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Attention: The Editor 
The Cape Times 
P.O. Box 11 
Cape Town 

7 May 2008

Dear Editor

The Sex – Expo widely advertised is outrageous

The Film and Publications Board had to be approached to issue a temporary sex shop license to the Expo to be held in the Convention Centre.

Considering that this weekend is Mothers Day, and Pentecost Sunday only aggravates the offence.

Pornography degrades women. It perpetuates a negative and destructive stereotype of women as sexual objects. Considering the extremely high incidents of rape, child abuse and sexual violence against women, it is inexplicable that the City of Cape Town should host such a Sexpo in our premier Convention Centre in the very centre of Town, at the busiest intersection and entrance to the Waterfront.

Women need respect and protection. It is completely meaningless and hypocritical for us to have a National Women’s Day, and then allow such degrading and exploitative events such as this Sexpo to abuse our Convention Centre.

Reports from the Sexpo in Joburg confirm that the Sexpo is nothing more than a celebration of lust and lewdness, adultery and perversion.

The family is the basic building block of society, and it is suicidal for any society to tolerate, let alone promote, such an exploitative industry. Allowing such an event to use the Convention Centre close to the heart of our city will pour fuel on the fires of sexual abuse and exploitation.

The grotesque distortion of true sexuality which is being exposed to our children through prominently placed billboards and posters in so many locations around Cape Town is unacceptable.

Pornography and prostitution are two sides of the same coin. Many studies have proven that the pornography industry fuels all the other vices and indeed in the words of the US Attorney General’s report on pornography: “Pornography is the theory, rape is the practice.”

Yours Sincerely

Dr Peter Hammond

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