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Container of Bibles and Books

By God's grace, our first Mission team is en route to the newly Independent country of South Sudan. The last week has been an incredible whirlwind of activity. On Thursday we received a 17 tonne , 20 foot container packed full of Bibles and Christian books. All our men received a thorough workout offloading each of the boxes of precious Bibles and books by hand.

Weight Lifting Marathon

As the shipment was not palletised , and as the container was too large to fit down our driveway, we offloaded everything first into a pick-up truck and then drove it down the driveway to offload into the various Mission stores. There another team was carefully categorising and allocating the materials. With two pick-up trucks we were able to offload the whole container in under 3 hours. Then came the challenge of identifying the various categories and sorting them onto the necessary shelves. The field teams were immediately requisitioning boxes of Bibles to deliver to Zimbabwe en route and other Bibles needed for South Sudan.

First Overland Mission Team to South Sudan Sent Off

As the extra fuel tanks needed were added to our primary field vehicle on Monday, loading began through the night. No one got much sleep last night. It was still dark when the team headed out enthusiastic and eager to make up for lost time and reach South Sudan as soon as possible.

Heading Off in Faith

Although barely enough funds have come through to cover the fuel costs on this epic 8,000 km Overland Mission to Sudan, we determined to leave as soon as possible and trust the Lord to provide what is still needed en route. The Lord required the children of Israel to step into the Jordan River before He parted the river for them.

Mobilising Prayer for South Sudan

You can view a video clip on Frontline's Mission to Sudan online. Click here.

Please screen this video clip on the Overland Mission to Sudan to your congregation, prayer fellowship or cell group. We need to mobilise much intercession for our brothers and sisters in Christ in South Sudan and for the Christians under fire in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan .

Strategic Leadership Training

This Mission to South Sudan is most strategic coming at the first opportunity after the Independence of South Sudan, 9 July. As the rainy season has come to an end the water levels in this land, divided by rivers, approaches reasonable depths for our field vehicles to cross. We have received numerous invitations and requests to conduct Leadership Training courses for pastors, teachers, chaplains and evangelists in different regions of South Sudan. Our teams will be conducting Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master Workshops, Biblical Worldview Seminars, God and Government Seminars, Discipleship Seminars and Muslim Evangelism Workshops.

Literature for Africa

Our Mission vehicles are transporting specially designed Chaplains Hand Books, Chaplains Prayer Books, Discipleship Training Manuals, textbooks for teachers, Discipleship materials, audio visual equipment for film evangelism and much Gospel literature to supply Chaplains and Evangelists. We have t onnes of vital materials, which will go a long way to providing solid Biblical foundations for this new nation. One Mission team is en route. The second will be sent off as soon as funds are provided to equip it with the essential equipment needed to ford the rivers in South Sudan: snorkel, winch, etc.

Christopher Wins Gold

On Saturday, our 16 year old son, Christopher, demonstrated how thoroughly he has recovered from years of kidney failure and the kidney transplant barely 22 months ago. He won a Bronze Medal and a Gold Medal at Karate Nationals. Earlier this year he beat 21 other black belts to win Gold in Provincial competitions. Now that he has won Gold, he has qualified to represent South Africa in the World Tournament next year. He has already received his letter inviting him to be part of the National team at the International competition.

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Thank You

We are most grateful for your prayers, for your encouragement and support.

May the Lord abundantly bless and reward you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

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