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Mission to Malawi

By God’s grace, a Frontline Mission team has completed a blessed time of ministry to the Central African nation of Malawi. For ten years Malawi was run by a Muslim president and many hundreds of mosques were built throughout that land. Today Malawi has a Christian president Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika, who has ordered copies of our Biblical Principles for Africa book for his parliamentarians. Dr. Wa Mutharika described Biblical Principles for Africa as: “God’s Wisdom.”

The Frontline Mission team was able to conduct leadership training for evangelists and participate in outreaches in a remote part of Malawi. They were very conscious that they were ministering in an area first pioneered by Dr. David Livingstone one hundred and fifty years ago.

Mission to Zimbabwe

Our mission headquarters in Cape Town continues to be a hive of activity as we sort through almost thirty tonnes of Bibles and books to be categorised, designated and shipped off to Missions, Christian schools, Bible colleges, churches, university ministries, evangelists and chaplains in the field. We have already had the joy of loading up vehicles with tonnes of great evangelistic and discipleship materials for Christians suffering in Zimbabwe. By God’s grace, Bibles and discipleship material, in Shona, Matabele, and English have been delivered to pastors, pensioners and prisoners in Zimbabwe. Please continue to pray for our ongoing work in this devastated nation.

Faith Under Fire in Sudan

After returning from my mission to Zambia, I focused on completing our greatly expanded and revised Faith Under Fire in Sudan book. This third edition is three times larger than the 1996 first edition. When I first began going behind the lines to serve our suffering brethren in Sudan they told me: “We are a hidden people, fighting a forgotten war. You must be our Ambassador and tell the world what is happening here.”

Faith Under Fire in Sudan is the only book to comprehensively deal with the incredible story of steadfast Christian Faith under fire in Sudan. This conflict has been raging for almost fourteen centuries. Since Sudanese Christians first resisted the Arab invasion in AD642, the Nubians have resisted Islam.

Faith Under Fire in Sudan lifted the virtual news blackout on this colossal conflict and exposed the scorched earth tactics, systematic terror bombing of civilian targets and the resurgence of the slave trade in Sudan. It is a positive and inspiring book which focuses on Christian courage and incredible church growth amidst some of the worst persecution imaginable.

Faith Under Fire in Sudan is packed with invaluable information, insights and examples to energise and empower missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, especially in the Middle East.

Thank You for Praying for Christopher Hammond

By God’s grace, after ten operations in the last five months, Christopher now has more energy and health than he has known in many years. Since his kidney transplant 2 December 2009 he has spent much of that time in hospital as the surgeon’s fought with complications caused by blockages. Christopher has certainly seen enough doctors, nurses, needles and operating theatres to last him several lifetimes!

Now, however, Christopher is back at Scouts and involved in sports, working out at the gym and building up his strength again after being confined to a hospital bed for so many months. His creatine levels are rising, however, and the specialists are concerned about a virus he has contracted.

Lenora has also fully recovered from donating her kidney to Christopher.

Our eldest daughter, Andrea is completing her first academic year at a Christian University. I will be heading out on another Ministry trip soon.

Please continue to pray for our mission teams in the field, for our ongoing mission outreaches, writing and printing projects and evangelistic and discipleship programs.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Dr. Peter Hammond


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