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The future of Christian civilization in Southern frica is in jeopardy. As South Africa reels from the effects of hundreds of massacres and daily terrorist atrocities, civil war seems unavoidable. The cumulative effect of decades of terrorist attacks, international sanctions, boycotts, economic sabotage and a relentless media war have undermined the entire social fabric.

South Africa now faces the options of:

1. Surrender to totalitarian aims of the ANC/SACP alliance in a unitary socialist state.

2. Resistance leading to secession and a probable Yugoslav type civil war.

3. Partition by re-drawing the map to accommodate the conflicting demands of the various alliances.

‘One Church - One Bomb!”

On Friday 13 August, a mob of almost 1 000 supporters of the radical Pan African Congress (PAC) marched through Kenilworth and Claremont to demand the immediate release of their PAC members who had been arrested in connection with the St James massacre.

As they marched past the mission headquarters of Frontline Fellowship and St James Church (the site of he terrorist attack on Sunday 25 July when 11 Christians were murdered and 54 injured) the mob chanted “Kill the boer! Kill the farmer! One settler - One bullet!” and “One church - One bomb!”

“Expel all Missionaries!”

In his speech outside the Police Station a senior PAC official demanded that all missionaries be expelled from the country and that the police be withdrawn from Black areas.

A massive police presence prevented any violent incidents but many bystanders, including members of our staff, were spat upon and threatened by the mob.

Written slogans carried by marchers included: “One settler - one bullet!”“APLA stick to your guns” (APLA is the PAC’s “military wing” which is accredited with the St James massacre.) “APLA kill a white a day” and “Kill 2 cops a day “.

The march was followed by a looting spree in Guguletu 1 the marchers helped themselves to a weekend’s supply of beer from a delivery truck and looted other commercial vehicles. A car was also damaged in Kenwyn when a log was thrown from one of the buses used by the marchers.

The PAC are allied to the African National Congress (ANC) in a Patriotic Front. Both the PAC and the ANC have received vast sums of money from the World Council of Churches, the United Nations, the European Community and the United States.

Witchcraft Leads the Revolution

On Saturday 7 August a witch (sangoma) led the ANC Women’s League march in Pretoria to demand women’s rights to“reproductive freedom”, abortion and free (state) child care for working women to be entrenched in the constitution. This episode highlighted the pro-abortion and radical feminist nature of the ANC. And it also demonstrated the increasing role played by witchcraft in the revolution.

The anti-Christian sentiments of such mobs were displayed when yet another church was set on fire and destroyed on the same day. Literally hundreds of churches have been attacked with firebombs and damaged, or destroyed, by arson in recent years. Many of the men at the forefront of the violent mobs have scars patterned into their cheeks, foreheads or chests. These shallow vertical cuts are ceremonially made by doctors who then rub magic potion (muti into incisions. Such scars and rituals are believed to make these men invisible to the security forces, or immune to bullets!

A Religion of Hate

While many in the West see the ANC and their high profile leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, as reasonable and respectable - the reality is far different. Black Christians point out that it is well known that when leaders make conciliating statements and calls for peace in English - they are only doing so for the Western media. The crowds, however, ignore all calls made in English. The real message of Mandela and other leaders is given in Xhosa, Sotho or one of the other local languages.

At a rally in King Williams Town, the late Chris Hani led a chant: “We hate De Klerk! We hate capitalists!...” (Citizen 1 9/9/92).

Peter Mokaba, leader of the ANC Youth League, has repeatedly led crowds in his famous “Kill the boer! Kill farmer!” chant. On Aug 12, Mokaba urged a crowd in Thembisa to direct their bullets against President De Klerk. “I hate him” declared Mokaba. He further urged that the local hostel (inhabited by Zulus) be broken down “brick by brick”. (Roca Aug 93)

ANC official Tokyo Sexwale urged a crowd in Tembisa to hunt down and kill the enemies of the ANC. At the same meeting, Communist Party official, Ronnie Kasrils attacked Dr Buthelezi, the prime minister of KwaZulu. A PAC representative at the same rally repeated the slogans: “Peace among Africans - War against the enemy! Kill them, APLA forces! Kill them!” When challenged Peter Mokaba said: “Let me make it clear. What I said was ‘Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer! Shoot to kill! This is our culture. This is our tradition. Those who disagree can go to hell!” (Roca, May 1 993)

Pan African Congress secretary for defence, Sabelo Phama, recently declared that: “Even if we lose 5 million people out of the 30 million population then it will be a sacrifice worth making.” (The Star 28/6/93). In another interview Phama said that he felt satisfaction every time a policeman was killed (The Star 7/1/92).

PAC’s chief political commissar Romero Daniels claimed that their so-called “military wing “, APLA, had killed 90 security force personnel so far in 1993 (The Citizen 18/6/93).

Yet despite the inflammatory speeches and murderous activities of both the ANC and the PAC they continue to receive funding from Western governments and from the World Council of Churches!

Death and Destruction

While many overseas reports try to blame the South African Police (SAP) for the violence, the fact is that the SAP have been a prime target of a deliberate assassination campaign. In the first 7 months of 1993 alone there were 3 114 attacks on members of the police; 516 were attacks on private homes of SAP members; 358 members were wounded and 127 members killed (Human Rights Commission). By way of comparison, the far larger police force of Britain in a country with double the national population had 5 policemen killed in the line of duty in 1992. Over 230 policemen were murdered in SA in 1992.

In 1992, 3 499 people were killed and 5 685 injured in politically, motivated violence according to the Cowley House Trauma Centre.

The National Peace Commission announced on June 29 that, according to their documentation, 9 000 people were killed and 15 000 injured in political violence during 1991 and 1992. In addition, there had been 30 000 socio-economic murders, 260 000 cases of serious assault, 44 000 rapes, 520 000 housebreakings, 140 000 car thefts and 140 000 armed robberies. According to the SA Institute of Race Relations: 16 721 people had been killed in political violence between Sept 1984 and July 1993, 11 182 since the ANC had been unbanned 3,5 years ago.

In 1990, ANC leader Nelson Mandela and over 50 000 convicted murderers, terrorists, arsonists, bombers, rioters, rapists and other criminals were released from prison. The death penalty was suspended. The ANC, PAC and SA Communist Party were unbanned and all restrictions on these revolutionary movements were lifted. And the so-called exiles (mostly terrorists trained in the USSR, East Germany, Libya, Cuba, etc) were allowed to return to South Africa - with indemnities protecting them from prosecution.

All these earth-shaking decisions had been taken by the South African government in accordance with the demands of the US State Department, the European Community, the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). South Africa had been repeatedly promised that if they released Mandela, unbanned the ANC and allowed the “exiles” to return - then all economic sanctions would be lifted. However 3,5 years later most of these sanctions remain firmly in place. And the goal posts continue to be moved as new demands follow every concession.

The Cost of Sanctions

Rather than effecting the lifting of sanctions, the results of the above actions have been the unleashing of the worst wave of violence and lawlessness ever seen in South Africa’s history. Since the announcement of South Africa’s surrender to the United Nations demands, on 2nd February 1990, over 60 000 people have been murdered.

In retrospect it would seem that nothing less than national suicide will satisfy the enemies of South Africa.

Every day for month after month we have been bombarded with shocking news reports:
Police attacked by RPG rockets. Heat-seeking SAM-7 missiles smuggled into South Africa (and, as yet, failed attempts to shoot down civilian aircraft). The routine stoning of cars on national roads. A rapidly increasing number of victims doused with fuel and set alight. Mob attacks on hostels. The burning down of homes. Setting cars alight. Looting. Vandalism. The murder of farmers. School buses ambushed. Car bombs exploding on public streets. Restaurants attacked. Hotels attacked. Churches attacked.

Each and every incident represents untold hardship and grief for individuals and families. The human cost of this crime wave is incalculable.

Yet, for the most part the suffering caused by Western interference in South Africa is ignored. The 9 million people unemployed because of sanctions and disinvestment. The tens of thousands of people crippled by stone throwing mobs, terrorist bombs and indiscriminate shooting. These victims of UN and WCC funded terrorists are ignored as part of the embarrassing cost of the anti-apartheid crusade.

The Lost Generation

One of the most tragic aspects of the ANC’s revolutionary agenda to make South Africa ungovernable was its “liberation before education” strategy. Since 1976 schooling has been severely disrupted by class boycotts, marches, teacher strikes, exam boycotts, school riots, vandalism, intimidation campaigns and the burning down of over 3 500 schools.

Disruption in Black schools in 1992 alone caused more than 11 million pupil-days to be lost and 16 000 riots (Department of Education and Training - DET - Annual Report). As a result most school leavers were not fully literate and not adequately prepared for the labour market. Over 5 million young people are estimated to be "unemployable" as a result. These youths make up the generation of untrained, uneducated thugs and thieves. Knowing only violence and crime these mobsters are only fit to be mobilised as cannon fodder for the revolution.

As the DET Minister, Sam de Beer, has observed: the ANC’s Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) “have a record of destruction unparalleled in the history of education in South Africa and perhaps the world.” (ROCA May 93)

Press Prejudice

For decades South Africa has endured an extraordinary media vendetta. Since 1956 Africa has experienced over 100 violent revolutions and 45 civil wars. Yet the international media has zeroed in on an obsession with South Africa out of all proportion to its media coverage of the other 54 countries that make up Africa.

And instead of using the wide angle lens of context, most journalists reporting on South Africa seem to have preferred the zoom lens of selective reporting.

What has particularly concerned South Africans is how our complex situation has been routinely oversimplified. Thirty second sound-bites are hardly adequate to communicate accurately the conflict raging in SA. Slogans, cliches, parrot cries and predictable stock phrases don’t enlighten anyone. Even more seriously much of the reporting on SA is downright dishonest.

Most reports seem to be distorted to fit the preconceived perception that the strife in South Africa is racial. That the root problem is apartheid. That the war is between the White “oppressors” and the Black “oppressed”. Any reports that cannot be contorted to conform to that formula are seemingly discarded.

Yet the fact is that many millions of Black refugees, migrant workers and illegal immigrants have fled into South Africa from neighbouring Black countries. And most of the Black people in South Africa were born in other states.

Most of the South African Police and SA Defence Force are Black.

Far from being a Black civil rights group, the African National Congress (ANC) has actually been a vicious revolutionary movement controlled by white communists such as KGB Colonel Joe Slovo.

Neither does the ANC represent all the Black people of South Africa. Despite dominating the media, and it’s massive foreign funding, the ANC has failed to sign up more than 500 000 members. By way of contrast the Inkatha Freedom Party of Dr. Buthelezi has over 2,5 million paid up members.

The violence in South Africa has very little to do with racial strife. In fact almost all the violence in South Africa is an ideological conflict. It is black and white together against the reds.

One wonders whether the biased news coverage is inspired by religious prejudice. Is it because South Africa has pro-life legislation protecting the right to life of pre-born babies that leads pro-choice editors to trash SA?

Is it because South African schools begin in prayer and include Bible education and creation in the curriculum that make humanists foam at the mouth against our country?

Could the fact that Dr Buthelezi is a Christian explain the media bias against him? Could the Christian revival amongst the Zulus explain why they are being vilified in the press and blamed for the violence?

And why is the ANC so popular in the Western media? Is it because the ANC supports socialist redistribution of wealth, the nationalisation of industries and banks, the legalisation of abortion and pornography, the protection of homosexual “rights”, and the removal of the Bible from schools? Is this what the West wants for South Africa?

Why is South Africa Important?

It would be impossible to overemphasise the strategic importance of South Africa to the industrial nations of the West, or to the missionary enterprise of the Church.


South Africa contains the world’s largest known deposits of gold, platinum, chrome, manganese, vanadium and fluorspar. It also contains substantial deposits of antimony, asbestos, copper, diamonds, iron ore, lead, phosphates, titanium, uranium and other strategic metals. Without these vital minerals America could not manufacture air-conditioners, refrigerators, motor vehicles or jet aircraft.


In addition, the Cape sea route is the busiest in the world with more than 26 000 ships sailing past South Africa every year. More then 30% of all U.S. oil imports, 50% of Western Europe’s oil and 25% of Western Europe’s food supplies travel around the Cape of Good Hope.


The South African Defence Force (SADF) has proven itself to be the superpower of Africa. The SADF carried out one of the most successful counter-insurgency operations against Soviet backed SWAPO terrorists in South West Africa for 26 years. The SADF blunted the southward advance of Soviet expansionism in Africa and for 15 years faced the best Cuban, Soviet and East German weaponry and personnel in conventional warfare and defeated them every time. It would not be the West’s interests for the highly advanced, battle tested SA weaponry to fall into the hands of the international terrorist network.


South Africa is the most important missionary sending nation in the southern hemisphere. The SA churches form the main missionary base for all of Africa. South Africa is one of the most important bases for Gospel radio broadcasts and for Bible translation and production.

Revolutionary Goals

For decades South Africa has been the target of an precedented media propaganda campaign, economic warfare and revolutionary violence. And now the marxist goal of gaining control over the strategic minerals, the Cape Sea route and the awesome military potential of South Africa seems to be in sight.

To achieve the seizure of power the ANC/SA Communist Party/PAC alliance are striving to: 1) Neutralise the SA Security Forces by bringing them under United Nations supervision or under the control of a Transitional Executive Council. 2. Neutralise Inkatha - the largest Black political party in SA. Dr Buthiezi’s IFP with it’s mostly Zulu power base have therefore been the targets of most terrorist attacks. 3. Replace the present elected government with an unelected interim government. 4. Encourage United Nations intervention to help establish ANC control over the country.

Counter Attack

Over the last year a broad anti-communist front has been solidified. The multi-racial Concerned South African Group (COSAG) consists of the lnkatha Freedom Party, the Bophuthatswana government, the Ciskei Government, and the Afrikaner Volksfront (a coalition of over 20 Afrikaans parties and movements).

These parties have united for Christian values and against the communist and socialist alliance. Each party is successfully mobilizing vast numbers of concerned citizens to resist the ANC’s plans to intimidate its opponents into rubberstamping its pre-arranged agenda.

Among the items needing to be rejected are: 1) the Draft Constitution which has been described as “an amalgam of half-formed thoughts and unfinished sentences" and an “invitation to civil war" 2) the Draft Bill of Rights which has been described as a “disastrous document” for legalising the expropriation of property without compensation, creating a “socialist-style command economy the legalisation of pornography and abortion; 3) the hastily drawn up new map of Regional Boundarieswhich has been described as “a recipe for disaster and violent splits along ethnic, racial and party political lines”; 4) the plan to create a National peace-keeping Force (NPF) composed of elements of the SADF, the ANC’s terrorist wing MK and the PAC’s APLA terrorists! This has been described as appointing wolves to protect the sheep and compared to integrating the IRA with the British Army or the PLO with the Israeli Defence Force!; and 5) the transfer of the strategic Atlantic port of Walvis Bay to Namibia. This decision to transfer a section of South African territory to a foreign power has been made not by the elected parliament, nor by a referendum of the affected population in Walvis Bay - but by the unelected multi party council, under pressure from Western governments!

To oppose this attempt to hijack the country the COSAG group have a formidable support base. Dr. Buthelezi is the President of the 2,5 million strong lnkatha Freedom Party and the elected prime minister of the 8 million Zulu nation. Brig. Joshua Gqozo is the Head of State of the 2 million strong Ciskei nation. President Lucas Mangope is the elected Head of State of the 3 million Bophuthatswana nation. Each of these leaders command a loyal army or police force. Ex - SADF Chief, General Constand Viljoen is the leader of the Afrikaner Volksfront and is probably looked to for leadership by 2 to 3 million Whites. Over 700 000 of these South Africans are trained soldiers organised in local commandos and citizens force units. Nearly 3 million South Africans are registered owners of firearms. And most ex-SADF soldiers have combat experience. Collectively COSAG represents an awesome nightmare to the marxist revolutionaries.

Reformation and Revival

On the spiritual front there is a powerful revival affecting a large section of the Zulu and Afrikaans nation. And Frontline Fellowship has been in the forefront of working for reformation and revival in South Africa. FF is co-ordinating a network of 28 Bible believing organisations in a United Christian Action to mobilise our people to rebuild Biblical values into all areas of life.

At this critical time in South Africa’s history the choices before us seem to be: Communism or civil war; surrender or secession; paganism or partition. From a Christian perspective the conflict is Christianity versus Communism. It is eitherrevival or revolution; Christ or chaos.

Dr. Peter Hammond

Frontline Fellowship
PO Box 74 Newlands 7725
Cape Town South Africa
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