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What have been your main impressions of the Summit? Insightful, fun, learning experience, Very intensive and eye-opening, Excellent!, Very relevant, a wonderful opportunity, clear and understandable lectures, Bible-based leaders - good examples of God-fearing Christians, a wonderful time of gathering huge amounts of info., Fun and encouragement, Very impressed with the depth of knowledge our lecturers had and what they've been exposed to, very informative, Addressed core issues that we've been battling with, Very organised, informative - intellectually, spiritually and practically, wonderful! Enlightening! Wisdom giving, logical and true. The lecturers are blessings from God - because they strengthen us spiritually, Very informative - I learnt things I've never heard of before, met amazing people, well organised, Stimulating, fun, wonderful! A great way to learn how to grow from a humanistic Christian to a real Christian, Very informative, mind-boggling, Very good and relevant and everyone needs to hear it, Intense, informative, very interesting and eye-opening, The Summit has really changed my views, Eye-opener! Exhausting! Well organised!, Very well planned, The team was a wonderful example, the lectures were well presented, very informative and interesting, Very different to any other kind of Christian camps - a definite eye-opener, It has renewed my enthusiasm for Jesus and His ministry, Fun, joy, better than I expected, Somewhat controversial - my horizons have been broadened significantly, Too little time! I really learnt a lot, An amazing experience which strengthened my faith, very impressed.

In what ways have you benefitted from Summit? Every way possible - my knowledge about God, how to tackle problems head-on, how to form my own opinions on Biblical terms, I believe that from here on my faith in God can only grow stronger, I really felt that God spoke to me about body piercing as I was really debating whether I should get a tongue ring or not - I've decided not to, I've even took my earrings out - Praise God for that! It was a great time of spiritual revival, I've benefitted a lot in this Summit - spiritually and physically - most of the topics you tackled I never knew about, I've come to understand that the Bible affects every aspect of life and society and a true return to its principles is the answer. The Summit has strengthened my stand as a Christian, my eyes have been opened to things I did not even know existed and strategies have been given to tackle various issues, I have been greatly humbled - there's a lot of things I didn't know or thought I knew, but was wrong, the Summit gave me solid foundations for defending and living my faith, In what ways have I not benefitted?, I'm a winner - I can make a difference! Stimulated to love God and to work for His glory more, definitely broadened my knowledge and my concentration span! I've learnt a lot more about the Bible, being changed in so many ways, by committing to Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, I now know things that I've never even thought about before. The Bible exam helped me to see how my knowledge of the Word of God was and to work on those things that I do not know, I've learnt the importance of fighting for our faith.

What were the highlights of the Summit for you? Spiritual revival - meeting like-minded believers, To have seen with my own eyes how totally diverse people from different nations can come together in praise and worship of the same God, the learning, making friends and the atmosphere, the times of fellowship over meals and in the small groups, the outreach, Bill Bathman's sermons and lectures as well as Peter Hammond, Bible drill, Rev. Bill Bathman, the Variety concert and church service, Everything was outstanding and well done, networking and focusing on pro-active "What Now", many said the discussion groups and Bible drills, several mentioned the Dating & Courtship lectures and Humanism presentations, the Terrorism & Persecution video and Simple Tools for Brain Surgery, the Understanding Communism presentations were also mentioned, I loved all Uncle Bill's lectures, the visual demonstrations helped a lot and I liked Bill Bathman a lot! Meeting amazing people from all nations with the same love for God, several mentioned the video on Sudan and some the Bible Exam!, The Summit was memorable and recommendable, seeing other Christian's enthusiasm and being inspired through it, Lectures were very interesting, Discussions with informed people who base their opinions on fact and Scripture instead of the usual thought-based opinion, the manner of presentations and their accuracy and impact on us, others mentioned the God & Government lecture and Christian Culture.

Would you recommend that others attend future Summits? All but one gave a resounding Yes. Responses included: Yes, because if you want to change the world, you will need the best tools for doing the job, many Christians are ignorant of what is really happening in the world, Yes, there is a whole load of information that is not reaching the ears of young people, which this Summit covered, Yes, the Summit is a great place to equip yourself for any challenges this world has to offer, Yes, it's relevant for the youth of today and in building a stronger faith, Yes - people need to know in what kind of world we are living and to know that most of us are lukewarm, Yes - the Summit was a memorable experience and a great way to increase our knowledge and a wonderful time to bond with God, it really helps in building our relationship with God, Yes - Summit helps people to understand the times we are living in, that everybody has got a worldview and no-one can be neutral, Too few people know about the issues we discussed - we are subconsciously conforming to a humanistic society, If more could attend such Summits - then the world could be changed, Christians need a firm foundation, Yes - it is impossible to leave here without heaps of new info., friends from all over, a burning desire to spread the Gospel and a completely new worldview. Summit was a great experience! I thank God for the opportunity and next year I'll be back! YES!!! This was probably the best experience in my life so far and I'll try my best to come next year - prepare for a hoard! Yes! Yes! Yes! in fact I'm planning on bringing my two sisters and other friends along, Yes - young people have been brainwashed and lied to, the lies presented to them can be reversed by the truth presented at Summit, Definitely - we are in a battle and if the church isn't equipped, it's bound to fail. The Summit equips!!! I've been able to gather so much, enjoyed myself and rededicated myself to the Gospel, Unbiased and focused teaching - not easy to find nowadays, more young people need to hear this.

Has this course led you to make any decisions? Some of the decisions written down on the response forms by participants included: To commit myself to Christ, To live more and more like Jesus, To not just read the Bible, but actually remember the exact Scriptures, I have come to a new realisation of the importance of Scripture memorisation, To apply Biblical principles more and remove humanism from my life, Spend more time reading Christian literature rather than wasting my time with unimportant things, To develop more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, Actually this course has led me to make many decisions about, for example - smoking, drinking and being amused by the worlds distractions, to follow God's plan for me and obey Him - my spiritual battery is fully charged! To love the Lord my God with all my mind as well - more than before - Romans 12:2, Colossians 2:8, To dedicate my work to the propagation of the Gospel of Christ, To not get a tongue ring and to take my earrings out! To try and understand the Bible better and to build a better foundation for my Christian life, to memorise more Scripture, I want to make a difference in my school - make people aware of humanism so that they can realise that we need to get back to God's Word, To spend most of my time serving the Lord and not out playing and wasting my time, To do further investigation on the facts and absorb everything that will make my walk with the Lord a fervent one, To never give up, never give up, never, ever give up!!! To attend the Summit again, to get more involved in understanding politics and history, to get practical and stop avoiding responsibility, to write letters to the newspaper, Summit was a great experience! I thank God for the opportunity and next year I'll be back!!! To help the needy, to correct where I see sin, to rebuke false teaching, to intercede for other nations, to be a hot Christian - not lukewarm, to try and make a difference in my community, to spread the Word of God, The Summit is too short! I want to know more history - especially about the Church, I want to know God's Word more, to court (when the time comes) and not to date, to get involved in defending God's Law in our country.

Thirty-three (33) marked to fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ
Eleven (11) to join a local Church
Twenty-seven (27) to offer your services to your local Church
Fifty-five (55) to spend more time in prayer for our country
Fifty-six (56) to read more good Christian books
Thirty-four (34) to read at least one chapter of the Bible every day (some marked two, four, even up to ten chapters of the Bible for each day).
Forty-six to seek God for revival in your heart, home and Church
Twenty-six (26) to join or start a Christian Action group
Thirty-six (36) to disciple at least one person per year (many indicated a more ambitious number)
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