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Volume 2 1993

A Frontline team’s outreach to Ciskei in November 1992 led to the wife of the Head of State travelling to Cape Town and participating in the ten day Biblical Worldview Seminar. Upon her return she organised the first BWS to be held in Ciskei and invited us to present the course at their capital, Bisho.

As a result five members of Frontline Fellowship conducted outreaches and a leadership training course in the Republic of Ciskei in March. On the day we drove into Ciskei we were reminded of the volatile situation there as the ANC revolutionaries continue to stir up violence. First we drove past a joint ANC/PAC protest march in Grahamstown, then as we entered the independent state of Ciskei we drove into a mob erecting barricades on the main road. Only quick thinking, fast driving and the Lord’s hand protected our team from the potentially life threatening situation as we barged through the mob and forced our way through the barricades.

Grant and I ministered in Ciskei army bases and prisons (one of these services ended in chaos when ANC prisoners erupted in anger at my Gospel presentation). Martha and Charl took midday Bible fellowships at the local hospital and government departments. Martha also presented the pro-life case against abortion on national radio and television.

The Biblical Worldview Seminar was attended by chaplains of the Ciskei army, police and prison service, government officials, businessmen and pastors from 14 denominations. Even the head of state, Brig. Joshua Gqozo, attended part of the course.
Under the theme of The Lordship of Christ in All Areas of Life the BWS presented practical Biblical guidelines for the family, education, economics, entertainment, society, government and judiciary.

Back to the Bible in Bisho

At the end of the BWS the assembled delegates formed a Ciskel Christian Action and adopted the Bisho Declaration which upholds the right to life of the unborn, parental responsibility in education and the importance of the family as the foundation for society. The Declaration urged the government of the Ciskei to take strong and resolute action to protect their society from pornographic magazines and films, to resist all pressure to legalise the murder of preborn babies through abortion and to institute capital punishment for those found guilty of murder. The Declaration encourages the citizens of Ciskei to faithfully obey the Word of God in all areas of life.

These written comments by some delegates encouraged us to continue organising such seminars:
“I was ruthlessly awakened to the eternal issues affecting my life and my country”; “Issues of great importance to the spiritual and social welfare of the nation have been highlighted’
“I have been inspired to read the whole Bible and not just the New Testament”; “I have grown from strength to strength’ and “My relationship with the Lord has experienced revival “.

Those who are interested in receiving any of the available lecture notes, audio tapes or any of the text books used in the Biblical Worldview Seminar, or if you want a copy of the Bisho Declaration, please write to Frontline Fellowship.

Dr. Peter Hammond

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