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Since the Great Commission Course, Frontline Fellowship has been racing from one printing deadline and outreach to more conferences, seminars and services.


Muslim Evangelism

There was a good turnout for our Muslim Evangelism Workshop in Worcester this last weekend. Amongst the many participants were pastors, missionaries and teachers. One participant from Nigeria, stood up at the end and gave an impassioned plea for every Christian to get involved in winning our Muslim neighbours for Christ. Boxes of Gospel literature were taken by participants for distribution to Muslims in their areas.



On Friday, we had the privilege of hosting General Godfrey Miyanda at our mission headquarters in Cape Town. General Miyanda was the Minister of Education and Vice President of Zambia in the 1990’s. At one time he was also incarcerated in the same prison as I was – in the 1980’s. General Miyanda is one of the five presidential candidates in the upcoming elections in Zambia.



The previous Friday, I had had the privilege of enjoying lunch, fellowship and prayer with Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith. It was an encouragement to see him in such good health and high spirits. It has been an honour to regularly meet with Mr. Smith, and to read the Scriptures and pray together over the last 20 years. He is a courageous man of integrity.



On that same Friday morning that I met with Mr. Smith, my son, Calvin, and I thwarted some burglars. The previous week burglars had stolen two of our children’s bicycles. So when I heard a noise at 5:30 AM, I raced outside to find that burglars were in the process of hoisting our generator over the wall. This time they had to flee empty handed. Since power failures have become more common in Cape Town, we have had to resort to generators on a number of occasions to keep our mission computers and printers operating.



That Friday, 11 August, was also Christopher’s 11th birthday. Christopher is a daily reminder of God’s merciful answers to prayer. With his kidney failure, Christopher was given no chance of survival at birth. He is our miracle boy and healthy enough to climb Table Mountain with us.


Out of Austria

Our family was particularly blessed over the last three weeks to have Lenora’s elder sister, Debbie, from Austria visiting and helping with the home schooling. Debbie who is a teacher and professor in Salzburg was a tremendous help to Lenora and a blessing to all the children, particularly helping them in their German lessons.


Film Project

It was an encouragement recently to have a long time friend of our Fellowship, and a film maker, invite me over for lunch to discuss the possibility of making a 13 part mini-series on The Greatest Century of Reformation.



I have had recent opportunities to take part in debates on national radio and T.V. This coming Saturday a Roman Catholic church has invited me to debate Reformation doctrines!



Next week I will be leading a team to KwaZulu, participating in a Conference. Please do pray for our services and seminars including at a university, school and mission station.


Please Pray

Please also pray for our ongoing Salt and Light radio programmes every Tuesday night, Reformation Society meetings every Thursday night, Livingstone Fellowship services on Sundays, our William Carey Bible Institute, as well as upcoming mission trips across the border.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” Psalm 96:3


Thank you so very much for all your prayers, encouragement and support.


May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond


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