Abrie and Taryn
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Mission to Zimbabwe

Ministering to Future Pastors
Whilst most prospective pastors have left Zimbabwe, there are still a handful that choose to study at the few remaining seminaries in Zimbabwe. We had an opportunity to give presentations at two different seminaries. We met a Missionary from America at a Bible College Consultation earlier this year who is a lecturer at one of these seminaries. He invited us to lecture there for a whole week. David and Joseph gave presentations on Old Testament Survey and also on Expository Preaching. I had an opportunity to give a presentation on Animism (or African Traditional Religion) at both seminaries. We also discussed with the students how the ‘health, wealth and prosperity’ preachers have replaced the witchdoctor in many communities. These fraudulent, so-called ‘men of god’ are thought to get special revelations from God and have special healing powers, using ‘faith’ as a magical force. The students agreed that animism is still a big problem in Zimbabwe.

Confused Students
Many of the students did not know how Jesus fits in to the Old Testament. Arturo G. Azurdia in his book, Spirit-Empowered Preaching aptly summarises how each book in the Bible points to Christ:

The inscripturated Word centres its attention on Jesus Christ. He is the Seed of the woman who will crush the serpent’s head. He is the Ark to rescue the people of God. He is the holy Angel of Yahweh. He is the Seed of Abraham in whom all the families of the earth will be blessed. He is the Passover Lamb. He is the Prophet greater than Moses. He is the Pillar of Fire in the wilderness. He is the Rock struck by Moses. He is the Heir of the Davidic throne. He is the thrice Holy Lord of Isaiah 6. He is the greater Shepherd of Ezekiel 34. He is Mary’s baby, Herod’s enemy, and Simeon’s joy. He is the twelve-year-old boy in the Temple and the beloved Son to be baptized. He is the Healer of the blind, the Provider of the hungry, and the Friend of the outcast. He is the New Temple, the Source of Living Water, the Manna that gives life, the Light of the world, the Resurrection and the Life, and the Father’s True Vine. He is the spotless Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and the resurrected Lion from the tribe of Judah. He is the ascended Lord, the Ruler of the Church, and the returning Judge of all men. The Sacred Scriptures are the instrument by which the Spirit of the living God glorifies Jesus Christ.
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