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Volume 2 1993

The Chairman of the Council of State of Ciskei, Brigadier O.J. Gqozo has published an eleven point statement of the Kei State National Values. At a time when so many are turning away from their Christian heritage and rejecting Biblical values it is refreshing to read these National Values:
We affirm that:

  • God's sovereign, the Creator and Foundation of all ilfe.
  • Life is precious and must be respected and preserved.
  • The family as a building block and foundation of society has to be preserved as a unit.
  • Education builds and develops a strong nation and is the heritage of our children.
  • The health of the people in body and mind is paramount for a morally strong nation.
  • Creative, productive and effective work is the basis of a free economy.
  • Private property must be owned, respected, maintained and protected.
  • All authority is derived from God, must be exercised, accepted and obeyed.
  • We are the custodians of the land and environment and must preserve it for generations to come.
  • We have the responsibility to protect life, family, property and preserve peace.
  • The administration of justice is autonomous, impartial and must be accessible to all.

If one appreciated the implications of these principles then it becomes clear why atheists, pro-abortionists, homosexuals, pornographers, socialists and other enemies of Christian values hate the leader of Ciskei. It explains why Ciskei has been the target of so much media vilification and revolutionary attack.

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