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1 April 2004


Dear Editor


The selective squeamishness of those objecting to the intense violence portrayed in Mel Gibson’s film the Passion of the Christ, is somewhat hypocritical. 
In the same month, we have witnessed some of the same people praising Charlize Theron’s portrayal of a lesbian prostitute serial killer in the violent Monster film while decrying Mel Gibson’s realistic portrayal of the suffering of Jesus Christ.
It is also disturbing how the Mail & Guardian could display so little respect for its many Christian readers with the offensive articles and front cover title on the 26 March edition of M & G.
Your feature “Ticket to Heaven” evidences a prejudice against any film respectful of Jesus Christ, but a fascination and support for those films which most Christians would regard as blasphemous: especially the pornographic Last Temptation of Christ.
The author of your Cinema Review, “Blood Sport”, Shaun De Waal showed how out of touch he is with the many millions of viewers worldwide who have been deeply moved and impressed with the Passion. Shaun De Waal’s hostility not only towards Christians, but even towards Jesus Christ Himself comes over in almost every paragraph. Just in case we missed his perspective the only bold quote lifted out in the middle of this article is: “My constant thought while watching it was not ‘look how much Jesus suffered for my sins’, but ‘O kill Him already’”.
The most common adjective in De Waal’s review is a vulgar swearword, which he repeatedly uses to describe what millions of South Africans revere as the Gospel of Christ.
It is hard to imagine any journalist displaying similar contempt for any aspect of another religion. Would the Mail & Guardian so prominently publish articles as contemptuous of Judaism or Islam? Why is Jesus Christ the only religious leader who can be so vilified? Is Christian bashing now to become a national sport? Perhaps your reviewer needs to go back and see the Passion of the Christ again, and this time leave his prejudices outside, and try to understand what it is that so many millions of viewers have found deeply meaningful and spiritually moving. This would be far more intelligent than merely insulting what he does not understand. 

Dr Peter Hammond

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