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Biblical Principles for Africa was officially launched on 12 August at Parliament in Cape Town. Two members of Parliament, Mr Kentkent durr_ph_display Durr of the National Council of Provinces (what used to be called The Senate) and Mrs Cheryllyn Dudley, spoke at the Book Launch. Mr Kent Durr said: "Biblical Principles for Africa is extremely useful for us as Parliamentarians. It is clear and concise… You cannot separate moral and ethical values from economics and justice."

Mrs Cheryllyn Dudley M.P. declared: "Biblical Principles for Africa is an awesome hand book and it needs to be in the hands of every one of our people. We need God-fearing men and women in Government."

Biblical Principles for Africa has already begun receiving very positive endorsements from Christian leaders in Southern Africa.

Dr Kenneth Meshoe, M.P., the President of the African Christian Democratic Party, has written: "Dr Peter Hammond must be congratulated by all Christians who believe in Biblical truth for writing this masterpiece Biblical Principles for Africa. His bold and direct approach in confronting serious issues facing the nations of this world is admirable. Above all, his commitment to Scripture and belief in Biblical solutions for all problems in this age of compromise is refreshing and an encouragement. A major problem facing our nation today is crime. Our Humanist government is failing to stop the scurge of crime because they do not know why people commit crime so readily. We all know that you cannot offer a solution to a problem you have not identified. Dr Peter Hammond has accurately identified the causes of crime and has consequently offered Biblical solutions for those problems. If Government does not heed his words of advice and wisdom based on God's Word, then they will never eradicate crime from our streets and homes. …I highly recommend Dr Hammond's book Biblical Principles for Africa to all Christians who want to inform themselves about what the Bible says regarding the problems facing us as a Nation. But, for those Christians who want to be part of the solution, this book is a must read as it will equip them as to how to supply Biblical solutions to contemporary problems."

Dr Derek Carlsen, the Director of Reason of Hope Ministries in Zimbabwe and pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty, has written: "There is a great need for Christians to understand the relevance of Biblical truth for every aspect of their lives, which includes applying the truth to everything - a command Christ himself gave! (Matthew 28:18-20). Dr Hammond has written an excellent introduction to many of these vital issues and my hope is that this new book Biblical Principles for Africa, will receive a very wide circulation and be one of the answers to our prayer: 'Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven' (Matthew 6:10)."

Douglas Shaw, Economist and CEO of Global Intelligence Fund Management, has written: "If you want to read one Christian book that will stop you thinking like the world, get you thinking Biblically, by someone who is actively practicing what he preaches, then read this one. You need this book to help you understand the world we live in."

Philip Rosenthal, the Director of ChristianView Network, says: "Biblical Principles for Africa is a very helpful introduction to a range of issues facing the continent from a Biblical perspective by a widely travelled missionary and Christian activist. It is well referenced to the Bible and historical leaders. I found the comments on relief aid and poverty and the link between revival and the law, particularly interesting."
Rev. Erlo Stegen, the Director of KwaSizabantu, wrote in his Foreword for the book: "Biblical Principles for Africa is a manual on the way of blessings, for individuals, nations, Africa and the world. The author, Dr Peter Hammond, is not writing about theories that are of no earthly use. He has worked for over 20 years in African nations, has observed the cultures, problems and sins which destroy millions of lives. The principles in this book are based on the tried and proved principles of God's Word… If people in Africa begin to practise the values found in Biblical Principles for Africa then we can truly pray 'Nkosi Sikelela iAfica'."

Some years ago, I met with General Godfrey Miyanda in Lusaka, Zambia. General Miyanda had also been a prisoner in Lusaka Central Prison under the Kaunda regime. General Miyanda later served as Vice-President of Zambia and as Minister of Education. On this occasion I delivered to him a pile of great Christian books to assist him in his ministry.

However, as General Miyanda looked at the high pile of books, he groaned. He loves reading, but the demands of his office gave him little time for reading. "Don't you have a small book?" he asked. "One that summarises all of these?"

It was in response to that challenge that I began to produce Biblical Principles for Africa. It represents over a decade of study and writing. This compact, 100 page book is designed to be a powerful discipleship tool - for government officials, businessmen, pastors, teachers, journalists and citizens throughout the 23 nations of Africa which have English as their official language. It is our earnest prayer that the Lord would be gracious to use this book as a Spiritual guided missile, as a patriot missile to intercept the scuds of Humanism, Socialism and Islam; and as a manual for blessings and a roadmap for Reformation and Transformation - on the road to the protection of the innocent, progress and prosperity for Africa. We want God to bless Africa, but we know that that will not be possible until we obey God's commandments.

We are wanting to put copies of this book into the hands of pastors, teachers, editors and Government officials throughout Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Uganda, Ghana and elsewhere in Africa. We are also praying for sponsorship to have this book translated into French and Portuguese.

Biblical Principles for Africa is available from Christian Liberty Books (PO Box 358 Howard Place, 7450, Cape Town, South Africa; Tel/Fax: +21-689-7478; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Also see Why is there so much hostility against the Bible and Christianity?

Rapist Hung Outside Parliament

To mark the 10th National Women's Day in South Africa, Africa Christian Action held a mock rape trial and "execution" of a rapist hangmanoutside Parliament in Cape Town. We constructed a gallows with noose outside the gates of Parliament. Complete with Scripture banners declaring "The wages of sin is death…", defendant, witnesses and judge, the drama was carried out in light rain with a heavy media contingent recording the proceedings. The play highlighted the plight of women raped in South Africa and the failure of the Criminal Justice System to provide an adequate deterrent. Our message: "Women in South African don't need pious platitudes from politicians and meaningless public holidays. Women need respect and protection - practical action: abolish abortion, eliminate pornography and execute rapists." This message was widely broadcast on national radio, TV and newspapers - leading to tremendous ministry opportunities and discussions.
"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous, but terror to evil doers."
Proverbs 21:15

National Women's Day Outreaches
Also for National Women's Day, we organised displays and literature tables at 4 shopping malls in Cape Town, distributing flowers to mothers, balloons with Scripture messages to children, and thousands of leaflets specially designed for the occasion.
My family were at the Somerset West Shopping Mall. Christopher and Calvin handed out balloons, Andrea and Daniela handed out the roses to mothers, and I handed out literature to anyone else. This all led to many interesting discussions and witnessing opportunities in the shopping mall.

Charl and his team were swamped at a shopping centre in Khayelitsha with such enthusiasm that they quickly ran out of balloons and leaflets. They were soon involved in vigorous debates about the call for the death penalty for rapists. Biblical principles are still being discussed all over Khayelitsha.

Christopher Celebrates his 8th Birthday
Many have asked how Christopher is doing. Christopher is a daily reminder of God's grace and mercy. He is our "miracle boy" and a living testimony that God answers prayer. From the time he was diagnosed with kidney failure, even before his birth, and since the doctors gave him no chance of survival at birth, the call went out to our friends to intercede.

Despite still being one of the key kidney patients at the Red Cross Children's Hospital here in Cape Town, needing regular monitoring, Christopher is suprisingly healthy. During our Great Commission Course, Christopher joined us for a couple of our mountain hikes, up Lion's Head, and up and across the full length of Table Mountain - a grueling 7 hour hike, much of which was completed in the dark. Some of the men who were struggling on the hike commented afterwards how seeing that little boy striding determinedly up the mountain helped inspire them to keep going on this strenuous hike!

Christopher does get sick quite often, and just this week had Lenora in tears again. However, he is a determined young boy, not letting his renal failure hold him back. Along with his home schooling, he takes guitar and recorder lessons as well as doing ice-skating lessons and soccer. In fact, Christopher joined the missionary's team in our soccer evangelism in Khayelitsha, when we beat the home team 5-0.

christopher daniela_interest_in_bgOn the morning of Christopher's 8th birthday party, he got up with us in the dark to head out to set up everything for the outreach at the shopping mall, and spent all morning handing out balloons with Scriptural messages to children. For his birthday party that afternoon, he chose to go to the antique car show at The Castle (the oldest building in Southern Africa, still a military head-quarters), and go-kart racing.

So, thank you for continuing to pray for our Christopher. The testimony of Theodore Rooseveld and his resolution to overcome his early infirmities by making his body fit and healthy against all odds, inspires us for Christopher, and it is our prayer that true to his name, Christopher will bear the message of Christ to many people.

"Let no-one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

Peter Hammond


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