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 The famous Prime Minister of Rhodesia (from 1964 to 1979), Mr Ian Smith, has often said "We were never beaten by our enemies - we were betrayed by our friends". Today, South Africans can also echo his incisive analysis: We have never been militarily defeated by any enemy. At the 75th Anniversary of the South African Defence Force in 1987, we could proudly declare that the SADF had never been beaten - it had an unbroken record of victory. Most recently against the Cubans in Angola.

Yet we need to also add the second part of that statement: We have been betrayed. Betrayed by our supposed allies in the West. Slandered and sanctioned by those for whom we had sacrificed to serve and assist when they were under attack. We may have fought for the British, French and American cause in the First and Second World Wars, but when we were attacked, they sided with Soviet supported terrorists - granting vast financial aid to the ANC.

The SADF had also successfully fought to liberate Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and South Korea - but these nations still joined in the OAU and UN hate campaign against South Africa.

However, the statement cannot stop there. We are in the tragic situation that we need to add: We have not only been betrayed by our friends but by our own government.

It is incredible that the National Party has the gall to expect South Africans to vote for them yet again. After all, they have completely betrayed their own constituency. In the previous (September 1989) elections, the NP platform promised:

"No release of Mandela unless he renounces violence"
"No unbanning of the ANC unless they forsake terrorism"
"No negotiations with communists"
"Strong law and order"

By 2nd February 1990, the NP had not only abandoned their election promises, but they then plagiarised the Democratic Party's platform. Finally, they moved so far to the left that even the DP was protesting the catastrophic collapse of law and order allowed by the NP government. During the 1992 referendum they promised voters a further referendum to accept or reject the final constitutional proposals. This promise has not been honoured.

Space and time precludes a full exposure of the treachery of the National Party. That would require a series of books. Let me just list a few examples. The NP government betrayed Rhodesia - threatening to cut off petrol and ammunition supplies unless Rhodesia submitted to the British hand-over plan.

The NP government betrayed the anti-communist RENAMO guerillas in Mozambique. When the Marxist Frelimo was in defeat and disarray, and RENAMO was within a few months of total victory, the SA government ditched Renamo and embraced Frelimo in the Nkomati Accord of 1984. SA support then helped prop up the unelected Frelimo dictatorship and prolong that tragic war.

The NP government betrayed the anti-communist UNITA movement in Angola. When the Marxist MPLA were at their weakest and UNITA was on the offensive, SA cut support for UNITA and began to support the MPLA. This again has prolonged the oppressive reign of the MPLA regime.

The NP government betrayed South West Africa. The SADF and SWATF had waged one of the most successful counter insurgency campaigns and had effectively defeated SWAPO before the SA government handed SWA over to the UN. Even when the SWAPO terrorists clearly disqualified themselves from the elections by invading Ovamboland on 1st April 1989, the SA government limited the SADF response and then confined the defenders to base allowing the surviving attackers to continue their intimidation of voters.

Despite the gross irregularities and fraud in the election process, South West Africa/Namibia was abandoned into the hands of a mob of Marxists responsible for the murders of over 10 000 civilians.

The NP government betrayed the South West African Territorial Force (SWATF), 32 Battalion and 31 Battalion (the old 201 Battalion of Bushmen). The disbanding of these units was a disgraceful betrayal of many solemn undertakings.

The NP government has betrayed the people of Walvis Bay. Without so much as a referendum, South Africa's sovereign territory - the strategic Walvis Bay - was handed over to Namibia. Schools that used to have Bible education now find themselves under an Education Department that makes no provision for any Christian curriculum. Afrikaans schools now even have to teach in English.

The NP government has betrayed the nations of Boputhatswana and Ciskei. Having granted them independence in 1977 and 1980, the SA government then gave in to ANC pressure and destabilised and then invaded these nations. Upon what legal basis could SA dismiss the elected parliament of the multi-party democracy of Boputhatswana? And how is it possible to forcibly abolish their independence and re-incorporate a nation without so much as a referendum? The NP government has betrayed the South African Police and the South African Defence Force. At the same time that the SA govt was releasing murderers and granting terrorists indemnity from prosecution, policemen and soldiers were being imprisoned for having done their duty in fighting the terrorist threat. Other South African soldiers were left to rot in prison in Zimbabwe.

Dozens of high ranking police officers were summarily dismissed. Whole units like the Marines, 32 Bn, 5 Recce, 31 Bn and the State Presidents Guard were abolished. Major Armscor weapons programmes deemed essential to our national security were cancelled. National service was abolished and the SADF shrunk to a shadow of its former self. It is ironic that this has been done when violence has been at its highest and when the threat has been the greatest.

Most seriously of all the NP government has betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ. Our constitution begins with these words "In humble submission to Almighty God...", yet the SA government has allowed previously banned pornography, prostitution and gambling to flood our country. At the National Peace Accord and CODESA negotiations, the SA government participated in interfaith prayers led by Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian religious leaders. Since then, NP Cabinet Ministers have participated in witchcraft ceremonies.

"They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny Him. They are detestable, disobedient unfit for doing anything good." Titus 1:16

For the NP to describe South Africa's descent into an orgy of degenerate lawlessness as "the road to democracy" would be hysterically funny if it wasn't so tragic. To say that the situation would have been worse "if De Klerk had not made his historic decision" is also a fallacious argument. To carry out reforms and abolish all racial discrimination (as P W Botha was doing) does not require the legalisation of previously banned pornography, prostitution and gambling. Nor does racial equality require the release of tens of thousands of violent criminals, the suspension of the death penalty, the granting of indemnities from prosecution for wanted murderers and the unrestricted influx of thousands of armed revolutionaries into South Africa.

The National Party government has literally opened the floodgates of filth and violence upon our once peaceful country. The ANC was a weak ineffectual, defeated, low-level threat in 1989. With the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and their Soviet sponsors, the ANC was heading for the trash can of history. By reneging on their September '89 election promises and platform, the National Party resuscitated the ANC. By lavishing media attention and tax payers money on the mob of marxist murderers and power-hungry thugs of the ANC, they revived and unleashed a monster.

"Their deeds are evil deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands. Their feet rush into sin; they are swift to shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are evil thoughts; ruin and destruction mark their ways. The way of peace they do not know; there is no justice in their paths. They have turned them into crooked roads; no one who walks in them will know peace." Isaiah 59:6-9

As South Africa hurtles towards an unstable and violent future a steady stream of emigrants leave the country. In the largest mass exodus of citizens ever seen in our land tens of thousands are giving a vote of no confidence by packing up and moving out. Reportedly the British, Portuguese and American embassies have made preparations to evacuate their citizens if chaos erupts after the elections.

Those planning to stay have been fortifying their homes with burglar bars, high walls, razor wire and dogs. Unprecedented panic buying of firearms, ammunition and essential items have been reported. Frontline Fellowship has produced a new publication "Security and Survival in Unstable Times". It is packed full of practical information, guidelines, strategies and checklists to help you protect your property and loved ones.

Dr. Peter Hammond

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