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by Peter Hammond

Steve Green must be one of the most inspiring and effective Christian musicians in the world today. His songs aresteve green clear, Christ-centered and mostly Scripture. From the beginning of the concert, it was clear that Steve Green was not involved in entertainment, but worship. From the beginning to the end of his concert, Steve Green was plainly worshipping the Lord, and at several points he incorporated the audience, urging everyone to stand up and praise the Lord in song together

.Steve Green is also very family orientated. He honoured his parents, he dedicated one song to his wife, and, at one point, he invited the children up to the front, and involved them in questions and answers and songs of worship.

Prayer and Gospel messages naturally flowed out of the songs. The subject matter of Steve Green's songs, mostly composed by himself, apply the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. His songs plainly presented the Gospel message, the Lordship of Christ, the challenge of missions, concern for the persecuted church, speaking up for pre-born babies, declaring what we believe, looking back at the Christian heritage we have received from Godly Reformers and missionaries of the past, and concern that we will provide an example for future generations to follow.

One of the most stirring and dramatic presentations of Steve Green was his solo performance of A Mighty Fortress is our God - without any musical accompaniment.

Steve Green presents an excellent role model for fathers, husbands and all musicians. Unlike many other musicians, he was neat, clean-cut and smartly dressed. A humble and Christ-centered musician who gave due acknowledgement to all the others involved in the presentations, and their families and children back home. He must be one of the most family orientated of the world class Christian musicians on the scene today. Steve Green is an example that others who want to glorify Christ through music or public speaking should follow.

Steve Green ensures that the message is not overwhelmed by the medium. While the music was most uplifting, the Christ-centered and Scriptural message came through loud and clear and he ended with a stirring benediction.

Also, unlike many other musicians, Steve Green stayed after the concert to interact with members of the audience, although it is probably not accurate to call people who attend a Steve Green concert an audience. He ensured that the audience became a congregation involved in worship. That, in the final analysis, is what makes Steve Green's concert stand out from so many others - it was not entertainment, but dynamic worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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