Dear Friend

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your e-mail. I was quite surprised to read your letter. Your assertion that“Christianity is the downfall of Africa” is incredible. One would have thought that Animism and witchcraft, had restrained the progress and kept many Africans in bondage and superstition?

Certainly Islam and its fourteen centuries of slave raids in Africa has to be considered. Over 28 million Africans were sold into slavery in the Middle East from the 7 th century through to the present time. As 8 to 9 Africans died for every 1 who was sold in the slave markets of Cairo, Dar Es Salaam, Tripoli, Algiers, etc, it is calculated that possibly over 168 million Africans were victims of the fourteen centuries of Islamic slave trade.

Secular Humanism and Marxism also must be considered for the downfall of Africa. One party dictatorships, mass murdering tyrants like Idi Amin who murdered of 300,000 Ugandans, Mengistu whose forced removals of millions, destruction of crops, annihilation of whole tribes, caused the deaths of millions in Ethiopia and the worst man-made famine since Stalin’s dekulakisation in Russia. .

What about Samora Machel’s declaring war on God, destruction of 8,000 churches in Mozambique, execution of 75,000 people, imprisonment of hundreds of thousands in the concentration camps, and man-made famine under which over a million Mozambicans died. The Marxist MPLA government of Angola with their Cuban colonials were responsible for deaths of over a million people in Angola.

I have worked as a missionary in Africa for over 25 years and have personally witnessed, experienced and documented the pattern of atrocities, wholesale mass-murder and destruction caused by Marxism in countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Congo, etc. I’ve also seen and experienced the ongoing slave trade and scorched earth Jihad of Islam in Sudan and in Northern Nigeria.

Therefore, I cannot agree with your statement that “Christianity is the downfall of Africa.”It is Christianity that brought an end to the slave trade. It is Christianity that brought literacy to Africa. Most of the languages of Africa were first put to writing by Christian missionaries. The first book in most countries of Africa was the Bible. Christianity brought hospitals and modern medicine to Africa, saving millions of lives. The improvements to agriculture brought by Christianity to Africa have increased production and eradicated famine, enabling countless tens of millions more to survive than would of otherwise.

From my research, travels and understanding, it is clear that Animism, Islam and Marxism has been the downfall of Africa. Everything good in Africa is the result of Christianity. More than that, the only hope for Africa is Spiritual Revival and Biblical Reformation. Christianity is the hope and redemption of Africa.

Should you be interested in further documentation and information concerning this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have written: Holocaust in RwandaIn the Killing Fields of MozambiqueFaith Under Fire in Sudan,Biblical Principles for Africa, and The Greatest Century of Missions.

May the Lord continue to lead you into all truth.

Yours for Reformation and Revival throughout Africa

Dr Peter Hammond


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