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Allan Perrins
Chief Executive 
P.O. Box 185 

21 October 2008

Dear Mr Perrins

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

As a life-long supporter of the SPCA, my four children and I have participated in SPCA fundraising campaigns, and as volunteers at SPCA kennels, and with the Horse Care Unit, writing numerous articles and promoting the SPCA on our regular radio programmes, in publications, at school meetings, churches, etc. We are most disappointed at your reluctant support for the culling of thousands of Robben Island rabbits.

My entire family is horrified at your position. We are convinced that it is indefensible. Surely many Capetonians are ready to adopt rabbits from Robben Island? Numerous Animal Welfare organisations, farm, guest lodge and animal sanctuary owners have come forward to offer to accommodate the Robben Island rabbits. If these rabbits are to be captured, why not sterilize and release them? Or relocate them? Why must they be killed?

Our confidence in the SPCA has been undermined by your position in support of the killing of the mountain goats on Table Mountain, and it is shattered in the light of this present position.

If the new reports on your reluctant support for the culling is accurate, then our family will no longer, in good conscience, be able to support the SPCA.

Only this morning, I was presenting my PowerPoint presentation: The Bible and Animals to a school assembly. The conclusion of The Bible and Animals presentation has a number of posters and advertisements promoting the work of the SPCA as one of the practical applications we could recommend for those who love God’s Creation.

Now, I will have to remove such positive references to the SPCA in future presentations.

As the Director of Frontline Fellowship, I frequently present this presentation on The Bible and Animalsat schools throughout Africa, Europe and America. In September I drove 4,000 kilometres around the country with my young son presenting, amongst others, this presentation at 9 different schools and 5 churches.

We host website which includes numerous positive links and references to the SPCA.

As a Co-presenter of the Salt and Light programme on Radio Tygerberg for over 13 years, we also have mentioned animal welfare concerns repeatedly.

I’m also the Contributing Editor to JOY! magazine and will be sure to also use this medium to alert readers to the threat to God’s Creation posed by such government policies as the Robben Island Museum’s planned killing of thousands of rabbits.

The Christian Action Network, of which I am the Director, represents 60 different ministries in 11 countries of Africa. We host the Biblical Worldview Seminars, publish the Christian Action magazine, produce the SAVotersguide, host the website, and website.

I personally address up to 400 meetings a year, and frequently deal with animal welfare issues.

Please be aware that your response to this letter will be published widely.

We would be grateful if you would seriously reconsider the SPCA’s position on these issues. We are aware that the SPCA receives significant funding from government sources, and that you have some high profile politicians adopted as patrons. However, we believe that the SPCA has been ill advised to have dropped the charges of cruelty against the ANC politician who so brutally slaughtered an ox at a public event, and that your support for the killing of mountain goats on Table Mountain severely damaged your credibility in the eyes of many animal lovers.

Should the SPCA continue to maintain, even the most reluctant, support for this culling you will lose all credibility in the eyes of many previous supporters.

Please seriously reconsider your policy and communicate your conclusions to us as soon as is possible.

May our Creator mercifully guide you and grant you great wisdom and courage.

Yours for all God’s Creatures.

Dr. Peter Hammond


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