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When Taryn went to Parliament, on 13 November, to present the Christian Action Network submission concerning the controversial “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill”, she was berated by the Chairman of the Health Portfolio Committee for “an unauthorized display”!  What the Chairman of the Health Portfolio Committee, James Ngculu was objecting to, was a small model of a pre-born baby at twenty weeks after conception.  Taryn had placed this small model on her desk and lifted it up and referred to it when mentioning the world’s most premature living baby, Amillia Sonya Taylor, who was born after less than 22 weeks in the womb.  At birth, the baby was only slighter longer than a ballpoint pen.  Taryn pointed out that the model in her hand was the almost the same size and age as this example of viability outside the womb - even for such a prematurely born baby.

Taryn pointed out that: “Pro-choice is a lie, babies don’t choose to die.”  The Christian Action Network submission included recommendations that the Act be amended to mandate the use the latest scientific evidence when giving counselling, and the use of visual material to explain the procedure of abortion, and the stages of gestational development of the baby in the womb.  Her stand for informed consent, mandatory counselling, and the right for doctors and nurses to be legally protected for conscientious objection seemed to aggravate the Chairman of the Health Portfolio Committee who made quite a scene over her “unauthorized display!”  He claimed that she needed to get prior permission to make use of such visual examples in any submission and threatened to have her removed if she did not immediately place the model baby out of sight.

This incident highlighted an aspect in this World War of Worldviews in which we are involved.  Lives are at stake.  Life begins at conception and abortion is the violent taking of an innocent life.  Yet, many in government, and in the media, do not want to be confronted with the fact that every abortion stops a beating heart.

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