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The greatest revolutionary of all time lived as a second-class citizen of an oppressed nation, at the beginning of the first century A.D. Born into a Jewish Family of Galilee during the Roman occupation, he lived in a time of violence and clearly proclaimed a message of peace. Although the target of much hatred, he boldly taught and lived a life of love. He courageously showed the way to God, but the jealous religious leaders of that day arrested him and beat him, condemning him to death.

Roman soldiers whipped him with leather thongs spliced with pieces of bone and metal. Thorns were pushed into his head. People spat upon him and pulled out handfuls of his beard as they cursed and swore at him. Large crude nails were hammered into his hands and into his feet. A spear was thrust into his side. So greatly was his influence feared that they even placed soldiers to guard his grave!

Yet, this revolutionary has continued to affect millions of lives down through the centuries! His grave is empty and hundreds of witnesses claim that He rose from the dead. Historical and manuscript evidence all agree that this man who was executed on a cross actually came alive from the dead! His Revolution is the greatest of all because it has continued and increased even after His death and resurrection for nearly 2000 years!

Here was a man who didn't care what people thought of Him. He was never influenced by public opinion or group pressure. He was not afraid of being seen with the outcasts of that day. He openly befriended the despised prostitutes and the hated tax collectors. So great was His effect on them that even the worst sinners would change their whole way of life, and devote themselves to serving God. He inspired simple fishermen to be the Revolutionaries who carried His powerful message to India, Ethiopia, Greece, Rome and to all the Middle East. He sparked a fire that flamed into a blaze that swept the whole Roman Empire. His enthusiastic followers could not be stopped or dissuaded from proclaiming His uncompromising message. Opposition seemed useless to stem the rising tide of support for his radical teachings.

A vicious persecution, such as the world had never before seen, was inflicted upon the followers of this great man. The whole might of the Roman Empire sought to destroy the teachings and support of these brave disciples.

Those who refused to compromise or give up their dedication to this man's principles were stoned to death or burnt at the stake. In their hundreds they were torn apart by wild animals in arenas while thousands cheered in the grandstands. Thousands were tortured and massacred. They had a supernatural ability to give back good in return for evil; to return love for hate; to forgive and suffer with a joy and faith that shocked their most hardened enemies.

Far from being defeated, it seemed that the blood of these martyrs became seeds for the continuation of the whole of the movement. For every one who died in the arena, ten stood up to take their place. Despite being the most powerful empire in history, the Roman Empire lost this conflict and found itself defeated and taken over by these peace-loving people, whom it had determined to annihilate!

A revolutionary life with a revolutionary message, Jesus Christ has continued to make a revolutionary impact on countless individuals all over the world.

Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin masterminded a revolution that swept Czarist Russia into history and established a Communist Republic where the principles of Karl Marx could be implemented. After seventy years of intensive propaganda against the Bible and for Communism, not only had this `Socialist heaven' and `workers paradise' failed to materialise but alcoholism and inflation was on the increase among the disillusioned and oppressed Russians. In spite of exhaustive propaganda and brainwashing against Christianity and the Bible, Soviet officials were dismayed to see how the young in the USSR were flocking to the churches. A Soviet newspaper editor complained that the only ideology that seemed to interest the young was Christianity! Why, he protested, did they only want to hear about Jesus Christ! What had happened to Marx and Lenin?

History has shown that humanist revolutionaries like Marx and Lenin are no match for the mighty revolutionary Jesus Christ! While Marx aimed to change society, Jesus has continually succeeded in changing people!

Recently, mission's researchers have fixed the number of Christians in Russia at 80 million! In the pressures of the past decades, in Russia, it has been Marxism that has failed, and Christianity has proved to be more enduring!

Mao Tse Tung headed the Communist Revolution that defeated Chiang Kei Shek and took a vicious control of Mainland China in 1949. An unprecedented persecution of the Christians followed. Bibles were confiscated, churches were closed, pastors were tortured and believers were imprisoned. Thousands were massacred and crucified; hundreds had nails driven through their eyes. The small, struggling Church in China seemed to have been wiped out. Yet, today the Church has grown over 50 times as large as it had ever been before! O.M.F. estimates that there are over 80 million Christians meeting in flourishing home fellowships and churches throughout Red China. While Mao's little red book is discredited and generally disregarded, twenty thousand enthusiastic Chinese believers in the middle of the night eagerly welcomed a million Bibles! Mao's revolution has long ago run out of steam and has been eclipsed by the Revolution of Jesus Christ!

Time after time man-made revolutions have failed to have a lasting effect. Century after century the revolution of Jesus Christ has continued and increased its impact upon millions of lives all over the world!

I became part of this revolution when I experienced the new birth. I was "born again" into an exciting spiritual dimension that showed me a whole new perspective on life, where God is the centre, and the source. This experience of the reality of God has changed me from the selfish and materialistic person I used to be. Now I have become a revolutionary for Jesus!

How did all this happen? It all began when I started reading the Gospels and Acts in the Bible. Try it out for yourself - see what the most revolutionary Book in the world says about the Greatest Revolutionary of all time!

Peter Hammond

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