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The Director of Frontline Fellowship, Dr. Peter Hammond, was particularly blessed on Reformation Sunday. He was invited to minister at a congregation at Khayelitsha which we have been seeking to help for several years. In 2002 this congregation was still meeting in a small home. During the Great Commission Course in July 2002 Frontline Fellowship hired a tent and mobilised the GCC participants in a series of literature distribution, personal evangelism, door to door and film outreaches in Khayelitsha to assist this church planting project. By the last Sunday of the GCC the tent was not only packed full, it was overflowing. And this in spite of a very cold and wet winter, and torrential rain.

By the end of that year, the house church had already moved into a new building which could accommodate approximately one hundred. Soon that facility was full to overflowing every Sunday. Now, they are completing a new church building which will be able to accommodate over three hundred people. A special consecration service of this new church building is planned for 16 December.

On 31 October, after preaching the Reformation Sunday sermon, Peter Hammond hoisted a new large Christian flag over the church's flagpole in Khayelitsha. This predominately Xhosa community has over a million inhabitants, most of which are not attending any church at all. It is a tremendous mission field, and we praise God to see successful church planting projects resulting in dynamic and growing congregations like this church. Several members of this congregation have joined Frontline Fellowship and others have attended our leadership training courses, many have regularly taken part in our literature outreaches and Life Chains. It was an appropriate way to celebrate Reformation Sunday, in a new and growing church which is reaching out to transform its community by changing lives.

By God's grace, Frontline Fellowship's Reformation Conference in Cape Town was blessed by the Lord. The church was packed out for the Friday evening LUTHER film and all who attended were most positive about what an inspiration and challenge the films and conference presentations were.

Rev. Stephen Smyth presented the devotions and a powerful lecture on Scripture Alone Is Our Authority. Dr. Peter Hammond presented inspiring PowerPoint presentations on the Reformers - Wycliffe, Hus and Luther and How the Reformation Changed Science. Dr. Fritz Haus inspired everyone with A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Psalm 46 and the example of Martin Luther. Rev. Bill Bathman applied the heritage of the Reformation to the works of grace he has witnessed in Eastern Europe. Dorothea Scarborough dealt with the Catechisms that flowed out of the Reformation and what great tools they are to disciple the next generation in this great Faith.

In the afternoon, reports of ongoing projects and upcoming events were presented by various ministry leaders including of Africa Christian Action, Christians for Truth, Doctors for Life, Frontline Fellowship, Gospel Defence League, Victims Against Crime and Waymakers. The conference concluded with the Cromwell film and a reflection on the legacy of liberty won by the Puritans - from which we all continue to benefit.

Peter spent most of October on a productive speaking tour across the USA and Canada. This involved 14 flights and 40 meetings in 5 states. Peter was also interviewed on 12 radio programmes and assisted in a new video documentary on Islam - "Taking the West by Marriage."

Please do pray for our mission teams in the field. Charl is involved in an outreach in Zambia. Tim is leading a large team of 11 North American volunteers on a mission to Sudan. They have already delivered tons of Bibles, school textbooks and building materials into Sudan and are assisting in the establishing of primary schools, training of teachers, and film and literature evangelism.

We are most grateful for all your prayers, encouragement and support in the Gospel. May the Lord continue to provide all your needs, protect you from all danger and guide you in His perfect way.

Yours in His Service

Gill van Heerden

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