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Dear Friends

Today we are moving mountains of Bibles and books. Just three weeks ago we received the joyful report from the field: "Jordan crossed!" signalling the successful delivery into Zimbabwe of over 30 tonnes of Bibles and Christian books. God's provision, protection and perfect timing were evident throughout the mission.


Jordan Crossing

Border crossings into Marxist Zimbabwe can always present a challenge. Corruption, confusion and chaos are great daunting obstacles that are often frustrating, intimidating and time-wasting. Even after overcoming the beaurocratic obstacle course at the border, there are multiple roadblocks within the country. One of our recent Mission teams reported passing through over 50 police and army roadblocks in Zimbabwe. So the successful delivery of this shipment to Christians within Zimbabwe was a major answer to prayer.


11895126 869193486495331 6088102257890948623 oFrontline Marathon

What are the chances of two container shipments from two separate ministries overseas ending up on the same ship? Normally we have about a month between each container shipment of Bibles and books arriving at Livingstone House. Today we have two, 20 foot container shipments being offloaded! More than 30 tonnes of Bibles and books.


God's Timing11232363 869195823161764 7429910041330196067 o

What we often call 'Frontline gym' is, this week, turning into more of a marathon. We did not plan for so many things to coincide in one week. God did. Back to the Bible Training College has booked me for some time, from 31 August through 5 September, to present a series of Missions, Comparative Religions, African Church History and Biblical Worldview lectures. Then a local church invited me to give their Mission Sunday sermon this coming Sunday morning. As there was still a flight out later that afternoon to make my commitments in Mpumalanga, that didn't seem to be a problem. Then we received an invitation to participate in the Evangelism Expo on Saturday, 29 August. No problem, we love Evangelism Expos and Mission Sundays.


M11953447 869193849828628 3340935908536400912 oall Mission

Then we received an invitation from a major shopping mall to participate in their four-day charity Book sale, setting up this Wednesday, tomorrow. What a tremendous opportunity to make Bibles and Christian books available in a busy, upmarket shopping centre. "Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gates leading into the city, at the entrances she cries aloud." Proverbs 8:1-3


Double Blessing

Just when we thought that our week couldn't get any busier, or any more complicated, we learned that two container shipments of Bibles and books were due to arrive the same week. Yesterday we learned they were going to arrive on the same day! Today! Another container is due in just a few weeks.



As Ray Comfort's new film: Audacity – Love Cannot Stay Silent, arrived last week, we are hosting a premiere at Livingstone House this Thursday night.


Hgfhandelandel's Messiah

Adding to the ministry opportunities this week, on Saturday night, our daughter Daniela is taking part with her Cape Town Youth Choir in presenting Handel's Messiah at the Dutch Reformed Church Groote Kerk as part of their 350 years celebrations! We have prepared leaflets on George Frederic Handel and the Scriptures sung in Messiah to hand out to participants.


Japan Scout Jamboree Report Back

Last month, we had the joy of sending my youngest son, Calvin, to Japan for the World Scouts Jamboree with Gospel literature and audio visual materials, especially designed for the event, including the testimony of Mitsuo Fuchida – From Pearl Harbour to Calvary. You can see the PowerPoint we designed on Mitsuo Fuchida's inspiring testimony on Slideshare. We also prepared a Pray for Japan PowerPoint. You can download the Mitsuo Fuchida – From Pearl Harbour to Calvary tract from our website. On Friday night, Calvin is part of the Report Back to our local Scouts on the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan, which he was privileged to be part of.


The Adventure of Discipleship

While all of this may seem to be overwhelming, coinciding on a single week, we must praise God for it all. It is a privilege to be a child of God. Discipleship is an adventure. Christ's Great Commission is our supreme ambition. Making disciples, 11884651 869194629828550 7915736121219698119 oteaching obedience to all things that the Lord has commanded.


Spiritual Ammunition

These container shipments provide the essential Scriptural and spiritual ammunition in the world war of worldviews that we are involved in. There are still over 100 million church-goers in Africa who do not yet have their own copy of a Bible or a New Testament. The hunger for discipleship materials is intense. Many Missions, ministries, chaplains, teachers and Evangelists are depending on us to deliver to them the Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, Sunday school materials, tracts and audio visual equipment that they need to be effective in fulfilling the Great Commission in their region. "For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12


Strategic Literature and Leadership Training

When we ask local church leaders what their greatest needs are, throughout Africa the answer is the same: Bibles and Bible teaching. Literature and Leadership Training are the primary mediums of ministry for Frontline Fellowship. So this week, receiving, offloading, sorting through and designating the literature received, and next week's Leadership Training with over 120 students from 16 countries, represented on campus at Back to the Bible Training College, are strategic ways that we can 11807574 886398988118533 1767228279143081396 obe involved in fulfilling the Great Commission in Africa.


Film Evangelism

Film Evangelism is also strategic. Last month we introduced the Polycarp film to South Africa. This month it is Audacity. Last week, after viewing a premiere of Khumbula – I Will Remember, I was able to interview the star, Frans Cronje, on our Salt and Light Radio programme. We praise God for those who are using film as a medium for Evangelism and Discipleship.


Living Waters Africa

Last week, we also received a shipment from Living Waters. We also run Living Waters Africa to supply Way of the Master's Ten Commandments based Evangelistic resources to churches and ministries throughout Africa.


School Textbooks

Our book ministry is also preparing for a major consignment of Christian textbooks to provide for Home schoolers in South Africa. For over 20 years our Christian Liberty Books ministry has been importing and producing Christian textbooks for Home Schoolers and Christian schools throughout Southern Africa.


20 Years of Salt and Light

Next month we will be celebrating 20 years of broadcasting Salt and Light on Radio Tygerberg, every Tuesday night. We are told that Salt and Light is the longest running Christian radio programme in South Africa.


11791945 1028293020534408 9204426246104832412 oWar Museum

A month ago I had the opportunity to present lectures on Russia, the Crimean War and the Ukraine at the Arms Fair at the War Museum in Johannesburg. The Frontline Fellowship literature table was the only Christian, or Missionary, table at the event. I spent many hours answering questions and interacting with people from as far afield as Britain and Australia. Many individuals identified themselves as ex-soldiers who had last heard me ministering at their military base in South West Africa, or Angola. There was a tremendous interest in our books, audio MP3s and DVDs on Communism, Slavery, Terrorism, Military history, particularly the First World War, Waterloo, Armenia, Katyn and the Crimea. Having visited War Museums throughout the world, including the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London, I must rate the War Museum in Johannesburg as one of the very best – with even a better selection than London's IWM.


11892367 1035384799825230 8641284585126634336 oMissions in the Mall

On 10 August, we mobilised 76 volunteers for outreaches in six shopping malls in South Africa. On that day we distributed over 6,000 tracts, leaflets and Gospel booklets, and over 2,000 balloons with Scriptural messages on them. By God grace, we were able to counsel 114 people through our Spiritual Well-Being Questionnaire, leading them through the Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion questions to confront them with the Law of God and the reality of Eternity. To each of these people, we gave a free copy of the New Testaments and/or The Biggest Question DVD.


"Therefore the Law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by Faith." Galatians 3:24


The RisThe Pink Agenda ebook updated 800pxe of the GayGB and the Pink Inquisition

The US Supreme court ruling on gay "marriages" led to an enormous amount of communication on social media, responding to our book, The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution and the Ruin of the Family, (which is now updated and available as an E-book) and articles and posting on the GayGB Thought Police and Pink Inquisition. There was an immediate worldwide response to my Reformation Society lecture on The Rise of the Gay GB and the Pink Inquisition, which is also on, leading to many more ministry opportunities.


11903963 977857188924850 2928510126261942403 nSchool Ministry

Frontline Missionaries, Taryn and Abrie have been conducting meetings in schools and local churches. Taryn also represented us at a Christian Advocates Conference.


Medical Ministry

Last week, Frontline Missionaries, Michael and Renee, completed an 8-day Wild Medics Wilderness First Aid Course. John, Abrie and Feylin completed a level 3 First Aid Course. We want all our field workers to have at least level 3 First Aid training.


The Fight for Life

11879152 869202929827720 238277877674677916 oThe scandal of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts also led to more social media and radio ministry opportunities for our pro-life ministry Africa Christian Action.


Leadership Training

We continue to receive positive responses from our lectures at the Bible School Consultation, Biblical Worldview Seminars and Great Commission Seminars in Kimberley, and our Missions across the border to Zimbabwe.


Building Extensions

With our Mission bursting at the seams, we are beginning building extensions. Please continue to pray with us for the resources needed to continue and develop our Mission to be even more effective in providing practical, hands-on, in-service 11875230 869204103160936 8183572097217673672 otraining for Missionaries, equipping them with the literature and audio visual resources necessary to reclaim Africa for Christ.


Thank You

We are most grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and support, without which none of our ministries would be possible. Thank you for the financial sacrifices you have made to enable this Mission to advance in Africa. Please continue to pray for our many ongoing Book Projects, outreaches and cross-border Missions.


"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings Good News, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims Salvation…" Isaiah 52:7


May God continue to be your joy and strength.


Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission


Dr. Peter Hammond

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