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Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The email PowerPoint, Gen. Eisenhower’s, It Seems Impossible, which you sent to us, has been in circulation for a very long time. I have seen it scores of times over the years, forwarded by people who have probably not studied their history very well.

General Ben Partin , US Air Force, pointed out to me that these photographs are war-time propaganda. Tens-of-millions of people died in the Second World War. Many of them starved to death. Many others bombed and incinerated by the thousand bomber raids on cities.

As General Partin pointed out, the picture of bombed out buildings and whole lots of corpses laid neatly out in the streets between these, obviously war-damaged, buildings, most likely represent victims of Allied air raids.

The pictures of starvation in concentration camps could just as easily have been taken in prisoner of war camps on almost any side, anywhere in the war theatres.

Ten-of-millions of people were brutalized, tortured, worked to death and starved in Soviet concentration camps and Chinese concentration camps.

As Other Losses documents, 1.1 million German soldiers were deliberately starved to death in Eisenhower’s Prisoner of War camps, after the war had ended.

As General Ben Partin pointed out: “We were bombing the hell out of Germany. The British Naval blockade was starving everyone in Germany. Our Air Forces were bombing every bridge, railway, harbour and factory throughout the entire country. In 1945, everyone was starving in Germany and inmates in concentration camps were at the bottom of the food chain and they were starving even more than the average citizen.” Especially as the camps were swollen with labourers who had fled the Soviet Red Army advance.

Nobel Literature award winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn , the most famous Russian author of the 20 th century, wrote a massive book on the Soviet Holocaust in Russia. He pointed out that while much has been written, and many films produced, on the supposed 6 million Jews killed under the Nazi Holocaust, very little has been said, or portrayed, of the 66 million Christians killed by Jews in Russia. He pointed out that the Communist Party in the Soviet Union was overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish individuals and radical Zionists.

The worst crime in history was the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The greatest crime in the 20 th century was the persecution of Christians.

When it comes to history, context is essential.

I remember visiting Poland in 1990, and hearing from the Principal of the Baptist Theological Seminary in Poland, that more Christians died in Auschwitz than Jews. I was quite surprised to hear him say so. He pointed out that the Nazis ran Auschwitz for less than five years, but the Communists ran Auschwitz for ten years after the War. “The Soviet’s never liberated anyone!” He declared.

He was disgusted at news reports speaking about the 45 th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz . He recalled how his family lived just across the road and while he was too young to remember much of what happened during the War years, he does distinctly remember, as a young person, seeing vast numbers of Christians being herded into Auschwitz by the Soviet NKVD and KGB and that the smoke stacks of the chimneys worked overtime throughout Stalin’s years.

At that time I was also shown a memorial to the Katyn Forest Massacre. I expressed surprise that they attributed this atrocity to the Soviets. All of our history books claimed that the Germans had killed the Polish officers in the Katyn Forest. “That’s war time propaganda!” they declared. The Poles always knew that it was the Russians who had murdered the over 4,500 Polish officers, the cream of the leadership of Poland in 1940. “Most people forget that Stalin’s Russia invaded Poland from the East at the same time as Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland from the West.”

The Katyn Forest Massacre took place in the Soviet zone of operations. Even Gorbachev, later, had to admit that Katyn was a Soviet atrocity, even though for decades it had been wrongly attributed to Germany. Not that the Allies didn’t know who was responsible, but it was convenient war time propaganda to deflect attention from their incredibly evil ally of Stalin’s Russia. Even so the Nuremberg Trials wrongly attributed the Katyn massacre to Germany.

As General Partin pointed out, the aerial bombardment of Germany was equivalent to the destructive power and death toll of 50 atoms bombs of the Hiroshima type. The burning alive of over 100,000 people in Dresden was a true Holocaust. As were the thousand bomber raids on Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, etc.

As the 900 page Black Book of Communism book documents, the greatest holocaust of the 20 th century was the Soviet and Red Chinese Communist Holocausts targeting Christians.

I do not think that it is helpful to continue to deflect attention away from the real enemies of our time: Communism and Radical Islam.

Countless hundreds of films and books have been made, most of them complete fiction, on the German atrocities. Virtually nothing has been produced on the Allied atrocities, especially on the terror bombings of cities, and the far greater mass murders of Communism.

There are numerous historians, such as Professor Butz and David Irving, who question much of the Holocaust propaganda. The fact that some countries have laws against historians questioning this ideological and religious holy cow, is deeply concerning. There is no law condemning people who deny the Resurrection of Christ. Truth does not need to prosecute skeptics. We welcome debate. It’s the atheists, Evolutionists and pro-abortionists who refuse to debate the issues.

I have visited some of these concentration camps, and while I had never doubted what I had heard and read concerning the Holocaust before, my missions to Eastern Europe and visits to the actual sites where these things were meant to have taken place, shattered my illusions and have made me seriously question most of the propaganda. As my history teacher reminded me: “Beware the victors version of history!”

Europe is far worse off now than it was before the Second World War. We have seen how history has been twisted to demonize the Colonials, Rhodesia, South Africa, South West Africa, etc. In my lifetime I have seen reality distorted beyond comprehension and a whole generation brainwashed by the media.

It is entirely possible that much of what we are told about the Second World War is similarly distorted to justify the indefensible policies of the Allied bombing whole cities and allying themselves with the worse dictatorship in history, the Soviet Union, and with the greatest mass murderer in history, Joseph Stalin.

The fact is that the Second World War ended with the whole of Eastern and Central Europe being betrayed to Communist oppressors. American forces under General George Patton were ordered to withdraw from Czechoslovakia, so that the Soviets could occupy it, and then denied enough fuel to get to Berlin before the Soviets. All of this and so much more undermines the Hollywood version of the Allies fighting for freedom and liberation. That’s not how our friends in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, or Ukraine saw it.

My father fought under Field Marshall Montgomery in the 8 th Army in the North African desert. He was a very patriotic Englishman and very much for King and Empire. Yet my father would snort in disgust at films depicting atrocities which he knew did not happen. He was disgusted at films that depicted atrocities committed by their Africa Korp . He said: “It never happened! They were an honourable enemy. Gentlemen.”

I remember a film on a Royal Navy destroyer that was sunk while escorting military supplies to the Soviet Union via the Murmansk . In the film the Luftwaffe strafed and machine gunned the sailors as they tried to swim after their ship was sunk. The next week a letter was published in the Cape Times from a man who had actually been on that destroyer. He said that the film was not true. The Luftwaffe never fired upon the sailors after the ship was sunk. In fact, they flew over and dropped rubber dingies down to help save lives of their enemies!

I would recommend that one not continue to forward these hate mongering ugly PowerPoints which obscure the big picture of what has really been going on in the last century. The 20 th century has been the worst century for persecution of the Christian Church. The culprits are able to hide behind a massive bombardment of propaganda, which is misdirecting the guilt for most of the bloodshed and atrocities.

As one who has been involved in media and studying history for most of my life, I know how easy it is to distort reality. Eisenhower had blood on his hands. Such as General George Patton’s murder, the day after he resigned his commission and declared his intention of exposing how America had fought on the wrong side, against the wrong people. Patton declared that the Soviets were our real enemies and that the Germans were our natural Allies.

General Patton declared: “I killed Germans in battle, Eisenhower kills them in prison camps.” George Patton declared his intention of exposing the betrayal of Eastern Europe. He was then severely injured in a hit and run by a military truck. When it appeared that he was recovering, he died of unexplained complications in the hospital. The New American magazine has published articles on the murder of General Patton, including testimonies from an OSS (CIA) agent who was tasked to assassinate the General.

I wouldn’t believe anything that General Eisenhower published.

If you are interested in the history of the 20 th century, and particularly the Second World War, I would be glad to direct you to good books and resources.

Yours for Faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond


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