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19 October 2005

Dear Editor

As a missionary who has spent many years serving persecuted Christians in Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain and also in Africa , I must comment on Antonio De Figueiredo’s article “What We Owe To Africa ” concerning Angola . 
Having experienced firsthand the oppression and injustice of Communist regimes, I must ask why the correspondent would consider Communism so much more acceptable than Nazism? 
There is not much difference between international Socialism and National Socialism. One may have the clenched fist and the other the stiff-arm salute, but they’re both comrades. One may have the KGB and the other the Gestapo, but for those in the concentration camps, will they appreciate much difference? Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but Lenin, Stalin, Mau, Pol Pot, Mengistu, and other Marxist tyrants killed over 160 million people in the 20 th Century. 
As The Black Book of Communism so exhaustively documents, the Communist regimes have been criminal enterprises which have left behind vast killing fields and mass graves as monuments to their inhumanity to man. 
Therefore, one must ask on this 30 th Anniversary of the Independence of Angola, How independent and how free has Angola been these last 30 years? With tens of thousands of Cuban troops and Russian advisers, the burning and bombing of churches, we need to keep on working for the freedom and independence of Angola . 
Also, I think your correspondent was mistaken in attributing to the British “the all time record” for transportation of slaves. The British involvement of the slave trade spanned the 18 th Century, but in 1807 they abolished the slave trade and worked vigorously throughout the 19 th Century to destroy the slave trade.
No, the all time record for slavery is held by the Muslim Middle East, which captured over 140 million people, 80% of which died in transit to the slave bazaars of the Middle East . At least 28 million Africans over the last 14 centuries have been documented to have ended up as slaves in Muslim countries. Nor has this slave trade ended yet.

Yours faithfully

Rev. Bill Bathman


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