to seek unity with the World Council.

“I cannot bear your evil assemblies.” Isaiah 1:13

In the light of this prevalent apostasy and compromise we need to earnestly pray for God to send revival. And we need to stand up on the basis of the Bible and boldly proclaim God’s Word.

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