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Outreaches and Leadership Training

Frontline Fellowship ended last year with a series of Mission outreaches and Leadership training courses in Mpumalanga, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We began the New Year with an outreach with evangelist Paul Young on New Year’s Day at the Pavilion on Muizenberg beachfront and launching our Biblical Worldview Summit (1-8 January) in the forest amidst the Hottentots Holland Mountains. Over 90 participants registered, travelling from as far afield as Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and from the USA.

Biblical Worldview Summit

The Biblical Worldview Summit(BWS) was an intensive leadership training programme beginning early in the morning with PT, running and obstacle courses. The practicals in the afternoon were a great highlight with hikes, raft building, canoeing, obstacle crossing, problem solving and other team building exercises. The programme included 7 Devotions, 32 lectures, 4 workshops, 6 physical training sessions, 12 hours of practicals, 8 films, a series of outreaches and a Variety Concert.  Numerous participants had the privilege of leading people to Christ during outreaches in the nearby town. The younger children enjoyed the parallel children’s programme, which included evangelistic and discipleship training, character studies on famous missionaries, many practicals, water sports, archery and target shooting with air rifles and blow darts.

Great Commission Course

The Biblical Worldview Summit formed the first part of our 3 week Great Commission Course (GCC). Of the nearly 50 who applied 25 were selected for the GCC. As other BWS participants headed for their homes, heavily laden with great books and films for evangelism and discipleship at their schools, work places and communities, I introduced the GCC members to the new phase of training by leading them on a night hike up Lion’s Head. This second phase of the GCC included another 33 lectures, 10 outreaches, 9 films, 8 Church services, 7 exams, 5 workshops, 4 hikes, a work party at a nearby Mission Station and a visit to the Castle, the Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington and to the Eagle Encounters Raptor Rehabilitation Centre.

Evangelism and Mountain Climbing

Participants in the GCC identified as highlights; the outreaches, the Prison ministry, the Muslim Evangelism in the Malay Quarter, the Table Mountain night hike, the Pro-life demonstration Prayer Vigil and Outreach at an abortuary, the Evangelism and Public Speaking workshop, and the Sunday Church services in nearby townships. At the conclusion of the GCC, mission vehicles were loaded with tonnes of Christian books, Gospel booklets and Bibles for outreaches across the border.

Violence Against Christians in Nigeria

As we had 18 participants from Nigeria take part in the BWS, the Islamic attacks against Christians in Jos, Platau state, gripped our attention and prayers during the course. Upon returning to their homes, some of the GCC participants, who live in Jos, sent us photographs and reports on the hundreds of people killed and many churches destroyed during the wave of violence against Christians. Reportedly 40,000 people were displaced and lost their homes.

More Farm Invasions in Zimbabwe

As we prepared to conduct further Mission outreaches to Zimbabwe, reports came through of further farm invasions by Robert Mugabe’s Marxist ZANU PF. At Manda farm, the Finauthty family faced a screaming, drunken mob, which had previously left the father concussed and with broken ribs. On this occasion the mob drove a tractor to smash down the farm gates.

National Suicide Leads to Starvation in Zimbabwe

Even as a new wave of violence is unleashed against the last remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network reported that over two million Zimbabweans face starvation. After confiscating, looting and destroying over 5,000 white owned commercial farms, which used to feed the entire country, providing the largest employment and the largest foreign exchange through exports, the Zimbabwean Agricultural Minister has reported that the country needs to urgently import 500,000 tonnes of maize! The chaotic communist confiscation of commercial farms has resulted in the collapse of the Agricultural sector, which was the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy. It is into this situation that Frontline Fellowship continues to deliver emergency relief to pastors, pensioners and prisoners.

National Day of Repentance Pro-life Demonstrations

On the 1 st February 2010 nationwide prayer vigils, protests and marches marked the 13 th Commemoration of the legalisation of abortion on demand in South Africa. Since Nelson Mandela legalised abortion on demand, 1 February 1997, officially over 900,000 babies have lost their lives in South Africa through abortion, legally, and with taxpayers’ money.

Funeral Procession to Parliament

In Cape Town, Frontline Fellowship participated in the Christian Action funeral procession and march to Parliament. Led by a hearse, over 100 Christians carried Christian flags, flowers, crosses, banners and posters. They were followed by a 6-meter billboard trailer boldly declaring: Abortion Kills Babies and Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31: 8)Frontline staff members distributed Pro-life and Gospel literature to pedestrians and passersby throughout Cape Town. At parliament a solemn prayer vigil prayed Scriptural imprecatory prayers, calling on the nation and government leaders to repent of the national sin of abortion and warning of God’s judgment if they refuse to repent.

Nationwide Protests against Abortion

In Vosloorus over 350 people participated in the Pro-life march. In Pretoria 50 Christians took part in a Life Chain. In East London a Life Chain was held outside the Frere Hospital. 200 people took part in the Life Chain in Durban, and 40 others stood for life in Bloemfontein.

Newspapers Censor Obituaries

When the Cape Times and the Cape Argus newspapers again refused to place paid obituary notices for babies killed by abortion under their Deaths column, or even under their Personal section of the classifieds, we exposed this case of censorship by the press through a Press Statement and on our mid-week Salt and Light radio programme. The result was 18 media interviews, including a radio talk show debate on the issue of censorship with a professor of Wits University on national radio. Soon the editor-in-chief of the Cape Times and Argus, admitted that the classified receptionist had been wrong to refuse the notices to be placed in the Personal section. They argued that they had to be “sensitive” over publishing controversial and “offensive” adverts in the classifieds. We pointed out that it seems hypocritical of newspapers that regularly take money from pimps and human traffickers to advertise illegal brothels in their classifieds to refuse a paid obituary from a non-profit Christian group speaking up for victims of abortion.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…” Proverbs 31: 8

Dr. Peter Hammond

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